XR Headsets for Healthcare Simulation

The selection of the right Extended Reality (XR) headset is imperative to provide clinical learners with the best virtual healthcare simulation experience. XR is an umbrella term which encompasses VR, (virtual reality) AR, (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality). For the purpose of this page there will be examples of all of these extended reality (XR) headsets that are currently used in healthcare simulation.

VR is useful to help students learn soft skills to memorize procedures and learn communication skills. While VR can teach hard skills, these solutions require high-powered and potentially expensive haptic feedback technology to be truly effective. VR education will not fully replace physical, real-world education but what VR can do is provide easier access to randomized scenarios, allow education opportunities for rare, high risk situations, and supplement current educational solutions.

By provision to more accessible ways to practice techniques, students and educators can maximize the time and money spent on more expensive non-VR education scenarios. In the selection of VR, an important aspect to consider is the user interface (UI) friction to improve immersion. If a learner has technical difficulties with connection or utilization of the VR, then the learner’s ability to become fully immersed in the experiential education opportunity is hampered.

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Select the VR system with the highest level of realism, immersion, and user interfaces to ensure educators and students have smooth experiences. VR simulations afford organizations with benefits like:

  • Reduced education costs: Educators can replace dedicated rooms that house expensive
    specialized equipment with VR headsets and computers, decreasing overhead on disposable education tools, reducing the time needed to reset simulations, and eliminating other expenses.
  • More accessible education: Many VR headsets don’t need a computer to provide practical education simulations, which means students can train anywhere, anytime.
  • Better education outcomes: Several studies report that VR Medical simulations improve learning ability and increase accuracy in actual medical practice.

HTC Vive: HTC VIVE gives professionals an unparalleled, true-to-life virtual reality experience. Using a headset and wireless controllers, clinical learners can explore and interact with VR experiences, apps and games that blur the line between imagination and reality. From AAA games to unforgettable experiences, there are over 2500 apps and games available for VIVE. Their VIVE XR Elite headset was the “Most awarded VR headset of CES and MWC 2023”, and provides a powerful, convertible, and lightweight headset that conforms to the wearer. Users can enjoy untethered freedom of all-in-one XR or harness the power of PC VR. Watch this HealthySimulation.com webinar on how to Transform Medical Simulation Education Curriculum with Generative AI and VR.

Sony: Sony has had previews of a new “spatial content creation” system which will be released in late 2024. The VR headset is designed for users to edit and shape 3D models. The headset also has a unique pair of controllers. The VR headset is powered by Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen 2 platform and outfitted with 4K OLED displays. The Sony VR headset is not for gamers as the PlayStation VR is. Instead, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has stated that this new headset is made for professionals who work with 3D, which allows wearers to expand the “creation space by overlay of virtual objects into physical spaces,” The front part of the headset flips up to let users switch between virtual and physical spaces.

Apple Vision Pro: Apple vision pro Apple Vision Pro blends digital content through VR goggles with the users physical space. Find a way around the Apple Vision Pro with eyes, hands, and voice. Interaction designed for spatial computing. Apple vision pro is built on the foundation of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, visionOS and has powerful spatial experiences. Control of the Apple Vision Pro is able to occur with eyes, hands, and voice which has an intuitive feel. Observe an element, tap fingers to select, and use the virtual keyboard or dictation. Spatial experiences on Apple Vision Pro are possible through groundbreaking Apple technology.

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Microsoft Hololens: The Microsoft Hololens 2 empowers healthcare teams to be able to work securely and also enhance patient treatment with a proven reduction in time-to-care. HoloLens 2 assists health professionals with the ability to connect with remote experts, and also pull up patient data. The Microsoft Hololens 2 goes beyond x-rays to visibility of MRI images in 3D in the goggles at the point of care. The Microsoft Hololens 2 is a fantastic utility for pre-surgical planning and education for both staff and families in healthcare facilities.

Valve: Valve Index VR headset offers fine-tuned lenses in the VR headset which offers sharp and wide view across the eye’s full range of travel. The Valve VR headset has innovative off-ear audio solutions that are optimized for immersion and comfort of the user. Any content bought on Steam (Valve’s gaming distribution center) for a HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality headsets will work with the Valve Index – and vice versa.

Meta Quest: The latest Meta Quest 3 VR headset uses mixed reality to be able to provide immersive experiences and enable a blend of virtual elements with the physical world. The Quest 3 uses the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 and is based on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship mobile phone. The Meta Quest 3 headset uses “Touch Plus” controllers which are similar in design to the Touch Pro controllers by the Quest Pro.

Almer AR : The Almer AR headset is incredibly compact and easily fits into a pocket. Almer AR headset offers augmented reality in any environment without any compromise to performance. The Almer AR headset is incredibly lightweight at 179 grams. The patented AR see through display enables the user to detail with amazing clarity. The Almer AR headset can withstand -35C in winter and +50C temperatures in summer. There is a guarantee of robustness and a promise to replace if broken. Almer AR fits under helmets, over prescription or safety glasses, and sits firmly in place without moving parts.

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Presenting the International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association (IVRHA) to learn more!

PICO 4: The PICO 4 is a balanced VR headset which is easy to wear. The weight of the PICO 4 is evenly spaced from the front to the rear. The gravity center fits easily up against the face. The fit is comfortable for the user. There is no sway in the front and the rear does not slip. The Pico 4 headset is highly stable. The weight has been reduced by a quarter. There is a high capacity 5300mAh battery which lasts a significant time. The Color See Through feature means that while wearing PICO 4, only one click is required to deal with any interruptions from the real world.

Varjo: Varjo claims to be the highest-resolution virtual and mixed reality headset on the market. The Varjo XR-4 series has virtual, augmented, and mixed reality within the headset. Varjo touts the highest-immersion virtual and mixed reality products for VR users. Varjo headset products are used to train astronauts, pilots, and nuclear power plant operators, design cars, and undertake and pioneer in research.

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