Demo Dose

Demo Dose is a brand of medications designed to simulate real medications, and consists of completely inert ingredients with no active pharmaceutical ingredients. Demo Dose simulated medications, manufactured by Pocket Nurse, are for educational use only, and not for human or animal use. They act as an indispensable tool for teaching medication management.

The importance of correct drug administration can be a matter of life and death, making the range of Demo Dose simulated medication such an invaluable teaching tool. Trained clinicians can greatly benefit from the Demo Dose range when upskilling or learning about new medications in the field. Thus, Demo Dose simulated medications are often used in universities, by registered training organizations, private colleges, hospital training centers and other education and simulation centers across the globe.

Helping to identify them from real medications, Demo Dose simulated medications typically misspell the medication name that they simulate — usually by omitting the final vowel of the generic name. The simulations allow for ongoing education and practise in a safe and controlled environment, thereby eliminating the risk to real patients. Demo Dose labels clearly state, “For educational purposes only,” or “For educational purposes only,” and stress “Not for human or animal use.”

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About Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse, the manufacturer and distributor of Demo Dose medical supplies and equipment for simulation and healthcare education, is dedicated to improving educational experiences and outcomes by providing simulation and medical supply solutions. As a nurse-owned-and-operated company, Pocket Nurse has become a trusted partner in nursing, EMS, pharmacy and allied healthcare education since 1992.

In 1992 the company sold a single product—the Pocket Nurse pocket organizer that included bandage scissors, a hemostat, an integrated penlight, and an engraved nameplate. The Pocket Nurse was a success, but owner Anthony Battaglia, MS, BSN, RN, had a vision to help Health Educators in their instructional efforts. In the 25 years that followed, the company has been diligent in working to meet these healthcare simulation needs, including the development of entirely original products like the InjectEd injection simulator. Although Pocket Nurse no longer carries the company’s namesake product, the work lives on through the success of the brand.

That being said, Pocket Nurse believes the solution to better healthcare is better education and a culture of patient safety. The company’s work supports healthcare education and simulation to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Pocket Nurse takes this responsibility to future healthcare professionals and patients seriously.

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The company’s mission is to continue to develop and source simulation and medical supply solutions to address the needs of healthcare educators through collaboration, building trust and evolving with industry needs. This is being achieved by conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. Pocket Nurse is also dedicated to the success of customers, vendors, educational partners and employees, and stresses that basic human kindness always comes first.

Integrating inclusivity, a variety of people make up the Pocket Nurse corporate environment, using different minds and personalities, while everyone is treated as equals and differences are valued. Although Pocket Nurse is a growing business in an industry as selfless as healthcare education, the company works to maintain respect and generosity that adequately reflects the customer base’s entirety. Lastly, Pocket Nurse holds all employees accountable in terms of maintaining the highest level of customer service and customer-based solutions.

Today, Pocket Nurse carries over 5,600 products including Pocket Nurse brand products, Demo Dose simulated medications and Student Health Totes. The company additionally offers industry news and insights in the form of a corporate blog—SimTalk™ Blog.

Demo Dose Products

The range of Demo Dose medications is vast, consisting of vials, ampoules and other intravenous preparations, pre-filled syringes, oral capsules, tablets and caplets, creams, ointments, drops, inhalation medication, syrups and medication cards. Demo Dose simulated red blood cells and other blood products (e.g. simulated platelets), are available in all blood types and are extremely popular learning tools with their life-like labels matching what is found in the clinical setting.

An example of a Demo Dose product is the Demo Dose 50% Dextros 50mL Simulated Code Drug which is a simulated medication for use in cardiac emergency scenarios. Additionally, Demo Dose Atropin Simulated Code Drug contains 1 mg (0.1 mg/ mL) to teach proper administration of this antimuscarinic. Dextros is the simulated version of Atropine, which is used to treat certain types of nerve agent and pesticide poisonings, some types of slow heart rate and to decrease saliva production during surgery.

Demo Dose Simulated NARCN Nasal Spray 4 mg (the simulated version of Narcan) is used to teach learners how to treat narcotic overdose in an emergency situation, as manifested by respiratory and/or central nervous system depression. The simulated medication is used to simulate blocking the effects of opioids, especially in overdose in your emergency scenario. There is no medication or fluid in this product. The spray dispenser can be reset to use multiple times for educational purposes and practice.

Then, the Demo Dose Simulated Code Drug Set #1 comes with simulated versions of:

  • Epinephrn 0.1 mg/mL 10 mL (06-93-1100)
  • Atropin 0.1 mg/mL 10 mL (06-93-1102)
  • Calcim Chlorid 10% 10 mL (06-93-1104)
  • Lidocain 2% 5 mL (06-93-1101)
  • Sodim Bicarbonat 8.4% 50 mL (06-93-1103)* amd Dextros 50% 50 mL (06-93-1109).
  • The Sodim Bicarbonat comes with an 18G protected needle.

The Demo Dose Simulated Code Drug Set #2 also includes simulated versions of:

  • Epinephrn 0.1 mg/mL 10 mL (06-93-1100)
  • Atropin 0.1 mg/mL 10 mL (06-93-1102)
  • Calcim Chlorid 10% 10 mL (06-93-1104)
  • Lidocain 2% 5 mL (06-93-1101)
  • Sodim Bicarbonat 8.4% 50 mL (06-93-1103)* amd Dextros 50% 50 mL (06-93-1109).
  • The Sodim Bicarbonat comes with an 18G protected needle.
  • Vasopressn 20 units/mL 10 mL (06-93-1107)
  • Amiodaron 150 mg/3 mL 2 mL (06-93-1108) and
  • Furosemid (Lasx) 10 mg/mL 2 mL (06-93-3010)

Other simulated medications offered by Demo Dose include a:

  • Long Term Medication Card Bundle
  • Simbase Lollipop 500 gm
  • Simbase Glycern 99% 473 mL
  • Simbase Suppository 500 gm
  • Sodim Bicrb 8.4%
  • Simbase Powder 500 gm
  • Simbase Ointment 500 gm
  • Simbase Lotion 500 gm
  • Powder Testosteron Cypionat
  • Powder APAP 100 gm
  • Powder Progesteron 100 gm
  • Simbase Gel 500 gm
  • Powder Ergotamin Tartrat 100 gm
  • Powder Caffein Anhydros 100 gm
  • Demo Dose Zithromx Mini Bags Kit,
  • Vitamn K Ampule/IV Home Infusion Kit
  • Oral Foil Sample Pack
  • Dilaudd Vial/IV Kit
  • Oral Foil Sample Pack
  • Penicilln Powder IV/Kit and
  • Hazardous Personal Protection Kit

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