April 29, 2020By Lance Baily

Medical Shipment Videos Showcase Benefits & Workflows of Pyxis MedStation ES for Nursing Simulation

Recently we covered why Dr. Pam Jeffries, Professor of Nursing and Dean of George Washington University School of Nursing says “Every simulation center today needs a Pyxis, as well as shared an expose on why BD is working exclusively with Medical Shipment to distribute its MedStation ES machines to nursing simulation programs in the United States. Today, we share a just released series of videos produced by Medical Shipment that showcase the benefits, value, and operational workflows of the MedStation ES. These videos are must watch guides for any simulation in nursing program considering an acquisition of this very helpful medication administration learning system!

Video 1: Intro to Pyxis MedStation ES for Nursing Simulation Educators

Kelly Larrabee-Robke, the Vice President of Clinical Thought Leadership at BD opens the first video saying “Today I’d like to show you around some of the devices, particularly the MedStation ES system and nursing workflows.” She continues sharing that the first video will cover “the value of Pyxis to nursing, why it’s important to train our future nurses on the workflows and the capabilities of Pyxis.

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This video will also give you some information to support and ensure the competencies in practice, and the confidence and practice that nursing students need when they make the transition from the practicum environment to the floor, and through licensure onto their career.”

She further explains in the video that “We know that nurses spend over 24-25% of their time at a minimum, on medication activities, whether that is on orders, whether that is on education, administering the medication, retrieving the medication, monitoring for signs and symptoms. So we really want to protect and fortify those activities and optimize them where possible to ensure that nurses are getting the maximum time at the bedside with their patients on those activities that matter most. And we also want to protect the nurse and ensure that they are administering medications at the right time, at the right place, and ensure safety and quality throughout the care delivery process.”


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Video 2: Pyxis MedStation ES Features

In this video, we walk through a few features of the actual hardware and software configuration of the Pyxis MedStation ES system to help sim lab coordinators, clinical simulation instructors, and simulation in healthcare faculty prepare students for the optimal experience and the intuitive look and feel of how the equipment and the system operates to support nursing care workflows.


Video 3: Selecting and Adjusting Patient Assignments

Here we review how students can receive the assignments in a customized view to manage their simulated medication activities for patients they are assigned during clinical rotations. This is one of the most important competencies that we develop as nurses is how to successfully manage the patients that we are assigned. As clinical instructors, we oftentimes assign students patients that they will care for the next day during the course of their clinical rotation.

Because of the nature of healthcare, those assignments can and do change. And as nurses we accept new patients as patients are discharged and transferred and we also transfer and discharge patients, which requires some degree of dynamic synergy and, again, optimized and customized views that ensure quality of care delivery and medication safety.


Video 4: Selecting Patients on the Pyxis MedStation ES

As nursing students enter into the clinical practice environment, medical simulation educators will want to arm them with the confidence to take care of the patients that they’re assigned to. One of the key features of the Pyxis MedStation ES is allowing nursing students to select the patients that they will be responsible for care delivery for, during the course of the shift in which they’re working and providing patient care.


Video 5: Preparing Nursing Students for Success with Pyxis

Nursing is a noble profession and we really want to do everything we can to set our nursing students up for success, not just in their clinical practicum but on through their experience as a nurse in the care delivery setting. BD knows that care delivery is more complicated than ever before. There is increased covered lives and our patients are sicker. It is really pertinent and important that we empower our nurses with the technology and the tools that allow for value added care delivery, time spent at the bedside, time spent on those activities that are going to make the most in terms of driving positive patient experiences and outcomes.

We also need to be mindful of the challenges that clinicians face in the care delivery environment and where we have the opportunity to optimize workflows and ensure excellence in care practice, we want to leverage those to the benefit of not only our patients but also our nursing students and our nursing professionals.


Video 6: Efficacy and Impact of Blockbuster Medication

In recent years, healthcare has focused on the efficacy and impact of blockbuster medications that really improve the quality of life and the disease state of our patients. As healthcare transforms, industry, academics and healthcare delivery partners alike are collaborating more frequently on economies of scale and significant impact in innovation, one of those being Connected Med Management. Connected Med Management allows pharmacy and nursing to collaborate in ways to ensure patient safety, optimize care delivery, and ensure satisfaction of the practitioner in delivery of care to the patient that drives positive patient outcomes.

When we look at the Pyxis MedStation ES system, it really affords the nurse the opportunity to have the confidence that when their medication is ordered, they can go to a system that is intuitive and easy to use and have access to that medication when the patient needs it, where the patient needs it. Using standardized workflow, compliance with care, and quality is driven through the technology to the practice, ultimately to the bedside, to the benefit of our patients, ensuring that safety and quality care is delivered and the alignment between nursing practice and pharmacy operations is maintained.

This also serves to benefit our pharmacy colleagues who work diligently to ensure that the right medication is available at the right time for our patients even when orders are frequently changing based on changes in the patient’s state. By allowing Pyxis MedStation ES this visibility onto actual workflows, actual medication usage, actual changes in orders, pharmacy can best support our efforts in a collaborative way to drive positive outcomes and benefits to the patient and to nursing practice.


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