About SimMan From Laerdal

SimMan is one of the most well-known patient simulators in healthcare simulation. Built by Norwegian-based Laerdal Medical, this unique manikin is specifically designed to enable healthcare students and professionals the opportunity to train in high-fidelity medical simulation experiences. Learn more about the SimMan Patient Simulator including the latest news updates below!

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Manikins are used in simulation to represent clinical patient encounters. The SimMan enables healthcare institutions to provide learners the opportunity to engage in interprofessional education such as mock codes, wherein multidisciplinary teams can train in coordinated patient care. Utilizing SimMan’s log file exports, educators can review the exact simulated patient vital signs, connected learner actions, and ongoing trends for debriefing and/or research purposes.

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The first version of SimMan (now called SimMan classic) was originally released in 2001 and was developed in partnership with Dr. Rene Gonzales and Dr. John Schaefer, through the University of Pittsburgh and Medical Plastics Corporation (MPL) which Laerdal Acquired to further developer the manikin. The simulator was discontinued in 2011 and is no longer supported. Using an external air compressor, the SimMan was capable of demonstrating real-time palpations.

At that time, the SimMan training system was significantly more affordable than its competitor’s predecessors (such as CAE Healthcare’s HPS or iStan) which further spread the adoption of simulator technologies beyond top medical schools to nursing simulation and allied health programs. The next major innovation for the simulation in healthcare industry following SimMan Classic was the launch of the Noelle Birthing Simulator from Gaumard.

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The current primary version of the high-fidelity simulator is SimMan 3G, which first launched in 2009. Improvements to the SimMan Classic included more powerful battery life, wireless control, an internal air compressor, new software GUI system, fluid ports, RFID tagged medication use, CPR feedback, improved skins, blinking and dilating pupils and more. SimMan3G has seen a vast number of incremental hardware improvements since 2009 and is among the top selling patient simulators in the world.

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There is also a more affordable version of the manikin with less features called SimMan Essential, and version dedicated to Ventilation dubbed the SimMan ALS and a version designed for Vascular surgeries named the SimMan Vascular. Ultrasound is also possible on the SimMan with additional skins.

Using a microphone in a simulation lab control room, simulation facilitators can speak as the voice of the patient through a speaker in SimMan’s head. Usually through the operations of a Healtcare Simulation Technology Specialist, the manikin can be pre-programmed to run a specific patient case or be operated “on the fly”.

Most commonly, pre-programmed scenarios are used which enable the educator to change the direction of a patient’s status based off learner actions, with the ability to take over and run manually should the need arise.

While SimMan’s limbs can be positioned somewhat, at this time the simulator does not automatically move its limbs, or facial features, on its own. However, the simulator’s chest will rise and fall with their breaths as appropriate, its eyes can blink and dilate, and it can also secrete liquids like tears, cranium fluid, urine or wound blood.

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SimMan 3G Plus

Laerdal’s SimMan 3G PLUS Upgrades Patient Simulator Features

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SimMan 3G Stains

Moulage Secrets: Red Pigment Stain Test for Laerdal Simman 3G

Using Moulage products on your patient simulators can help to improve scenario realism and therefore learner outcomes, but can also have the unintended affect of never coming off! Today we ...
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Happy Holidays From HealthySim!

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Laerdal Collaborates with Mentice for New SimMan Vascular - IMSH 2018 Video Interview

Laerdal Collaborates with Mentice for New SimMan Vascular – IMSH 2018 Video Interview

At IMSH 2018 Laerdal announced a new collaboration with Mentice for a big announcement, the launch of SimMan Vascular! By connecting realistic diagnostic and therapeutic endovascular procedure capabilities with a ...
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respiratory simulator to manikin

IngMar Medical Now Connects Respiratory Simulator to SimMan 3G – Exclusive Video Interview

Good news for SimMan 3G customers! Laerdal has partnered with IngMar Medical, a leading company for the manufacture of respiratory simulators and test lungs that are used worldwide to provide ...
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Simulation Champions Provides Laerdal SimMan Ankle Fix

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vitalsbridge laerdal dynasthetics patient monitor

Dynasthetics Vitalsbridge for Laerdal SimMan Products – IMSH 2016 Video Interview

Continuing with our IMSH-2016 coverage, today we are sharing a quick IMSH 2016 interview with Dynasthetics who engineered the Vitalsbridge enabling you to connect your Laerdal SimMan 3G to a real ...
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simman 3g online programming course

2-Hour Laerdal SimMan 3G Programming Course Now Available Through SimGHOSTS

Word today is that subscribers of SimGHOSTS.org (which has 50% off annual subscription again this month due to a big announcement coming next week), that you can now take a Laerdal ...
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medical simulator orientation

Reader Submitted Video Intro Orientations to Laerdal Simman Classic, Essential, and 3G

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How to export Quality-CPR (QCPR) data from simulation sessions with SimMan 3G and SimView from Juri Bendini

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Replacing Air Intake Fittings for SimMan

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Laerdal Sun Conference San Diego 2010

Laerdal Sun Conference San Diego 2010

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