June 26, 2013By Lance Baily

Replacing Air Intake Fittings for SimMan

This is one for the Sim Techs out there! Cyle Sprick, Director of the Sim Unit at Flinders University School of Medicine wrote in to share his new blog True Plastic Surgery, which has some great technical content for Sim Techs.  My favorite so far is his post on ‘Replacing Air Fittings for SimMan Manikins.

simman connections

It’s a really detailed technical article covering some very key specifics with regards to the parts and process of replacing these connections:

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“We frequently move our manikins from place to place and were having a problem with the push-on fittings used by the Laerdal manikins.  Over time, the tube would get damaged and not release properly. So we needed to add a new type of quick release to solve the problem.”

“Replication of the regulator box was accomplished using an SMC AR20-02H-01 regulator (0.2MPa spring) with appropriate fittings and pressure gauge.  The output is set to 110-120 kpa per the Laerdal regulator box spec (1.1 Bar +- 10% = 15.95psi (109 kPa)).  The double lumen tube that connects to the manikins connects to a bulkhead fitting from Colder (PTC16020) with 1/8″ hose barbs.  These will take a 6mm OD push-on hose with a bit of heat and persuasion.”

Read the full article here and check out Cyle’s other great posts including different IV arms for Laerdal med-fidelity manikins.

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