EHR Go is a healthcare simulation electronic health record and learning platform. The electronic medical record platform, which is a product of Archetype Innovations, was developed for all healthcare disciplines with over 600 customizable, realistic patients and activities. EHR Go’s clinical simulation EMR learning platform helps teach learners to make smart decisions while instilling a human-centered approach.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, Archetype Innovations’ EHR Go is designed to encourage learners to see the holistic nature of healthcare while becoming proficient in technology. This is why all of the platform’s patient cases and activities are built around the diverse and realistic human stories healthcare professionals see every day. EHR Go includes cases from simple to complex for illustrating every chief complaint, comorbid condition and clinical scenario possible.

EHR Go is fully interprofessional and can be used within and between medical simulation programs, within classrooms, simulation centers and labs, for remote practice or during clinicals. The EHR Go platform includes a simulated, educational inpatient / outpatient EHR, bar coded eMAR, practice management system, simulation design and scenario build tools, EHR tutorials and training, clinical care guidelines and best practice resources.

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Features of the EHR Go Simulation Education Platform

EHR Go can be used in any learning environment and at any time, face-to-face or virtually. The platform is web-based, with no software required to update or maintain. Additionally, the platform provides realistic content for all healthcare professionals at all levels, regardless of subject matter. Offering meaningful scenarios, EHR Go addresses important, current issues and trends in healthcare. The platform uses real-world data from vitals, labs, patient wristbands, bar coded medication administration and more.

EHR Go’s realistic patient cases and activities can create meaningful interprofessional education learner experiences. For example, during hospitalization, one patient may have a dozen different caregivers from a variety of different disciplines. As best patient care happens when those caregivers work together collaboratively, essential teamwork skills must be established early on. EHR Go’s realistic and diverse patient cases can help facilitate this deep learning in an interprofessional setting.

In terms of simulation in nursing education, Go’s educational EHR and simulation learning platform was created by and for nursing educators. While the platform has grown to include all healthcare disciplines, EHR Go’s creators consider nurses to be the platform’s foundation. This is why they designed human patient scenarios and documentation with nurses in mind.

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With EHR Go, nursing learners are educated on the technology needed to practice human-centered care. Hundreds of diverse patients will teach and illustrate key concepts throughout a simulation in nursing curriculum, from pathophysiology to pharmacology and medical-surgical. Educators can assign cases as homework to promote critical thinking and hone documentation skills.

For those enrolled in pharmacy education programs, EHR Go includes inpatient and community pharmacy with full labeling, realistic patient cases and interprofessional education opportunities. The platform encourages learners to see the holistic nature of pharmacy, while they become proficient in the technology of healthcare.

Go’s illustrative cases range from simple to complex for every pharmacotherapeutic plan, chief complaint, comorbid condition and clinical scenario possible. Educators can assign cases for learners to complete outside of the classroom to further promote critical thinking and improve their documentation skills.

Faculty can also use the cases for class discussions and flipped classroom case studies by providing learners with discipline-relevant critical thinking questions along with the case. Then, learners can begin practicing documentation interpretation, review and verify orders, label prescriptions and document notes all within the Go platform.

For medical office staff and learners, the EHR learning platform includes a huge variety of detailed activities and patient scenarios with a focus on assisting, receptionist responsibilities, billing/coding and insurance. The medical office content extended by EHR Go is ideal for teaching the entire clinical encounter, from patient scheduling to check-in, rooming, documentation, provider communication to insurance and billing.

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The ability to work with patients of all ages and backgrounds to meet their individual needs is a key component of dietetics education. This is why Go’s educational Electronic Health Record (EHR) and learning platform includes inpatient and outpatient cases that address the special documentation requirements of nutrition education.

Therapy learners are training to be the healers, detectives and professionals who will keep bodies and systems in motion. To meet the educational needs of physical and occupational therapists, respiratory specialists, counselors and speech therapists, EHR Go addresses the special documentation needs included in therapy.

Focusing on informatics education, the EHR platform includes instruction ranging from basic to advanced with an “Intro to EHR” series. The platform also presents data visualization skills and SQL-based querying with raw, clinical simulated data within an educational EHR. The platform can help learners bring meaning to large datasets by identifying issues, improving quality and performance, assessing population health, analyzing patient costs, enhancing patient care and more.

EHR Go is for all levels of health information learners, from associate to baccalaureate and graduate programs. With this platform, learners can become familiar with everything from basic EHR competencies and coding to complex data mining and analytics.

About Archetype Innovations’ Education Services

Archetype Innovations was founded in 2008 with a mission to design the most powerful resource for healthcare simulation education imaginable. Founders Kathleen Annala, Don Annala and Shad Neese envisioned a world where EHRs were incorporated into each healthcare curriculum in a meaningful way. The goal became to create an affordable, educational tool that would bring a humanistic approach to the heart of the technology.

With this in mind, the founders built EHR Go to introduce learners to the complexities and nuance of practice, while being a platform that is both simple and fun to use. They created diverse and realistic patient cases and content, all within a multidisciplinary and interprofessional educational EHR. Ever since, Archetype Innovations has remained committed to building and strengthening the communities, both in the company’s hometown of Duluth, Minnesota, and within the educational healthcare industry as a whole.

Archetype Innovations also created Neehr Perfect, an academic version of an EHR designed to help learners develop necessary proficiencies before entering the workforce. This platform was built on VistA, the most widely used EHR in the world, and is customized for education. Neehr Perfect can be used with all healthcare disciplines at all levels. Learn more on the EHR Go website or read these articles below.

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