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This presentation submission page provides all the important highlights about our presentation submission process as well as the forms necessary to get started now. After reading our Terms of Submission summarized below, simply submit the required information below and we will market, host, record, and distribute your Zoom webinar to the global medical simulation community!

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Presentation Submission Process

  1. Read our Terms of Submission policy which covers how:
    1. You maintain ownership of presentation Intellectual Property (IP).
    2. You have rights and permissions to grant a non-compensating global license to receive, promote, host, record, market, and distribute your presentation.
    3. You can request to have your presentation removed at any point with 30 days notice.
  2. Create and submit your presentation abstract materials through the form on this page. You do not need a subscription to submit a presentation.
  3. Schedule two dates and times that would work  best for you to record the presentation to a live audience.
  4. Share an invitation to your professional network to join you for the webinar.
  5. Record your presentation (once it has been accepted) via‘s Zoom Meetings account.
  6. Replay your presentation to colleagues all over the world with ongoing reminders to’s global audience.
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Presenter Information

Thank you for your interest in submitting a webinar presentation to's global community! Let's start by gathering some information about you.

300 - 1500 characters (roughly 75 - 300 words).
Maximum upload size: 1MB
Please provide us with your professional picture so that we may better market you with your presentation.

Presentation Nursing CE Eligibility

To be eligible for Nursing CE Contact Hours by the CA BRN (CEP#17566) your webinar must either be:

  • Related to direct and/or indirect patient/client care, or
  • Related to the scientific knowledge and/or technical skills required for the practice of nursing.

More information can be found on RN CE eligibility on the website.

Presentation Information:

Must be less than 60 characters. Want to attract more viewers? Try these tips: Use at least 8 clear powerful words, try asking a question, using numbers or focusing on the "who."
Excluding Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, please select a future date that works best for you to record this live webinar.
Excluding Nights, please select the best time for the date above to record this live 1 hour webinar presentation. Use World Meeting Planner to calculate time differences.
Excluding Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, please select an alternative date to record this live 1 hour presentation.
Excluding Nights, please select the best time for the alternative date above to record this live webinar presentation.
500 - 3500 characters (approximately 75 - 500 words).
Please write one sentence summarizing your entire webinar. This will help us attract attendees, like a great movie trailer!
See Guide on How to Write Effective Learning Objectives. No bullets or numbers required. 25 - 150 characters.
No bullets or numbers required. 25 - 150 characters.
No bullets or numbers required. 25 - 150 characters.
Select the best overall category for your presentation.

Administration: Management, Stakeholder identification, marketing, developing policies and procedures, funding, faculty / academic liaison, business development, community interactions and services.

Education: Debriefing, curriculum design, integration and implementation, scenario development, learner types, learning methodologies.

Technical: Manikin maintenance and repair, IT Servers, AV systems, technology discussions.

Operations: Daily simulation activities, moulage, systems utilization tracking, tours, using policies and procedures, SP training, supply and equipment management

Faculty/Staff: Professional development, hiring, orientation, assessment, evaluation, faculty and/or staff training

Industry: Vendor demos, product updates, annual maintenance, integration tips, success stories, whitepapers.

Research: Theory, designing research, data gathering, publication tips, research reviews.

Expert Q & A: Any topic with answers from experts

Used to help organize the presentation for search. Separate each term with a comma. Add as many relevant terms as you like, such as "surgery, OB, moulage, sim tech,manikin" etc.
Maximum upload size: 35MB
If your presentation is already complete AND you would like to enable participants to be able to download the presentation file, please upload it here.
Do you have anything to disclose to our audience regarding your presentation? Please write in the 3rd person.

Terms of Submission

Please double check all of the information above, as well as review the Terms of Submission before submitting your presentation.

I have read and agree to the Terms of Submission. *