Anatomage is among the market leaders in medical simulation virtualization technology. For more than a decade Anatomage has been developing advanced 3-D anatomy products rendering hardware and software for both healthcare simulation in education and professional application. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., the company offers technology that enables users to experience the most accurate anatomy visualization and dissection.

The mission of Anatomage is to develop innovative technological solutions that visualize anatomy at the highest level of accuracy. As the pioneer in 3-D anatomy visualization through life-size digital dissection, the company’s goal is to become a platform that improves every aspect of clinical simulation. The vast array of software and hardware tools are designed to keep healthcare professionals ahead of the curve, and provide them with the most advanced medical visualization technology available.

With this focus in mind, Anatomage enables an ecosystem of 3-D anatomy hardware and software. These comprehensive 3-D visualization tools, with intuitive hands-on interfaces, allow for quick analysis and examination of advance medical education, patient diagnosis and dynamic presentations. Established in both education and healthcare industries, Anatomage is currently transforming standard anatomy learning, medical diagnosis and treatment planning through highly innovative and specialized products. Proving their success across healthcare simulation, the products offered have been featured in TED, BBC, CBC, Japanese Fuji TV, and PBS.

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Today, Anatomage products are used in tens of thousands of clinics and hospitals both in the United States and internationally. With a European headquarters in Milan, Italy, these products include image guided surgical devices, surgical instruments, radiology software, imaging equipment and display equipment. Anatomage has also established partnerships with leading radiology equipment companies; as they use Anatomage software as their exclusive imaging software shipped with units. Accommodating form factor and a variety of tools allows learners and professionals of various disciplines to create a truly collaborative environment.

Developing creative, leading-edge products for the medical and dental industries since 2004, Anatomage continues to lead with innovations that set the new standard of the future. While paving the way to technological innovations, Anatomage maintain’s the company’s focus on providing superior product and superior customer service to clients.

The Anatomage Table

The Anatomage Table is a technologically advanced, touch interactive, visualization system for true human anatomy. This product is currently being adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions. The use of the Anatomage Table allows company partners, clients and sponsors to present to their audiences the particular illnesses and pathologies that are being tackled by them.

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The operating table form factor combined with Anatomage’s renowned radiology software and clinical content separates the Anatomage Table from any other imaging system on the market. From virtual autopsies and pathology to archaeology and legal presentations, the Anatomage Table has proven to be an effective tool across forensic sciences.

Furthermore, the Anatomage Table is the only fully segmented real human 3-D anatomy system. With this product, users can visualize anatomy exactly as they would on a fresh cadaver. Individual structures are reconstructed in accurate 3-D, resulting in an unprecedented level of real accurate anatomy, dissectible in 3-D. The Table also allows for exploration and learning of human anatomy, even beyond what any cadaver could offer.

According to Anatomage, education based on the Anatomage Table is proven to be effective. Growing publications show improved test scores, more efficient class and lab sessions and student acceptance. The Table allow students to interact with young and well preserved digital cadavers instead of aged and degenerated bodies. The accurate details and rich content draw students’ interest and attention leading to more effective educational outcomes.

Helping to enhance the institution standard, students, parents, alumni and visitors can all experience the visual impact of the Anatomage Table. Having no chemicals, no unpleasant smell, no recurring facility costs, no regulations and a higher student adoption rate over traditional cadavers, this product is an ideal solution for any learning environment.

Included with the product, Anatomage offers four gross anatomy cases, more than 20 high resolution regional anatomy cases, and more than 1000 pathological examples, including animal cases. These are high resolution and high quality cases are unique to Anatomage.

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Thousands of structures are meticulously segmented from photographic images to deliver the most accurate real 3-D anatomy. Even individual vascular structures are meticulously traced to be accurate. All this is made possible by Anatomage’s unique technology and years of painstaking segmentation work. These features cannot be copied overnight, Anatomage says.

Other Innovative Products

Anatomage also produces a Medical Design (MD) Studio, which is a sophisticated software that specializes in the design and creation of 3-D models from medical images. The software is able to use standard CT or MRI scans to create 3-D anatomy models.

Beyond that, the studio gives learners the ability to import an existing 3-D model of a medical device and customize the device to fit to a patient’s specific anatomy. Medical Design Studio is versatile in that the included features can be applied to conceptual design, device improvement and the creation of patient-specific medical devices.

The MD Studio is compatible with DICOM medical images which can be used to create STL mesh models. The product also allows learners to visualize design concepts while creating medical device models that can be viewed within 3-D human anatomy. They can create or import existing device models to develop accurate 3-D print-outs for comprehensive clinical use as well.

Lastly, the Anatomage Cloud is a universal medical image sharing platform. Any healthcare professional can easily send a medical image for instant review to another professional. The recipient can access the image from anywhere and instantly review the image. By using a web browser-based 3-D viewer, no software installation is needed to view the image. This significantly simplifies the process of sharing and viewing 3-D medical images across simulation in healthcare.

The Anatomage Cloud comes with 3-D web viewing of DICOM data which is the standard format for CT, CBCT, MRI, PET and many other imaging types. The product helps users save time by sending cases by CD or USB is slow. With Anatomage Cloud the image can reach the recipient within minutes for instant review. Anatomage Cloud uses data encryption and is HIPAA-compliant in order to provide a secure platform for medical professionals.

Healthcare Simulation Conferences like IMSH, SESAM, IPSS and Simulation Australasia are the most likely places to see the Anatomage technologies in action!

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