CAE LearningSpace

CAE LearningSpace is a healthcare simulation center management solution designed for use across medical schools, nursing education programs, allied health and hospital-based simulation programs. This CAE Healthcare audio video recording solution is a scalable healthcare education platform for debriefing which is user-friendly, web-based and secure.

Using CAE LearningSpace gives learners a 360-degree view of their simulation training environment, performance and educational outcomes. Through the solution, faculty members can deliver effective video-driven improvement lessons with integrated patient data and facilitator’s notes. Simulation center directors are also able to provide objective, data-driven assessment tools while managing the learner’s healthcare simulation training environment at any time and from anywhere.

Together, these learning components enable the CAE LearningSpace virtual simulation experience to act as a simplified solution for simulation video capture and simulation debrief. Following each LearningSpace experience, the simulated training event replay can be easily adaptable within a fast-paced healthcare environment. The resulting high-definition video, and any subsequent instructional videos, can be easily shared with learner participants.

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Additionally, as standards and practices are rapidly evolving, the user-friendly LearningSpace system allows clinical teams to practice new safety protocols and gain instant feedback through a simulation debriefing. This later enhances patient safety by ensuring that learners are better prepared for what is to come when practicing directly in the field.

Users can manage the virtual delivery of your each simulation training – including on standardized patient / OSCE encounters, simulation manikin-based sessions, lectures and presentations – all on one platform. This allows educators to engage with learners through live streaming, video uploads of lectures and learning sessions. Live streaming can be done from any device and web conferencing platform that can be easily integrated with CAE LearningSpace.

In a single step, standardized patients can start an OSCE with learners using web conferencing solutions, such as Zoom, that are seamlessly integrated with CAE LearningSpace. This enables further annotation and assessment of the sessions.

Instructors can simply upload and share presentations, PDF documents, training materials and assessments for learners to access remotely. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, these distance learning healthcare simulation capabilities have become a pivotal means of clinical education and training.

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CAE LearningSpace Healthcare Simulation Features

CAE LearningSpace’s center monitoring sets this solution apart from other simulation tools because the company’s monitors can be modified by name, date, physiological data, events and more. A built-in intercom is another feature offered by CAE LearningSpace that lets educators speak to learners within the training environment with a click of a button.

The ability to annotate during the simulated experience or after the recorded session is available as well. CAE LearningSpace offers preset annotations and customizable bookmarks available to assist users. Adding to the solution’s list of features, a simulator diagnostic provides a means to capture any simulators or medical devices that have a video input.

Established to increase a learner’s knowledge base, a LearningSpace database provides immediate assistance to users of the solution. Whether they are looking for the answer to a specific, pressing question or just exploring research within the possibilities of LearningSpace to find new, time-saving shortcuts, the database offers integral information relevant to the solution’s contents.

To tailor to more specific learner needs, a variation of the basic CAE LearningSpace experience, CAE LearningSpace Essentials, is offered as a streamlined center management system designed for nursing or allied health programs. The system offers scheduling, an integrated patient simulator curriculum and checklists for standardized assessment and evaluation.

Alternatively, the CAE LearningSpace Enterprise is CAE Healthcare’s proven clinical simulation management platform. This system is designed to capture team training and individual simulation practice events for review, debrief and assessment.

CAE LearningSpace Healthcare Simulation Company Information

CAE Learningspace is a solution offered by CAE Healthcare, one of the three core businesses of CAE. The company CAE is a global leader in the delivery of training for the civil aviation, defence and security and healthcare markets. Specifically, CAE Healthcare provides solutions for simulation-based medical education that improve healthcare, clinical competency and patient safety.

CAE Healthcare delivers advanced, state-of-the-art simulation-based training that enables healthcare professionals to provide safer, high-quality care. Each CAE Healthcare product, including CAE LearningSpace, is expertly developed in collaboration with clinicians and educators whose mission is to ensure the physiological accuracy and educational relevance of every resource the company produces.

CAE Healthcare’s audiovisual center management solutions cover simulation and debriefing needs with multiple configuration options. The hardware light approach is easily scalable and can be tailored to meet any center’s needs.

Engineered to offer an enriched end-user experience, LearningSpace easily integrates with mobile devices to provide greater flexibility for simulation training center managers. By employing CAE LearningSpace technology to educate learners and assess their skills, instructors can manage every aspect of their simulation center, using the tools included with the solution to thoroughly analyze, track and report video-driven improvement.

CAE Healthcare’s LearningSpace team offers industry-leading consulting, project management and support from initial planning through ongoing operation of a simulation center. The company’s mission is for the LearningSpace solution to guide facilitators in improving the performance of their program, staff and learners. CAE Healthcare’s goal for the solution is also to achieve a state where faculty members become more readily available to focus on preparing clinicians and teams for today’s healthcare environment.

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Regardless of where or when the CAE Learning Space technology is being used, CAE Healthcare offers unrivaled, 24/7 support. A live telephone support center team monitors all calls and inquiries to keep customers covered and to reduce downtime.

Users can log on to the company’s comprehensive help site for additional online resources. Experienced technicians and customer support representatives respond to user requests quickly, minimizing disruption and downtime. Free training for life is offered to all staff in regional training centers with every CAE Assurance support and maintenance agreement.

Helping to spread awareness of CAE Healthcare initiatives and systems, the company’s LearningSpace simulation solution has been presented at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH). Learn more on the CAE LearningSpace website or read these articles below.

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