Noelle is among the world’s leading manikins for high-fidelity birthing medical simulations. The Gaumard Noelle is always a “head-turner” for those on tour of a professional medical simulation based program. Always like to joke that “she is where new manikins come from”. With the higher end models of Noelle, delivery of real-time or an accelerated birth can be controlled wirelessly with moment-by-moment manipulation of fetus articulation. With the tether-less control, nursing and medical students as well as practicing healthcare professionals can move Noelle’s limbs through a full range of motion, enabling the training of difficult deliveries. Noelle’s intuitive user interface software allows for immediate “on-the-fly” simulation scenario changes as well as advanced “pre-programming”. The software also tracks fetus position and all vital signs and instructor notes for learner debriefing. is dedicated to providing the latest Noelle Birthing Simulator news and medical simulation resources from around the world. To follow along, sign up for our free medical simulation email newsletter, follow @HealthySim on Twitter and @HealthySim on Facebook, or join our LinkedIn Company Page!

Although Gaumard first released Noelle in 2000 she has already received numerous modifications and enhancements since that time. There are now three categories for the Noelle product line: Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each step up increases the capabilities and cost of this birthing manikin. The essential line, also referred to as the s550 and s551, is the most affordable and allows for mid-fidelity skills based task training without the aid of a bedside monitor. The Intermediate birthing simulator (s555.100 and s554.100) is a tethered and programmable manikin that does come with a bedside monitor.
The flagship of Gaumard is the Noelle s575 series that allows for everything mentioned above and also includes many other additional features such as the use of a real BP cuff, pupil dilation, defibrillation, as well as tether-less control. Purchasers can also make the final upgrade from the s574 to include the high-fidelity newborn HAL s575 or premie HAL s576. She can also be utilized to educate breech and C-section deliveries as well as shoulder dystocia and postpartum hemorrhage.
The Noelle has multiple fetal heart sounds which can be heard through a conventional stethoscope by clinical simulation participants. The Resuscitation Baby has an intubatable airway and the manikin is able to tolerate advanced airway management and equipment. The Resuscitation Baby also has a patent umbilical vein which is able to be cannulated.

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There are Shoulder Dystocia features within the Noelle and Resuscitation Baby manikins. There are features that are able to demonstrate the “turtle sign” of shoulder dystocia while in labor. The manikin and software systems are able to select when the “turtle sign” will be on display and how long this presentation feature will be turned on. This allows the learners the opportunity to deal with this dilemma in real time within a clinical simulation environment.

The Noelle maternal and birthing manikin has a cervix that dilates. The extensible cervix that dilates allows learners to be able to conduct vaginal exams in clinical scenarios in real time and also to be able to record results. As well as the ability to record results from cervix assessments, learners can also respond to results and care for their patient in real time.

Noelle also comes with realistic uterus parts which fit into the manikin. This is a new postpartum hemorrhage feature of the birthing simulator. The cervical os and cervix can also bleed which is an advanced feature for learners to be able to experience. The uterus also has capabilities to be massaged to reduce patient blood loss.

The Noelle’s educational capabilities extend well past birth and into the postpartum period. All Noelle birthing simulators now also feature a simulated placenta which also has detachable fragments for a number of presentations. Learners now have the ability to carefully inspect Noelle’s placenta and have the experience to determine if their patient’s placenta is intact or not.

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The Omni monitor software comes as part of the Noelle birthing manikin. The Omni monitor software also has the ability to log both ventilations and chest compressions with the Omni Code Blue Pack. There is capacity to view feedback from the patient simulators either on the Omni monitor software device or any Windows based computer.

The Noelle full-body maternal birthing simulator by Gaumard Scientific comes with the following:

Automatic birthing system
A full body newborn airway trainer
Articulating birthing fetus
Two umbilical cords
Two dilating cervices
Two umbilical clamps
Two vulval inserts
Three vulvae for postpartum suturing
International power supply 100-240 VAC
One Omni Controller
Omni Code Blue pack which includes: CPR Link software, CPR Link connection cable and CPR module pre installed into the manikin
Silicone lubricant
Carry bag

The Noelle manikin system by Gaumard scientific has a number of inserts, manikins and features to assist with labor and delivery based clinical simulation as discussed. The Noelle system includes manikins for Mother, fetus and newborn. This means that this birthing simulator system is able to meet the requirements for obstetric and neonatal based clinical simulation scenarios all in one system which all works to complement one another.

The Noelle birthing manikin package has a number of versatile capabilities to cover a range of fidelities for most birth and postpartum related clinical simulation scenarios. As the manikins are able to be BVM and have advanced airway management there is the ability to manage a complex birth or postpartum critical clinical simulation scenario. The Noelle mother manikin is able to have CPR compressions and the Omni software system can capture CPR quality metrics to aid in the debrief circle.

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The Noelle mother birthing manikin has veins which are able to be intravenously cannulated and also intramuscular injection pads are present which are able to receive an intramuscular injection as well. There is a delivery mechanism within the birthing manikin which is able to push the fetus manikin down the birth canal as labor progresses. There are fetal heart sounds, placenta and a dilating cervix.

The Noelle birthing manikin kit comes with two cord clamps for after the birth has occurred. There is also an episiotomy repair kit . There is the ability to place the fetus manikin into different birthing positions in the mother prior to the birth simulation. Clinical simulation participants are able to palpate the position of the baby while in the Noelle simulator prior to delivery.

The Gaumard Scientific Omni controller software gives control of many manikin features to the healthcare simulation faculty members. Clinical simulation staff are able to control the times and features around the neonate manikins delivery. There is also the ability to view CPR metrics around CPR delivered to both mother and baby simulators on the Omni software. This can be incredibly useful as a clinical simulation educator to improve participant CPR quality.

Other controls within the Noelle Omni software device includes the duration of labor and delivery, fetal heart rate and a shoulder dystocia feature. The neonatal simulator is intubatable and also is able to receive a bag valve mask and other advanced airway management strategies. There are a number of high fidelity options available for the Noelle birthing manikin kit that have the ability to drastically increase the fidelity of clinical simulation scenarios.

The Gaumard Scientific Noelle is a multiple patient simulator manikin system which has changed the face of the birthing manikin industry since the release in the early 2000s. This birthing manikin has so many features and also adaptability to meet learners’ educational needs of those who care for both mother and baby. There are now a number of different iterations of the Noelle patient simulator kit available on the Gaumard website. There is also a Noelle torso task trainer which is available as well as the maternal and neonatal kits.

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