Noelle is among the world’s leading manikins for high-fidelity birthing medical simulations. The Gaumard Noelle is always a “head-turner” for those on tour of a professional medical simulation based program. I always liked to joke that “she is where new manikins come from”.   With the higher end models of Noelle, delivery of real-time or an accelerated birth can be controlled wirelessly with moment-by-moment manipulation of fetus articulation. With the tether-less control, nursing and medical students as well as practicing healthcare professionals can move Noelle’s limbs through a full range of motion, enabling the training of difficult deliveries. Noelle’s intuitive user interface software allows for immediate “on-the-fly” simulation scenario changes as well as advanced “pre-programming”. The software also tracks fetus position and all vital signs and instructor notes for learner debriefing.

Gaumard Noelle

Although Gaumard first released Noelle in 2000 she has already received numerous modifications and enhancements since that time. There are now three categories for the Noelle product line: Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Each step up increases the capabilities and cost of this birthing manikin.  The essential line, also referred to the s550 and s551, is the most affordable and allows for mid-fidelity skills based task training without the aid of a bedside monitor.  The Intermediate birthing simulator (s555.100 and s554.100) is a tethered and programmable manikin that does come with a bedside monitor.

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The flagship of Gaumard is the Noelle s575 series that allows for everything mentioned above and also includes many other additional features such as the use of a real BP cuff, pupil dilation, defibrillation, as well as tether-less control. You can also make the final upgrade from the s574 to include the high-fidelity newborn HAL s575 or premie HAL s576.  She can also be utilized to educate breech and C-section deliveries as well as shoulder dystocia and post-partum hemorrhage.

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