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Gaumard, aka Gaumard Scientific, is a Florida based company that provides innovative products to the healthcare simulation community. Gaumard also has key offices located in Texas and is most well known for their Noelle product, which is arguably the world’s leading high-fidelity birthing manikin. Although Gaumard began its high-fidelity computer-based product line of manikins in the 90s, they trace their roots back to 1946 when its founder utilized surgery-based polymers to fashion medical simulators for healthcare education.

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Other manufacturers in the Manikin industry include major brands such as Laerdal and CAE Healthcare. In 2017, Gaumard started offering audiovisual systems for recording and debriefing simulation learning experiences through their Care in Motion platform. Other manufacturers of AV recording systems include EMS SimulationIQ, Laerdal Medical, Level 3 Healthcare, KBPort, and more. The company sells simulators through its own representatives in North America and through 200 distributors in 70 countries.

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Gaumard Scientific Company has produced patient simulators for healthcare education for more than 60 years for the military, emergency medical services, major teaching hospitals and nursing schools. Gaumard is known for their product innovation especially with OB Birth Simulators like Noelle and Victoria, and Pediatric Simulators which recently include the Super Tory and the Hal S2225.

A few years after building a synthetic human skeleton Gaumard designed a childbirth simulator to aid in the education of village midwives located around the world. Various task-trainers of shapes and sizes were developed over the years which you can witness from their company history page.

However, the release of Noelle s565 in 2000 was a serious turning point for Gaumard Scientific. Soon afterwards Gaumard released a full range of tether-less manikins, which today have become the s3201 Hal series, the S3000 Susie series, the Baby Hal S3010 series and the S3005 pediatric series. At IMSH 2012 Gaumard also unveiled the Surgical Chloe high-fidelity manikin. The company also provides nursing simulation scenarios as well as other healthcare education learning curriculum.

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Gaumard is now an international vendor with manikins working in medical simulation centers around the world. The company supports the simulation in the healthcare community by attending key simulation conferences. Uniquely, Gaumard, allows for the free download of their manikin user interface software as well as easy access to all their patient simulator manuals, which makes for easier learning. Learn more by visiting Gaumard.com!

Gaumard has created a number of task trainers of different shapes and sizes. Gaumard has three skin tone shades for all manikins which offers diversity across the patient manikin fleet and also assists to represent different cultures. This representation assists to start creating a culture of inclusivity in healthcare simulation programs.

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Gaumard works in medical simulation centers across the world and provides many products and patient simulators internationally. Gaumard supports the healthcare simulation community by ensuring attendance at key healthcare simulation conferences. Gaumard does allow free downloads of their manikin user interface software and easy access to patient simulator manuals for users.

Patient Simulators and Products Provided by Gaumard: SUSIE S2400 Comprehensive Patient Care Simulator: Susie is a multipurpose clinical simulation solution in order to provide comprehensive patient care. The SUSIE S2400 is an incredibly versatile education solution to streamline clinical simulation for nursing, allied health, and medicine. Susie features advanced clinical features and the UNI 3 control software. SUSIE S2400 enables immersive procedural and scenario exercises with use of a single platform.

HAL S5301 Interdisciplinary and Immersive Patient Simulator: Hal is the most advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator available currently. Hal is able to cover emergency, ICU and medical surgical based education. Hal has new conversational speech capabilities, lifelike movements, high quality physiology, UNI 3 patient monitor software and many other capabilities.

Obstetric MR Mixed Reality Training System: Obstetric MR is a newly developed mixed reality education solution for the patient simulator VICTORIA S2200. Obstetric MR has been designed to assist the learner to be able to bridge the gaps from theory and practice faster than before. With the use of the latest technology in holographic visualization, Obstetric MR is able to bring digital educational content into a physical healthcare simulation scenario.

Victoria S2200 Wireless and Tetherless, Maternal and Neonatal Care Patient Simulator: The Victoria patient simulator is able to simulate many presentations such as: early pregnancy complications, high risk delivery and postpartum emergencies. The Victoria simulator is also able to be used for non obstetric scenarios for general nursing care.

LungSim In hospital Mechanical Ventilator Simulator: LungSim is a model driven virtual mechanical ventilator simulator which is a multimodal and cost effective ventilator education solution. LungSim works alongside Gaumard patient simulators and their accessories to be able to create immersive, respiratory patient education scenarios for a fraction of the cost. Gaumard has partnered with Accurate Inc. to be able to bring LungSim to more than 15 Gaumard models. These include adult, pediatric and neonatal patient simulators.

HAL S3201 Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator: The Hal 3201 simulator has tetherless patient simulator technology that allows the communications, compressor, and power supply to reside inside HAL. This then eliminates any requirement for external tubes, wires, and compressors. HAL is able to be moved from accident scene to ER, to ICU as clinicians and team members diagnose and treat him with real monitors and resuscitation equipment. HAL is able to operate at a distance of up to 900 Ft. (300 m) and between rooms and floors of buildings.

Pediatric HAL S2225 – Wireless and Tetherless Pediatric Patient Simulator: Pediatric HAL is an advanced pediatric patient simulator and is able to simulate emotions through facial expressions, movement, and speech. HAL has been designed to be able to assist team members of all levels to develop the pediatric care skills required to be able to communicate, diagnose, and treat pediatric patients in most clinical areas.

NOELLE with Newborn TORY S575.100 Advanced Maternal and Neonatal Care Simulation Package: The Noelle and Newborn Tory package is a clinical simulation obstetric and neonatal care education solution which is a package deal for both patient simulators. There is a turnkey solution which includes a Noelle wireless and tetherless childbirth patient simulator plus a Newborn Tory wireless and tetherless full term neonate. There are also two UNI control tablet computers and a Gaumard Vitals patient monitor.

Trauma HAL S3040.100 – Rugged Trauma Care Patient Simulator: The Trauma HAL S3040.100 is a rugged trauma patient simulator which has been engineered to meet the needs of civilian and military medical teams who wish to train in real environments. Trauma Hal features physiology which is able to be programmed, wounds that bleed and a wireless operability.

Surgical Chloe S2101 Wireless Surgical Patient Simulator: Surgical Chloe S2101 is both a wireless and tetherless patient simulator and course curriculum package. Chloe is designed to be able to aid education and assessment of the ACGME competencies in six areas. These areas include: patient care, medical knowledge, clinical knowledge and improvement, systems practice, communication, and professionalism. Surgical Chloe has the ability for participants to practice gynecological and surgical procedures. Some of these procedures include: dermoid cyst removal, ectopic pregnancy removal, hysterectomy and more.

Premie HAL S2209 30 Week Premature Infant Patient Simulator: Premie Hal is a high fidelity, wireless and tetherless Preterm Patient Simulator.The Premie Hal S2209 has been designed to assist with the education of doctors and other health care professionals in areas such as: preterm airway management, resuscitation, stabilization, transport, and intensive care.

UNI 3 Unified Simulator Control Software: UNI 3 is an intuitive patient simulator control software which is able to be used by multiple patient simulators at once. Uni 3 allows the user to manage vitals, track performance and debrief with tools designed to help faculty drive complex scenarios.

The Gaumard Resource Page contains a blog, articles and webinars on a number of different topics of interest. There is also a news, white paper and videos section.

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