Gaumard, or Gaumard Scientific, is a Florida based company that provides innovative products to the medical simulation community. Gaumard also has key offices located in Texas and is most well known for their Noelle product, which is arguably the world’s leading high-fidelity birthing manikin.  Although Gaumard began its high-fidelity computer-based product line of manikins in the 90s, they trace their roots back to 1946 when its founder utilized surgery-based polymers to fashion simulators for healthcare education.

A few years after building a synthetic human skeleton Gaumard designed a childbirth simulator to aid in the education of village midwives located around the world.  Various task-trainers of shapes and sizes were developed over the years which you can witness from their company history page.  However, the release of Noelle s565 in 2000 was in my opinion the most serious turning point for Gaumard Scientific.  Soon afterwards Gaumard released a full range of tether-less manikins, which today have become the s3201 Hal series, the S3000 Susie series, the Baby Hal S3010 series and the S3005 pediatric series.  Most recently at IMSH 2012 Gaumard unveiled the Surgical Chloe high-fidelity manikin.  As well, the company also provides nursing simulation scenarios as well as other healthcare education learning curriculum.

Gaumard is now an international vendor with manikins working in medical simulation centers around the world.  The company supports the simulation in healthcare community by attending key medical simulation conferences.

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Gaumard uniquely allows for the free download of their manikin user interface software as well as easy access to all their patient simulator manuals.  Be sure to sign up for Gaumard’s newsletter, which provides some great content about who and how their range of simulators are being utilized by the world’s professional healthcare community.  Also be sure to check out the Gaumard blog for key updates and noteworthy news articles.

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