April 11, 2024By Erin Carn Bennett

Gaumard Launches New UNI 3 Unified Medical Simulator Control Software

Gaumard’s UNI 3, the Unified Simulator Control Software by Gaumard Scientific is described as a powerful and intuitive patient simulator control software used to drive multiple manikins with impressive software features integrated. UNI 3 is Gaumard’s most new and advanced manikin control software which just recently launched into the global healthcare simulation market place. The UNI 3 has the ability to manage patient simulator vital signs, track performance of teams, and also supplies debrief tools which are designed to assist with facilitation of complex scenarios with more ease for those who work in healthcare simulation as faculty. This article by Erin Carn-Bennett, MN, RN will explore the features on offer for this new simulator control UNI 3 system by Gaumard.

The Gaumard UNI 3 New Software Makes Use of Multiple Simulators Very Simple

The Gaumard UNI 3 is a software interface that is designed to be able to power all computer based controlled Gaumard patient simulators. This makes running of the Gaumard manikins simpler for operators with minimal additional education required. UNI 3 is now being sent out with select styles of Gaumard patient manikins and will become available as a free upgrade to all existing UNI users later in 2024. There are a number of Gaumard manikins that are able to integrate this update into their existing system.

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The Gaumard UNI 3 is a refreshed look and feel for Gaumard manikins and improves both the user and learner experiences. The user interface controls are laid out in an intuitive and familiar way. This means that there is less requirement for extensive technician training to run the manikin even when unfamiliar to the user. There are new tools to also be explored which include a scenario builder. The scenario builder gives opportunities for healthcare simulation teams to be able to achieve more in a shorter space of time and with less effort required.

In the Gaumard UNI 3 there are multiple patient controls available. This means that there is more ease to control more than one Gaumard patient manikin from one main control device. There is the ability to utilize the tabs to select the control panel of a specific manikin. The position of the tab panels which are side by side in view means there is access to all the controls for a number of Gaumard patient simulators at once.

There is an ease to both resource management and patient simulator management with the Gaumard UNI 3. There is the ability to add Gaumard patient simulators to the UNI 3 and then there is the ability to set the method of preference to wireless control all from one device. The user accounts of the Gaumard UNI 3 have access to customized experiences even with multiple users who share across one device. These features can be incredibly useful for healthcare simulation teams that are providing numerous scenarios at once on multiple Gaumard patient simulators.

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Artificial Intelligence has Created Conversational Speech Features for Uni 3 Simulators

There are conversational speech features which are enhanced by AI available in the Gaumard UNI 3 software. The latest technology is featured in AI language modeling in the UNI 3. HAL S5301’s Conversational Speech features mean that there is the ability for the patient simulator to answer with automacy around case history questions, follow voice commands, and improve speech understanding with time and increased use. The responses are generated in natural language and have realistic sounding voices. This means no actors are required, no scripts and no complex programs. This feature is only available on the HAL S5301 in the USA currently.

There is also a speech library which has programs to augment clinical simulation scenarios to include a varied library of pre recorded phrases and responses. There are multiple languages that can be selected as well as the options to record phrases independently as well.

The new speech generator creates new phrases to be verbalized by the patient simulator just by typing into the UNI 3 program.

Numerous New Vital Sign and Physiology Feature Controls are Available on UNI 3

Physiology controls in the UNI 3 have improved organization and intuition of parameters. There are fly out menus that mean that essential manikin controls are easily available. Management of over 30 vital signs and physiological states can be easily adjusted in the moment or through the preset and also automated scenarios.

Gaumard UNI 3 ensures that patient simulators run smoothly with diagnostic tools that are inbuilt. There are icons for lab reports and tailor made lab reports can also be included to accompany any healthcare simulation scenarios. Specialized vital signs can be created and controlled on virtual monitors. Specialized vital signs extend the clinical simulation capabilities.

The action groups icon is able to log clinical simulation participant actions so that there are data driven and focused debriefs after the scenario is completed. The clinical states icon is able to save a set of patient vital signs so there is increased fidelity and complexity in the healthcare simulation scenarios. These icon features can also be exported and shared with other Gaumard UNI 3 users. The medications icon is easily created to standardize and share assessments to the virtual monitor so that participants are able to perform their own self-assessment of their performance.

Enhanced cardiac clinical simulation tools in the Gaumard UNI 3 gives real time CPR feedback driven by data collected on the manikin while in use. Faculty members are able to monitor CPR data metrics in real time which enhances the clinical simulation scenario. Audible cues are features and users can export performance reports of clinical simulation participants.

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In the myocardial infarction model the user can point and click on the 3D heart model to be able to create an occlusion and watch the UNI 3 software be able to auto-generate injury, ischemia, and necrosis. The injury results on the model are then visible on the 12-lead ECG strip in the software as well. The twelve lead ECG designers make the users own ECG rhythms. Pre-existing ECGs can also be edited with the use of point by point PQRST wave editor. Twelve lead ECGs can also be printed from this feature as well.

The Gaumard UNI 3 software updates to new and also current patient simulators in the Gaumard range adds a wide variety of capabilities to the fleet of patient simulators. The use of artificial intelligence in the speech and conversation features increases the fidelity of the Gaumard range of manikins greatly. This latest software update, will greatly extend the immersive experience of the learner who attends clinical simulation based training with a Gaumard patient manikin. Not only will the clinical simulation participants’ immersive experience improve, but the clinical simulation faculty will have more ease to deliver clinical simulation with Gaumard UNI 3.

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