May 20, 2014By Lance Baily

Victoria: Gaumard's New Noelle S2200

birthing manikin victoria

Gaumard’s new Noelle S2200 is nicknamed “Victoria” and she is definitely a complete revision of the birthing simulator. Physically the molding of Victoria looks very realistic, with curvatures that more closely match the physique of pregnancy. Somewhat quietly unveiled at IMSH 2014, Victoria is now ready for the spotlight, Gaumard announced today that she will be making a big entrance at the AWHONN and INACSL shows this June in Orlando, Florida.

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Victoria can simulate low and high risk deliveries with an endless variation of clinical presentations and she can do so with precise repeatability. The patented fetal delivery system, powerful control software and a library of preprogrammed scenarios combine to allow learners to resolve situations in a safe environment, improve performance in specific situations and gain valuable experience. Victoria now introduces our newest advances in tetherless technology. Her internal rechargeable battery and energy efcient technology allow for untethered and uninterrupted simulations that can last upwards of 8 hours. No other maternal and neonatal simulator comes close to providing this level of freedom.

birthing simulator

Real Monitoring

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Victoria supports the widest range of medical diagnostic equipment of any tetherless maternal and neonatal simulator. Use a real fetal monitor, ECG monitor, defibrillator, pulse oximeter and automatic blood pressure monitor device. Care providers can set-up and operate real equipment, interpret critical information and follow protocols just as they would in real clinical situations. Victoria’s abdomen realistically relaxes and firms with every contraction. This human-like behavior allows providers to palpate contractions during assessment. Attach a real fetal monitor directly to the abdomen to track the fetal heart rate and contraction frequency, intensity and duration.

With Victoria you can provide learning through:

  • Normal Deliveries
  • Brrech Deliveries
  • C-Section Deliveries
  • Assisted Deliveries
  • Should Dystocias
  • McRoberts, suprapubic pressure, rotation of the fetal shoulder, posterior arm sweep and Gaskin

Download Victoria’s full brochure here and visit Victoria’s homepage on!

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