SIMStation is a manufacturer of audio visual systems and software for healthcare simulation learning and simulation center use. In close collaboration with international clients, SIMStation researches and develops innovative solutions for the future of clinical simulation in the company’s own simulation lab and workshops.

SIMStation’s vision is that, by training with the company’s systems, learners are able to master lessons delivered to help develop simple skills, practice complex team training and complete disaster control exercises.

The hope is that these clinical simulation solutions will help maximize sustainable security across all industry professionals. According to SIMStation, the company’s automated and technology-supported exam support (e.g. for OSCEs in medical academics) considerably simplifies otherwise complex examination and assessment procedures and optimizes their objectivity.

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Further, the company is determined to set a new standard in the area of audio visual simulation debriefing through mobile and fixed facilities. With the company’s mobile and stationary AV installations, SIMStation believes facilitating more effective healthcare simulation debriefings through an increased operational quality and ease is possible.

About SIMStation Simulation History

SIMStation was founded in 2011 by two collaborating professional service companies with 20 years of experience in the fields of multimedia software, as well as broadcasting and stage media technology. The company is also known for advising simulation and training centers on the planning and implementation of simulation-technology facilities.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, SIMStation has over 20 employees who help design and develop the highly innovative audio-visual systems for medical simulation. SIMStation employees include software developers, designers, Sim Techs, architects and engineers

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Since 2013 the company has implemented numerous SIMStation systems across 14 different countries. SIMStation has been a supplier for the individual in situ facilities up to major simulation centers. Customers include renowned medical universities in London, Paris, Munich and Vienna.

Today, SIMStation is distributed worldwide, either directly from headquarters in Vienna (for Northern and Western Europe), or through another distributor and partner (to reach the United States and Middle East). In order to continually discover and learn about the demands for further development of our systems, SIMStation employees attend and participate in on-site training all over Europe. They take part in national and international simulation events as well.

Proving the company’s dedication to assistance services, SIMStation employees constantly accompany medical simulation teams at respective trainings and at their own simulation centers. They do not just act as technical support for the assembling and dismantling of the equipment, but work to ensure the smooth running of each training.

SIMStation is dedicated to learning the needs of each healthcare simulation client. This helps the company to develop new solutions and tools that better optimize training and learning success.

SIMStation can also be provided as loan service in numerous European countries. The company understands that in view of a large investment, clients have to be convinced to make the right decision. SIMStation says the company is convinced that each experience with the provided simulation software and systems will provide the best training experience.

Helping to spread awareness about SIMStation audio visual software and system, the company’s simulators and manikins have been presented at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

SIMStation Healthcare Simulation Software and Systems

The SIMStation Pro is an advanced high-fidelity simulation solution for video-supported simulation in healthcare. This system is pre-engineered and configured with all necessary hardware and software upon delivery. SIMStation has designed the system so that even people without specific technical know-how are able to assemble and operate the tool.

Assembly of the SIMStation Pro is very straightforward: users merely need to connect each component and room to a single network cable. The entire assembly time takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on location and circumstances.

The software is easy-to-operate and has been developed by leading simulation experts. During recording, users operate the SIMStation Pro control and simulation recording system intuitively via touchscreen and label important events which they wish to bring up later during debriefing. For debriefing users then employ the SIMStation Tablet, which offers the trainer unique operational comfort in controlling the debriefing and thus increases its efficiency.

Another solution, the SIMStation Enterprise, is a flexible solution for simulation centers needing to operate multiple recording/training units, broadcast live audio-video streaming and use video playback for debriefing simultaneously. With the view of bringing the modular concept of SIMStation Pro to the next level, SIMStation Enterprise has been designed as multiple distributed SIMStation Pro units.

This has led to all data associated with each training and debriefing unit being centralized and mirrored via SIMNetwork to SIMStorage. Therefore, the recordings can be retrieved and synchronized from any SIMStation Recorder or debriefing player within the SIMNetwork.

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SIMStation Essential is an ultra-mobile, high-end video debriefing system. With a high degree of mobility, the system along with the SIMStation recording and debriefing software is perfect for in-situ simulation and EMS training. This solution is especially useful for simulations which demand a very short setup time and are led by only a small technology and trainer team.

As for components, SIMStation offers modules for training rooms, recording rooms and debriefing rooms. Examples of training room components include wireless microphones, SIMStation Voice Box, AXIS M1145 Network Camera, AXIS M1004-W Camera, AXIS P5635-E Camera, AXIS T8310 Control Unit, Sennheiser EW 100 G3 and ambient microphones.

Recording room components include the The SIMStation Recording Box, which contains all the components of a simulation control room at the cutting edge of technology. Other recording room components are the SIMStation Patient Monitor Capturing Unit, SIMStation instructor microphone and SIMStation Tablet.

The SIMStation Tablet is a debriefing room component as well. A SIMStation Debriefing Set, which comes with a HD Beamer and mobile screen, can be set up within a distance of up to 100 meters from a training room.

The company’s applications include SIMStation recording software, a debriefing application and software and a SIMStation audience feedback application. With the SIMStation application for tablets, additional trainers can simultaneously control the training and set their own markers and annotations. As a result, any number of instructors can be involved in the training and tasks can be better distributed. Learn more on the SIMStation website or read these articles below.

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