January 20, 2023By Lance Baily

IMSH 2023: Healthcare Simulation Vendor Updates

The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is the world’s largest conference dedicated to healthcare simulation learning, research, and scholarship, offering 250+ sessions in various formats, from large plenary sessions to small, interactive immersive courses. This healthcare simulation conference is considered to be an educational and networking event for the clinical simulation world. For this reason, many medical simulation vendors choose to have major company announcements coincide with the event. The event will take place this year from January 21 to January 25, 2023, in Orlando, Florida. This HealthySimulation.com article highlights recent announcements from healthcare simulation companies across the industry and provides booth information for those that will be in attendance at IMSH 2023.

Education Management Solutions
Booth 501

Join Education Management Solutions (EMS) in Booth #501 and dive into an immersive experience to look, see, and feel a live simulation environment. Become a part of EMS’ reality as the company solves the challenges facing modern healthcare together. On Sunday, January 22 at 11 a.m., EMS CEO Matt Merino will be giving the opening address on the main stage to welcome attendees and introduce SSH President Haru Okuda.

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Then, on Monday, January 23, at 2 p.m., Merino will give the presentation “IMSH SIM Learning Lab: Leverage Simulation Environments for Immersive Workforce Development and Life-long Learning.” He will discuss how to maximize your simulation program as a core workforce ecosystem. Click here to register for this session.

Winter Institute for Simulation, Education, and Research (WISER)
Booth 1059

WISER will be in attendance at IMSH 2023 and will be located at Booth 1059. Anyone attending the upcoming IMSH conference is encouraged to visit the WISER team to learn more about the institute’s academy, fellowships, and product availability. IMSH 2023 attendees should register for “SSH Presents: Exemplary Practices in SSH Accreditation” and add the presentation to their IMSH scheduler for Wednesday, January 25 at 11:30 a.m. During this presentation, the WISER team will join other accredited programs for a panel discussion on the latest processes and best practices. Can’t fit the session into your schedule? Stop by the WISER booth in the Exhibit Hall to hear more of the staff’s perspective on the process as you prepare for your own accreditation journey.

Booth 519

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This year at IMSH 2023, TacMed will be training individuals to Stop the Bleed at our booth! Prior to the hands-on portion, the company urges attendees to complete the quick 25-minute interactive online course. After the show, join TacMed for the “Maximizing Trauma Training Through Simulation” learning lab on Wednesday, January 25 at 10 AM EST in Room 220! The immersive course will be taught by former Army special forces doctor and current TacMed senior medical advisor, Dr. Dan Irizarry.

Echo Healthcare
Booth 111

Echo Healthcare launched a new division of the company on January 3, 2023. Echo Education Technology was officially rolled out and will serve all primary, secondary, health sciences, CTE, and HOSA programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Additionally, an IMSH, Echo Healthcare is going to be fully launching the company’s SecondSkin product which will be available to a variety of ages and ethnicities. Echo Healthcare is also in the process of finalizing a few agreements that will add to the company’s product portfolio.

Booth 401

Laerdal is excited to kick off 2023 by sharing new product and service solutions at IMSH 2023. At the event, learn how Laerdal Solutions can help elevate healthcare simulation impact and improve program outcomes as the company hosts hourly interactive presentations highlighting its latest offerings. Attendees will be able to learn and interact with:

  • Hands-on immersive sessions featuring new products and service solutions, including Laerdal Accelerate and vrClinicals
  • Innovative solutions that will help accelerate your simulation program
  • An insightful Learning Lab session, highlighting “Effective Ways to Provide Clinical Hours in Nursing Education”

Booth 725

Lumeto was selected as an XR healthcare training partner for the prototyping of innovative remote connected care solutions by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Since launching commercially in January 2022, Lumeto’s InvolveXR platform is growing as a capability-rich Immersive Sim Lab enabling a variety of Learning Experiences for a wide range of institutions from medical and nursing schools to hospital systems and healthcare societies The company also released 30 new Learning Experiences on its InvolveXR platform enabling instructors to create several of their own. Lumeto is the only healthcare simulation company to make it to Deloitte’s Fast 50 (Canada) and Fast 500 (North America). Join the Lumeto team at Booth 725 at IMSH 2023 for an interactive demo.

The Debriefing Academy

Join The Debriefing Academy for the Clinical Debriefer Course (Virtual Edition) in 2023. This course will offer advanced strategies and tools to design, implement, and evaluate a clinical debriefing program. The immersive course will also guide learners through the steps required to transform their clinical debriefings into vehicles of change within their clinical units. Visit the company’s website to register early, as there are limited spots available.

Booth 947

WorldPoint, the first distributor for the American Heart Association, recently took the company’s mission-based approach to CPR training and improving outcomes and developed the industry’s first-ever 3-in-1 CPR training manikin. The first of its kind, CPR Taylor is the first all-in-one CPR training manikin that provides simulation training on an adult female, adult male, and child, and is fully AHA-compliant. In addition, Baby Tyler is an infant manikin, lifelike, and fully AHA-compliant. Recognizing the need for diversity, realism, representation, and inclusion in today’s healthcare training space, WorldPoint developed this line of high-quality, competitively priced, and diverse products to help improve outcomes from cardiac arrest around the globe. Shop CPR Taylor® and Baby Tyler® at WorldPoint.com. Coming soon to the MENA region! Meet the team at Arab Health 2023 to learn more.

IMSH 2023 Press Box, SimGeeks Interviews HealthySimulation.com Founder/CEO Lance Baily!

Limbs & Things
Booth 319

Bristol-based medical task trainer manufacturers Limbs & Things has been supplying the company’s birthing simulator to the David Nott Foundation to train doctors in war zones around the world for the past three years and has now helped the charity train over 1,080 medical staff in areas of conflict.

Booth 511

Get a first look at the Ultrasound Pericardiocentesis Trainer at Booth 511! Simulab is excited to bring new products to IMSH 2023, including the new Ultrasound Pericardiocentesis Trainer. Simulab’s new Ultrasound-Guided Pericardiocentesis Trainer is a highly realistic simulator that allows for the training of the procedure under ultrasound. Learners can practice needle and catheter insertion into the pericardial space and drain the pericardial fluid. In addition, Simulab has developed a breast accessory for the TraumaMan System, that adds a new layer of realism in training chest tube procedures.

Booth 541

A new partnership has been established between Wallcur and Remedy Simulation Group. Wallcur is now the exclusive distributor for Remedy. Wendy LaGrange will become the Chairperson of the SSH Corporate Roundtable Executive Committee. That position also means that she will be on the SSH Board of Directors. Wallcur will be hosting the Learning Lab presentation “Wallcur’s Simulated Medications and Task Trainers working hand-in-hand” on Tuesday, January 24 from 10 to 11 AM in Room 220C.

Booth 871

GigXR will release its newest HoloScenarios module in collaboration with Morlen Health, a subsidiary of Northwest Permanent PC, to provide basic life support training using hyper-realistic, holographic patient scenarios, and medical equipment. Delivered by GigXR’s Immersive Learning Platform, recognized by Unity as the Most Innovative Clinical Simulation Platform, the release follows the Respiratory Module, co-created with the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation and selected by TIME Magazine as one of 2022’s Best Inventions, as well as partnerships with ANIMA RES and 3D4Medical to scale access and integration with leading 3D medical training applications.

Booth 525

SIMStation, the market leader for simulation AV systems in Europe and known for the company’s cutting-edge solutions, has founded its own U.S. Corporation and is now also taking off with full force in America. All three SIMStation Gen2 product lines, operated with the game-changing SIMStation Software 6.0 – are ready to test and try at booth #525.

Surgical Science
Booth 411

Surgical Science will have a SIM-center set up where attendees can experience our full simulator line. They will be able to perform procedures and experience great realism including new simulators and content, delivering deliberate training to even more medical specialties such as pediatrics, veterinary medicine, and trauma care. The company will also host the presentation, “IMSH Learning Lab: Proficiency-Based Training – Newly Available Tools,” presented by Gilat Noiman, on Monday, January 23 #220D at 10 a.m. In this lab Noiman will review a proficiency-based approach to hands-on training and assessment, addressing various virtual simulators all sharing a single training management system.

Booth 442

At IMSH 2023, Noldus will display the company’s latest innovations and tools for facilitating and improving healthcare simulation, including the powerful, easy-to-use, multi-room recording solution, Viso. Attendees will also be able to see Noldus’ newest all-in-one integrator, synchronizer, and data visualizer, NoldusHub, and the full line of flexible tools to match each simulationist’s unique needs. This is so that they can observe trainees in a natural and unobtrusive setting.

Booth 300

Visit the Gaumard booth at IMSH 2023 for the launch of our newest simulation solutions. This is attendees’ chance to demo the company’s revolutionary HAL S5301. The Gaumard team of product specialists will be there to answer questions and offer helpful consultation on how attendees can elevate their simulation program to the next level. In addition to visiting the company’s booth, Gaumard invites attendees to join the company for our in-person events and learning labs, where Gaurmard will share the company’s latest insights on simulation strategies and technology.

Intelligent Ultrasound
Booth 333

The year 2022 was busy for Intelligent Ultrasound as the “classroom to clinic” company launched a number of innovative updates to its already successful platforms. One of these was NeedleTrainer 2 – making the product’s ‘first in kind’ technology even more accessible to healthcare professionals. Attendees can see NeedleTrainer live in action at IMSH – in the meantime, here is more information. Visit the Intelligent Ultrasound booth at IMSH 2023 and discover the latest innovations in ultrasound simulation and medical training. The team will be ready to take attendees through the latest technology making ultrasound easier to learn and simpler to use.

3B Scientific
Booth 311

Stop by booth #311 to explore 3B Scientific’s family of medical education brands and award-winning simulation products. 3B Scientific will also be hosting the Learning Lab presentation “Sparking the Mind: Ideas for Getting the Brain Prepped for Learning” on Monday, January 23 from 10 to 11 AM in Room 220E. The presentation is designed to:

  • Foster a learning environment that continues outside the classroom
  • Design and build effective precourse work for students
  • Engage students before in-person sessions

Booth 945

At IMSH 2023, attendees will get the opportunity to meet Stratasys’ team of experts and get “hands-on” with Stratasys’ latest medical 3D printing offerings. The company’s solutions provide:

  • Proven anatomical realism with 3D printed models.
  • Functional models for testing and training, on-demand
  • Cost-effective solutions for custom or patient-specific models
  • Simulation of complex pathologies, recreate surgeries for training

The MammaCare Foundation
Booth 351

IMSH 2023 attendees can visit the MammaCare booth to learn more about the company’s online courses that teach learners to perform the recognized standard for clinical breast examination, widely known as the MammaCare Method.

Booth 122

At IMSH 2023, MedAffinity will be showcasing the company’s latest cutting-edge developments. MedAffinity will provide an overview of how the company’s software shines in these three areas and how these features interact to provide the most versatile, robust educational EHR in the game.

Sira Medical
Booth 855

Sira Medical is developing augmented reality software to help with education, training, and pre-surgical planning. The company’s models are patient-specific and crafted from the same data used to generate a conventional CT scan or MRI, making them far superior to images generated by medical illustrators when it comes to anatomical clarity and fidelity. Stop by Sira Medical’s booth to see how the company can deliver a 140-model library through mobile devices or head-mounted devices such as HoloLens.

Inovus Medical
Booth 735

At IMSH 2023, Dr. David Rawaf, Surgeon and Clinical Excellence Lead at Inovus Medical, will be presenting two Learning Labs and one presentation. The first Learning Lab will take place on Tuesday, January 24 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Room 220D, titled “Totum – The Digital Training Platform.” The second Learning Lab, “LapAR – an Augmented Reality Approach to laparoscopic Surgical Training,” will be held on Tuesday, January 24 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Room 220E. His presentation, “Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Technology-based, and Procedural Skills,” will be held on Wednesday, January 25 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Room 310H. At the company’s booth, attendees can experience the accredited digital platform powering an evolving ecosystem of simulation.

Booth 1066

MedicFX is proud to offer a wide range of realistic silicone simulation products that are being used all over the world and receiving rave reviews. At the company’s IMSH 2023 booth, attendees will have the opportunity to see MedicFX’s latest models, discuss custom requirements, and even try out some of the company’s operable devices for themselves. Plus, attendees will be able to cuddle MedicFX’s adorable baby models, take a closer look at the company’s impressive range of facial overlays, and discover how realistic simulation models don’t have to cost a fortune.

Sectra Medical Education
Booth 640

At IMSH 2023, Sectra Medical Education will showcase the Sectra Education Portal, the company’s cloud-based educational platform. With the full strength of the Sectra portfolio, Sectra Education Portal includes advanced digital tools, real patient cases, and segmented cadaveric data — everything users need to set up realistic PBL scenarios for a more learner-centered teaching methodology. Learners will be able to fully interact with clinical images to propose both diagnosis and treatment.

Paradigm Medical Systems
Booth 440

Join Paradign Medical Systems in the exhibit hall to experience remarkable tactile realism with the Sophie and Her Mum Full Birth Obstetric Trainer, Lucy, and Her Mum Instrumental Delivery Trainer, and the rest of the company’s MODEL-med simulators to see how these unique task trainers transform traditional and remote learning scenarios.

Booth 840

Kitware will be present at IMSH 2023 to discuss the company’s developing custom solutions for medical simulation using computational physiology, biomechanical models for surgical simulation, and medical image processing and visualization. Kitware is well known for the company’s open-source tools, including those focused on medical modeling and simulation. Our tools make it easy to include patient physiology in your simulations, rapidly prototype surgical simulation, process and analyze medical images, and incorporate the latest AI algorithms into your simulation tools.

Booth 225

With a library of 250+ cases, 300+ functioning tools, and 100+ virtual patients, SimX is revolutionizing the medical training industry. Visit the company’s booth to learn how SimX completely customized cases, powerful moderating tools, and highly realistic encounters (no drop-downs or menus), prepares doctors, nurses, and first responders for when virtual become reality.

Intelligent Video Solutions

IVS developed ROAM: Camera Cart for flexible recording in simulation. Users can move the ergonomic cart to any room, stream and record audio and video, and provide live feedback to simulation participants all with ROAM: Camera Cart.

Psychology Software Tools

RadSim MRI Simulators provide realistic approximations of MRI scanners to allow the training of staff and acclimation of patients in a controlled environment for a fraction of the cost of access to a real scanner. Psychology Software Tools’ new Encore MRI Simulator with an integrated laser positioning crosshair, finer table movements, emergency stop, and a patient squeeze ball is ideal for simulation centers.

Other IMSH 2023 Vendors that will be in attendance include:

  • Ford AV (Booth 646)
  • eTrainETC (Booth 469)
  • VitalsBridge 4 (Booth 350)
  • 3-Dmed (Booth 551)
  • Gordon Center (Booth 419)
  • IVIR (Booth 349)
  • Nurse-Skills (Booth 120)

More About IMSH

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is a scientific conference that explores the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare simulation. IMSH provides the tools and resources healthcare professionals need to advance their skills, impact change in delivery systems and practice, and, ultimately, improve patient safety.

Now in its 23rd year, the in-person event, along with a virtual IMSH Delivers, will offer hundreds of industry-leading presentations, cementing the event’s place as the world’s premier healthcare simulation education learning event. In recognition of the many milestones the healthcare simulation industry has achieved, the IMSH 2023 Planning Team chose the content theme, “A Standard of Excellence.”

SSH states: “Chasing excellence requires effort and determination for groups or individuals who are obsessed with continuing to set a new standard. We all must take up the challenge of disrupting the status quo and continuing to strive to reach the next level. As a community, we reflect on the work of the past to set the tone for continued exploration in the field of healthcare simulation. Our challenge to never settle is a call to action for each individual to make the future of simulation one that you would be proud to set.”

Plan ahead: IMSH 2024 will be held from January 20 to January 24, 2024 in San Diego, California.

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