Practi-Meds is a line of simulated medication products owned by Wallcur, which is a simulated medications and practi-products company that specializes in high-quality practice medications for all professional healthcare educators. Wallcur provides simulation solutions, such as the Practi-Meds line, to help create learning opportunities for Nurses, Pharmacists, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), medical corps professionals and other allied health program trainees around the world.

Founded in 1972 in San Diego, California, Wallcur is a certified, female-owned small business. The company’s mission has remained to provide ideas and products that both stimulate and simulate clinical learning in a safe, nonclinical environment. Today, with continued educator feedback as well as collaborative research and design, Wallcur has upheld the original company mission, which is to provide the most up-to-date, realistic and cost-effective simulated clinical practice available, including the Practi-Meds line.

Through the company’s efforts to help learners become the most confident, competent and ready practitioners, Wallcur and the Practi-Meds line have continued to teach future nurses the skills and knowledge they need using an innovative approach to learning. The company is committed to staying current and uses clinical simulation as a broad approach by which learners can enhance their ability to treat patients in simulation centers, educational settings and through networking with other professionals and educators.

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Demonstrating Wallcur’s effectiveness and efficiency, products such as the Practi-Oral Med Pack are known for their national acceptance as one of the safest, high-quality approved simulation aids available for standard oral medication administration practice. These simulated medications are packaged in either blister or cellophane to closely match institutions nationwide.

The hands-on practice provided through Practi-Meds use includes reading drug labels, calculating normal dosages and determining drug actions and side effects and opening and pouring meds from a variety of unit dosage packaging. Practicing all of these skills are extremely important as they are frequently relied upon in real-life healthcare settings and situations.

These simulated medications further teach learners what they need to know about breaking scored tablets, reconstituting powdered medication, asepsis while preparing, pouring and administration and practicing the Six Rights of administration. The Six Rights of administration are to identify the right patient, verify the right medication, verify the indication for use, calculate the right dose, make sure the administration of the dose is being given at the correct time and to check and ensure the right route. All of these rights are able to be simulated through Wallcur’s Practi-Meds products.

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Another example of how a Practi-Meds product can truly enhance a healthcare learner’s ability to perform and administer medication in real-world scenarios comes in the form of the Practi-Vial, which is 10 milliliters of sterile distilled water. This simulated medication teaches learners the sterile techniques of vial handling, air replacement, dosage aspiration and needle withdrawal.

The Practi-Vials can be used alone or in conjunction with powder vials to simulate antibiotic reconstitution. The vials are also safe for use with health simulation manikins. By using Practi-Vials in healthcare simulation education and within simulation centers, instructors and educators can watch as their learners’ confidence and competency increase as they master the fundamentals involved in sterile vial handling and overall medication administration.

Further, Wallcur’s Practi-Meds can integrate with electronic charting systems like EHR Tutor to create a realistic simulation environment. EHR Tutor’s prebuilt patients can be edited for simulating patient scenarios from scratch, allowing students to assess, view and review the patient’s condition and orders beforehand. This helps save educators time and money, while allowing learners to get physically familiarized with performing each step of the medication administration process, including scanning and recording medication.

Helping to spread the Wallcur mission and the use of Practi-Meds simulated medications for training, the company’s products have been presented at a variety of healthcare simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM and IMSH from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

Practi-Meds Healthcare Simulation Products

As Wallcur’s Practi-Meds are a product line specifically providing practice medication for unit dosages, reconstitution for intravenous, ampule and vial handling, injection techniques and more, the line comprises a variety of products. Practi-Meds medication line’s true-to-life realistic design creates a safe and authentic practice that is easily integrated into any new or existing healthcare curriculum.

For example, Heparin, an anticoagulant, is one of the most commonly miscalculated drugs. Wallcur’s Practi Heparin Vials and Teaching Module can be used to teach learners a variety of Heparin dosage calculations, measurement and administration skills safely.

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Practi-Meds Long-Term Care Cards are packs of simulated medication designed to teach learners how to administer oral medication to chronic long-term patients. These kits come with three simulated medications, and the packaging is similar to what is currently seen and available in a variety of long-term care facilities. These facilities often utilize large rolling medication carts containing hundreds of medication punch cards.

Each of Wallcur’s Practi-Meds Long-Term Cards come filled with 31 safe Practi-Med capsules and a blank label for learners to use to simulate a drug of choice. By simulating the use of these medications before using them to treat patients directly, learners can come to understand the basics of administering medication through the Practi-Meds Long Term Care Cards in respective simulated lab environments.

Practi accessories available for purchase include Practi-simulated urine, the Phokus Wound Cube Gen2 Simulator, a Practi insulin pen trainer, Practi Salbutamol nebules, Practi-SimSkin, a Practi nasal med trainer, Practi-Ipratropium Bromide nebules, Practi suppositories, the Practi-Bio patch and a Practi suture/staple removal pad.

It’s important to note that pill types included in the Practi-Meds Long-Term Cards packs are subject to change without notice, and the simulated medication is not for human or animal consumption. The pills are for training purposes only.

Wallcur sells Practi-Meds products direct to educational/training institutions, as well as through distribution, domestically and internationally. Additionally, Wallcur is known for providing superior customer service and guarantees customer satisfaction. The company offers a 30-day return policy to ensure that each product meets the needs and expectations of all customers. Wallcur will process all orders within seven business days.

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