Avkin is a manufacturer of wearable devices for use in healthcare simulations and is a consultant for standardized patient programs. ​​Founded by a nurse educator, Avkin provides a simulation solution that combines the best of high-fidelity mannequins and the realism of standardized patients for the most authentic healthcare simulation experience possible. The company believes that the key to success in patient-centered care is practitioner training through realistic healthcare simulations and that human interaction is irreplaceable in clinical education.

Rooted in the Latin words, “Akin” and “Vera,” Avkin is the combination of the two. With Akin meaning ‘of similar character,’ and vera meaning ‘truth,’ our goal has always been to create the best quality products that allow for education to be ‘of similar character’ and ‘true’ to what the learners will experience in real life.

Amy Cowperthwait was hired by the University of Delaware as a nursing simulationist. While working in the lab with manikins, the focus of the day was a tracheostomy simulation. The learners walked in and said “Hi, Mr. Jones. What is your name and date of birth?” Cowperthwait didn’t respond, as tracheostomy patients are typically nonverbal. The learners looked at the lifeless manikin, said “Oh my goodness, he’s dead!” and began chest compressions. While watching the learners try to save the manikin, Cowperthwait sat in the control room wondering how they got to chest compressions when the patient just needed to be suctioned. Realizing that a human element was needed to properly educate her students, Amy started thinking of an overlay that someone could wear to give appropriate, real-life responses.

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Today, Avkin’s sensor-enabled, wearable technology uses haptic feedback to enable a new class of medical simulation training that teaches both the art (soft skills) and science (hard skills) required from practitioners like doctors, nurses, and first responders. What sets the company apart from competitors is that they add a realistic backstory focused on empathy so that users can bring medical simulations to life.

Often, building a simulated participant program without guidance can lead to wasted time and resources. Avkin wants to ensure that simulationists can develop their programs to last. To do this, Avkin specializes in cognitive and affective learning domains including psychiatric, diversity, pediatrics, maternity, patient teaching, community nursing, primary care, pharmacology and interprofessional.

Avkin Wearable Technology

Avtrach: The Avtrach is a fully immersive medical simulation experience designed around a simulated tracheostomy patient. Through utilizing the patented chest overlay system, participants will gain clinical confidence and communications skills during the best simulation in healthcare education possible for tracheal simulation. Coupled with a number of Avkin nursing simulations, the Avtrach allows for early and advanced learners to expedite and increase the significance of their learning experience, saving educators time and resources. The Avtrach paired with a standardized patient combines the best alternative to medical manikins with the highest fidelity learning opportunities.

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Avstick: For learners looking for the most realistic IV trainer, the Avstick is the solution. The Avstick leaves no trace after needle insertion with Smart Skin technology, offering a realistic puncture on the first stick and every stick thereafter. With the patent-pending circulating system, users will experience the highest fidelity simulation, including flashes upon insertion and realistic reactions from standardized patients. In addition, the Avstick offers easy vein replacement, mold-resistant blood, and easy transportability – allowing the simulation lab to be an ambulance, classroom, or outdoors.

Avline: The Avline reimagines the standard of medical simulation training for central venous access. By pairing the Avline with Avkin simulations, learners will have the ability to practice a range of procedures, including CVC infusion and care and port infusion, access, and de-access. Haptic sensors cue standardized patients to respond when a needle is inserted into the port and pressure is put on the surgical site. With realistic heart sounds, the learner can do a full assessment before providing care. The Avline delivers the best high-fidelity patient experience for central venous education. This new standard in wearable simulation technology is the top alternative to medical manikins for simulation in healthcare education and perfect for those looking to avoid the high-fidelity manikin cost.

Avtone: The Avtone is the best high-fidelity product in the auscultation medical simulation market. Speakers play real patient heart and lung sounds, so learners gain a realistic simulated learning experience. Students use their own stethoscope to identify landmarks and assess standardized patients in real-time. The ability to control the simulator with an IOS/ Android app connected via Bluetooth offers simulation lab leaders the ability to take full advantage of this wearable simulation technology. Additionally, Avtone is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take from the clinic to the classroom and the best alternative to medical manikins.

Avcath: The Avcath offers the best high-fidelity simulation in medical education for male and female urinary catheterization. A non-obvious urethra in the female model ensures proper hand placement during catheterization. The male model is circumcised or uncircumcised, depending on your level of learner. Each model cues the patient to respond to the care being provided. Reinforcing best practices, the Avcath can be bladder scanned, palpated, and betadine and lubricant can be used on this product. The Avcath is a perfect alternative to medical training manikins in healthcare education. In combination with Avkin scenarios and standardized patients, the Avcath provides your catheter solution for high-fidelity simulation training in nursing education.

Avthor: An alternative to medical manikins and a unique tool for simulation in medical education, the Avthor is the only wearable intrathoracic chest tube for simulation in healthcare education on the market to teach chest tube management and care. With a standardized patient wearing the device during simulation, students will practice the movement of the patient and critical communication skills. In addition to having the ability to hook up to a pleurovac, the Avthor provides the best high-fidelity medical simulation for patient care that includes: tidaling and fluctuation, blood release, air leak, high intrathoracic pressure, and the ability to assess for crepitus. Coupled with the transport simulation unit, the Avthor chest tube simulator can enhance training opportunities with wearable medical technology for any simulation learning experience.

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Avwound: The Avwound is the latest advancement in wound care simulation and wearable simulation technology. Combined with standardized patients, the realistic skin blanching will give your learners a complete understanding of wound mechanics and how to properly assess and treat infections of wounds. With the ability to adjust the device to multiple locations on the body and practice on all four stages of pressure wounds, learners will be exposed to the broadest possible range of wound care scenarios.

When pairing the Avwound with the Avkin App for ease of use, you will have complete control over an advanced fluidics system, which will become apparent as the learner drains the wound and documents what they are seeing. The haptic feedback cues the simulated participant to react to the painful experience, offering a true-to-life response to cleaning and repacking wounds. Quite simply, the Avwound is your partner in teaching the empathetic approach to managing wounds at the bedside, providing an experience even the best high-fidelity manikin can’t create.

Avband: Healthcare simulation education has never been safer! The Avband is your solution to ensuring a safe standardized-patient simulation. With the ability to use in psych simulations and pair with your existing Avkin devices, the Avband connects seamlessly with the Avkin app. With an emphasis on safety and customization, your standardized patients will have a direct line to the control room to ensure their safety is maintained or that the simulation is moving forward as directed. In addition, the Avband has fully customizable lights and vibrations that can be adjusted based on simulation needs and make the perfect complement to your Avkin devices. High-fidelity simulation using wearable simulation technology is a safe and proven alternative to medical manikins.

Virtual Simulated Participant Solution

Avkin’s clinical replacement solution provides access to live patient interactions over video conferences. The company writes a new simulation or modifies an existing one tailored to your institution’s needs. Using Avkin’s standardized patients saves you time and money. Through the virtual simulated participant solution, participants receive custom clinical simulations specific to their curriculum. This includes guidelines for clinical/simulation faculty, high-quality patients ready for healthcare simulation, feedback from the patients’ perspective, and happy and engaged learners. Learn more about Avkin on the company’s website or read the articles below.

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