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IMSH 2023 Vendor Demos: Avkin, TacMed Solutions, Surgical Science, sim2grow, Echo Healthcare, and Nasco Healthcare continues its #IMSH2023 exhibit floor coverage today with even more demonstrations from medical simulation companies Avkin, TacMed Solutions, Surgical Science, sim2grow, Echo Healthcare, and Nasco Healthcare. These videos are great ways to quickly see the latest innovations from leading healthcare simulation companies, including new advances in birthing simulation, adolescent simulators, trauma simulators, immersive room simulators, surgical simulators, VR simulators, medical simulation program management systems, online courses, geriatric simulators, medication administration simulators and more!  Grab some popcorn and let the IMSH exhibit hall come to you via these exclusive demonstrations. The previous video demonstrations by CAE Healthcare, EMS, Laerdal, SimX, Sentinel U and Medical Shipment are available in the IMSH 2023 Video Demos Part 1 article, and stay tuned for Part 3!


    Megan Weldon, CHSE, Director of Education and Marketing at Avkin, provided a special demonstration of the AvBirth birthing simulator system. The tour started with “loading up the placenta, which is super realistic so that we can actually give birth to a placenta after the birth happens.” She then showed us the realistic umbilical cord which learners can cut this after the birth, with multiple replacements provided for multiple first cut learning opportunities.

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    Amy informed us that the system only takes on average 2 minutes to reload the baby in-between simulation experiences. “So the AvBirth wearable simulator is wireless and tether-less, so that your Simulated Patient is actually able to walk around, she can get her out of bed, she can birth in multiple positions. If you wanna turn her on her left side, on her right side, you can move her around to adjust for that. You can also have her water break at any moment, all of which is controlled through Bluetooth, not requiring a wifi connection. Learners can also even check the dilation in real time!” Amy finalized by saying “Everything here at Avkin is for standardized patients (simulated patients), meaning wearable overlay that she can move around in, providing students the opportunity to practice communication, empathy and the high-fidelity of healthcare simulation.”

    TacMed Solutions

    Will Wennberg, CEO at Tactical Medical Solutions, told us that “at TacMed Solutions our mission is to minimize preventable death and improve survivability, which we do through a very unique and deep product portfolio where we train with these simulation manikins as well as provide other products such as tourniquets, which you can see Dr. Dan putting on the manikin now, and other material solutions to improve medical outcomes.” He continued “with out manikins you can see here with our full body system, you can see the traumatic injury, and although these manikins were designed for point of injury for the military market, whats important to understand is that they can be used in a multitude of other situations for many other users, such as First Responders, clinical market, or the immediate bystander.”

    Will reminded us that “if a body is traumatized, its going to respond the same, whether thats from a gun shot wound, or from an explosive ordinance or a car accident, and so with our manikins you have the ability to train you have the ability all different types of traumatic injuries from burns, gun shot wounds, loss of limbs and more.” Of course, you can provide medical interventions and the manikins respond accordingly, and whats unique about our manikins is that they are extremely robust, rugged, and are the right level of fidelity giving the learner exactly what they need to simulate medical trauma and how a body will respond to medical intervention”. Highlighting the flexibility of their manikin range, Will showcased how modular the simulator can be, with different types of limbs, wounds or other traumatic injuries which are all available specifically to your department’s need, “so these manikins are not just for the warfighter, but for anyone trying to educate and train for trauma injuries.” Finally, Will shared more about their K9 Simulator Diesel, and explained the importance for military and police departments to train for K9 unit trauma at every level of the care system.

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    Surgical Science

    Guy Benisty, International Sales Support Manager at Surgical Science shared “Today at #IMSH2023 we are showing off several of our surgical simulators, but starting with our new TraumaVR, which is a brand new simulator that we are introducing here for the first time, where the users first responds and emergency doctors can actually get a hands-on trial of upper airway intubation, in both field and hospital settings.” Next Guy showed us the ARTHRO Mentor, enabling doctors to practice on a wide range of orthopedic procedures including with a shoulder, hip and knee, followed by a demonstration of the ROBOTIX Mentor, the only VR training simulator to provide a comprehensive curriculum including complete robotic clinical procedures with true-to-life graphics and tissue behavior.

    Following this, Guy introduced us to the PELVIC Mentor, which enables for clinical education in pelvic anatomy and to acquire the comprehensive skills required to perform pelvic exams. Guy reminded us that such pelvic skills can be a blind procedure, so its a very difficult skill to acquire because they cannot see what they are touching, and so the device comes with a wide range of uteruses to represent a multitude of patient diagnoses. Guy also covered the U/S Mentor Ultrasound Simulator via its new pediatric patient manikin, offering realistic training needed to perform and interpret pediatric ultrasound imaging with a growing library of modules, followed by additional U/S Mentor patient hardware for a variety of other patient demographics such as OB/Gyn and TEE.

    UPMC’s WISER Sim Center

    At the UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research (WISER) booth, Director Paul Phrampus, MD introduced us to the services and resources available from one of the leading clinical simulation centers in the world. Dr. Phrampus introduced the WISER Academy with online and in-person courses including the world famous iSIM faculty development course, the TechSim simulation technician online course, and more. The iSIM courses are designed as an introduction to fundamental skills and abilities for delivering simulation-based healthcare education through a variety of techniques and technologies.

    Next, Dr. Phrampus introduced their Fellowship program, a large visiting scholar program in which people can come to WISER ranging from short duration attachments from 1-3 months to Fellowships that go up to two years in duration, allowing a simulation champion to go from where they are to the level of expertise they desire while working in a world-class simulation program accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in teaching and assessment, research systems, integration and fellowship programs.

    Finally, Dr. Phrampus was excited to share about the most recent version of their SIMS 3.0 system, which stands for the Simulation Information Management System. Dr. Phrampus shared that SIMS 3.0 is total solution for capturing all the data needed to run the operations, administration and curriculum sides of your simulation program. This includes room bookings, navigations, calendars in multiple sites and multiple buildings, a comprehensive email system that allows communications to go between your operations staff, your administration staff, faculty members, and students for evaluations. Dr. Phrampus shared that SIMS 3.0 “is all combined into one great package!”


    Kateri Gabriele, CEO and co-founder of simg2grow shared with us that she and her business partner are nurse educators who created a simulated medication administration training system, which takes students from the med room to the bedside in the whole process of administering medications. Kateri reminded us that “we all know that student nurses are very nervous when they’re passing medications, so providing a way for educators to quickly provide meaningful learning opportunities at scale is important. Reseting our simulated med station is extremely simple so that the next learner can quickly start their training scenario, so you can have students practicing repeatedly, one after the next in the medication administration process.”

    Kateri shared that “the lot number on the medication tag is the pocket that the student will put it back into, so you can have the students reset the system themselves, you don’t have to wait for the faculty to readjust the inventory for the med station. She also shared that “we have several downloadable medication administration resources that were recently featured on, and we would welcome you to download those and test out these medication administration tools for yourself! sim2grow is a very affordable way for medication administration training, with tools that fit every budget”.

    Echo Healthcare

    CEO Kevin King toured us the Echo Healthcare booth at IMSH 2023, the fifth time the company has attended the event citing the team’s excitement for the highest attendance at the event ever. Kevin started by introducing the “Second Skin, a product that’s been completely developed in-house by our skilled technicians based on a need that was demonstrated by our customers, which is a more realistic skin that is placed on top of an existing Laerdal SimMan3G manikin”. Highlighting the face mask, Kevin pointed out the increased realism of portraying a stroke patient, reminding us that “none of the original functionality of the manikin has been taken away with the use of these overlay skins”.

    The next product Kevin introduced us to is the “Immersive Interactive platform, software driven, hardware enabled solution, which is a virtual environment where we’re actually creating that suspension of disbelief by replicating real environments, for example we are on the inside of an ambulance right now.” Kevin shared that the potential went far beyond simulated environment, highlights a cardiac monitor or other stimuli which could be added to any wall, including smells! Kevin shared the Immersive Interactive tool already has thousands of cases ranging from medical clinics to the austere environment, the military environment, as well as ambulance, pre-hospital care and fire departments as well. The system is backed up with comprehensive training, 360 camera for capturing your own environments, and ongoing support all around the world. Kevin also introduced a new partnership of airway task trainers from 7-Sigma.

    Nasco Healthcare

    Peter Marotta, Senior Clinical Simulation Educator at Nasco Healthcare, started the tour by introducing the “Dani, a manikin available in multiple skin tones which can cover an age range from 17 to 35 which provides clinical educators the opportunity to teach sexual abuse, drug addiction on top of standard manikin training features like CPR, blood pressures, auscultations, and more”. Next, Peter introduced us to the “new fetal monitor system for the Lucy manikin, a mainstay for OB delivery training, giving educators the capacity to do emergency care on the mother and the delivery of the fetus, and all in an easy to manage lightweight system”. Finally, Peter introduced us to Terry, the “Grandmother of Dani, which has a high-fidelity skin, and a number of key features of a geriatric manikin including an ALS capable airway, nursing procedures from G tubes to colostomies, catheterizations, IVs, CPR feedback, and more which only weighs 50 lbs so its a very light weight manikin to work with”.

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