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BT Inc. is a Korean company that develops medical simulation devices which are similar to the human body for various practice and evaluation purposes. The company is currently planning, developing and manufacturing various medical simulators and models. According to the BT Inc. website, the company’s desire is to “always do the best to create a better tomorrow” in the field of healthcare simulation.

BT Inc. plans to achieve this by simultaneously respecting and improving human life by leading biomedical engineering technology. Despite Korea’s relatively short history in the medical industry, BT Inc. has remained focused on expanding this important area of national industry, and is greatly contributing to the development of national economy. Led by Co-Chief Executive Officers, Park Yong ki and Yang Seung Jin, the company intends on becoming a global leader within the medical training material industry moving forward.

BT Inc manufactures two types of products: basic life support (BLS) and skill trainers. BLS products include advanced basic life support, BLS training programs, self-training cardiopulmonary resuscitation and smart-training CPR/airway. Skill trainers include blood pressure and pulse, intravenous arms, intramuscular buttocks, catheterization, enema, tube feeding, subcutaneous injection and intradermal injection. BT Inc. is certainly among the top global vendors in simulated healthcare technologies.

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Basic Life Support Products

Under the listed BLS products, the Advanced CPR Simulator (BT-CPEA) comes with the Rodam program that is dedicated to BLS education with expertise and efficiency. Special features of Rodam for lifelike education include an electric shock (defibrillator/AED), over compression, anatomical ribs, automatic chest rising, bluetooth connection, pupil, pulse and metronome. The product also includes a main display, edit function, editable CPR guideline and results and debriefings. Result files can be saved and printed out with detailed information regarding chest compression and ventilation. The result files can be exported to Excel format as well.

Next, the BLS Training Simulator (BT-CPTA) helps learners maximize their BLS training through feedback from a tablet. The tablet itself comes with a user-friendly, easy-to-use software, and is able to display the feedback directly by using the resulting data. Checklist items that are provided by the tablet include responsiveness, breathing, call for SOS, pulse check, call for AED, electric shock, airway opening and hyper-extension. After training, the results can be used for the debriefing and it helps trainees to learn a better CPR technique.

The Self-training CPR model (SHERPA: BT-SEEM) introduces the new concept of CPR training through detailed information about chest compression. The product is being displayed through the LED screen at the abdomen, and helps maximize the educational effect with the feedback function by using a compression guide at the abdomen. This occurs through over-compression, airway opening, incomplete recoil and AED training.

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Then, the SMART CPR Training Model (BT-SEEM2) provides trainee and trainer satisfaction at the same time. Sherpa X is designed to motivate the trainees to participate in the training by themselves, and is a smart learning assistant allowing them to experience various modes. Other product features include feedback in real-time, game-mode, multi-connection and editable guidelines. Guidelines can be easily edited according to the curriculum, and three presets can be saved. With an intuitive platform that anyone can use, the products makes possible connecting up to six manikins at the same time. This is great for group training.

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The last of the BLS products is the Airway Management Simulator (BT-CSIE) can be used to evaluate the intubation depth and accuracy through a tablet. The trainee’s training results can be objectively reviewed using the results after the training. Features of the product itself include a head tilt, jaw thrust maneuver, sniffing position, force on incisor, tube positioning, lift epiglottis, chest rising and gastric inflation. Glanceable results of the training can be saved and printed.

Skill Trainer Products

In terms of skill trainers, the B.P/Pulse Assessment Simulator (BT-CEAB2) offers various cases of disease, with an exact evaluation about the training. Extensive training and the precise evaluation after training are offered with diverse cases. And the difficulty of the training can be selected by adjusting the setting of related items. The importance of each evaluation item can be changed by adjusting the score of each item. At the end, effective debriefing with summary and details of the results can be saved and printed.

Next, the Intramuscular Injection Simulator : BT-CSIM1 offers precise results according to the injection site and depth. Ventrogluteal/dorsogluteal sites can be practiced at both sides of the buttocks, and accurate feedback about the injection site and depth is offered. The Intramuscular Injection Trainer : BT-CSIM-T can also be used to check the exact injection site and injection depths. This product model is composed of epidermis layer, muscular layer and skeletal frame, and the skin is made of soft silicon that leaves no needle marks with self-healing system. The touch and feeling of the model is similar to that of human skin.

The Intravenous Injection Training Arm Model – Adult (BT-CSIV1, BT-CSIV2) comes with a left arm manikin, skin pad, circulation pump, arm holder, simulated blood, power adapter and storage case. Alternatively, the Intravenous Injection Training arm Model – Infants (BT-CSIV-I) comes with similar components but represents either a 1-year-old for a 3-year-old. Then, the Intravenous Injection Training Model (BT-CSIV-S) offers practice with injections and drawing blood on a Basilic vein, Cephalic vein and Median cubital vein.

BT Inc. further products both male and female catheterization simulators. A lifelike buttocks model with realistic positions with patient in clinical situations can assist with training in artificial feces (insertion and removal) and glycerin enema. The tube feeding and tracheostomy care and suction training model (BT-CSIS) provides realistic training on oral and nasal feeding tube injection with anatomically correct structures.

Overall, all of these products are designed to offer guidance and support when learning specific training measures. The goal is that after working with BT Inc. simulation products, trainees will feel more confident and capable to perform tasks and procedures in clinical environments on their own.

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