GIGXR is a SaaS platform that delivers extended reality (XR) healthcare simulation applications for learning environments, higher education institutions, and enterprise facilities. The company offers an energetic training solution using Augmented Reality (AR) by creating innovative clinical simulation applications to solve perennial problems around visualization and 3D understanding.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Los Angeles, GIGXR has harnessed a proven track record for recognizing key problems in education and training, and unlocking the potential of XR in simulation technologies to solve them. The company’s holographic applications and immersive learning platform have been built on years of pedagogical research. Adding to their credibility, they were developed by a team of experts and thought leaders in the fields of mixed reality learning, education technology, science, digital content, artificial intelligence (AI in simulation) and startup technology.

Within GIGXR’s first year of operation, the company acquired mixed reality and immersive learning assets from Pearson PLC, the largest education publisher in the world. This expansion was initiated so that GIGXR could include a growing catalog of healthcare and enterprise training applications in partnership with Microsoft under the brand name. The training applications they acquired can help to supplement curricula for some of the most prevalent and intractable learning and education challenges.

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To showcase the learning potential through use of the company’s training applications, GIGXR has presented the solutions at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

GIGXR Healthcare Simulation Learning Platform

Referred to by GIGXR as an “extended reality in the cloud,” the company delivers an immersive learning platform through a growing catolog of mixed reality applications. With robust instructor-led capabilities, this ecosystem drives rich and enticing education and training experiences that enhance and improve learning outcomes. By helping learners to be better prepared for experiences they may encounter in the field, GIGXR is further improving patient safety.

To prove the best learning scenarios, each GIGXR solution is led by instructors and can be utilized at any location where learners are present. Learners can also be co-located in a classroom or working remotely to engage with a 3D application. In these learning environments, including healthcare simulation centers (simulation centres), 3D simulation learning experiences are available across multiple devices. If working remotely, learners are able to join mixed-reality sessions with other learners through these devices as well.

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Learners can access GIGXR application sessions on mixed reality headsets or through phones and tablets for 3D and 2.5D training experiences. The application includes a holographic content management system and instructor session planning, content creation, tracking, and reporting capabilities. In addition, the application prioritizes security through the incorporation of user authentication, privacy settings, and a safe and secure networking platform. Further, GIGXR applications come with a license, user, device and application tracking and application programming interfaces.

GIGXR Learning Education Applications

The company’s flagship applications, HoloPatient and HoloHuman, are used to help educators facilitate clinical skills practice and anatomy learning. Designed to simulate, enhance and extend already existing pedagogical approaches, GIGXR’s training applications support active and collaborative learning, along with visualisation of 3D in simulation concepts.

Connected and powered by GIGXR’s proprietary management platform, these healthcare simulation applications provide the ultimate visual tools for education and training in the fields of medical, nursing, health science, and anatomy. They are ideal training resources for schools in higher education, vocational education, hospitals, industry, government, and college preparation markets.

Revered nursing institutions can apply mixed reality immersive training to yield incredible results using GIGXR’s HoloPatient and HoloHuman teaching and training applications. The applications can be used to merge clinical simulations with theory, improve learner diagnosis, increase engagement, and provide safe-to-fail experiences.

HoloHuman is the world’s first 3D anatomy model created for immersive exploration. The solution provides a learner with the ability to interpret the depth and relative position of anatomical features through a virtual and visuospatial model. As Holohuman is a cost-effective and repeatable resource, education institutions and facilities can extend limited resources, such as cadavers, and encourage independent and detailed exploration of 3D anatomy.

Offering unprecedented insight into human anatomy, HoloHuman features and systems that are typically difficult or impossible to see in a cadaver are shown accurately in holographic 3D. The solution gives perspective on human body systems, including over 4,500 named and described anatomical structures to explore by system, layer, body region, or in isolation.

HoloPatient then offers learners 3D holographic video of actual standardized clinical patients. This 3D learning application is designed by GIGXR to motivate and engage learners while driving better learning outcomes. Through standardized practice with lifelike virtual patients, this application can replace expensive standardized patients with holograms that are standardized and collaboratively accessible anytime, anywhere.

The HoloPatient solution helps accelerate learning benchmarks by allowing learners to practice visual observation and assessment skills in an environment where the instructor is completely in control of the way the scenario unfolds. In real time, the educator will observe the same patient, consult with the learner, review supplemental information such as test results or charts, and discuss assessment and diagnosis. This methodology allows learners to focus on visual cues and data to gain insight into patient conditions and infer diagnoses and care based on evidence.

Within each application, there are two dashboards: one for instructors and one for learners, and they can communicate through notifications and an invitation manager solution. To ensure the application meets the needs of users, application pathologies and instructor content can all be customized.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, GIGXR’s holographic standardized patient application was offered for free for Hololens 2. The company is dedicated to providing safe, effective, true-to-life training for the front line, and therefore chose to make the “HoloPatient: COVID-19” application free for Microsoft HoloLens 2 users. The application includes photo-realistic, volumetric video of standardized patients and allows learners to recognize signs and symptoms of the illness. After they have achieved this, they can safely determine care and escalation planning for real-life treatment.

Groundbreaking HoloPatient: COVID-19 features include holographic simulations of symptoms through four stages of the coronavirus and hand-tracking range. This is so that learners can realistically move, reposition, and interact with holographic patients. The application provides access to vitals panel and patient information displays that show patient monitoring data. Other features are HoloPatient: COVID-19’s voiceover guidance, voice-command operations, and pause/repeat functionality.

In October 2020, GIGXR announced the launch of HoloPatient Remote and GIG Mobile for medical and nursing schools. Built for online and hybrid learning environments, these applications were designed to facilitate safe and socially distanced standardized patient simulation training while enabling real-time interaction, engagement and clinical assessment between students and instructors.

HoloPatient Remote is a mobile application for iOS and Android that extends the reach of HoloPatient beyond Microsoft HoloLens 2 devices. Highlights of this application include that the solution allows remote and / or socially distanced learner groups to connect with their instructor, who is wearing a Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset, using their iOS or Android device. HoloPatient Remote offers high-quality, real-life holographic standardized patients to be transported to a learner’s location during the session.

This remote solution allows learners to use the mixed reality features of their iOS or Android device to select a location in their room for the standardized patient to sit, stand or lie down for examination. Then, learners can independently walk around, examine and interact with the holographic patient while communicating with their instructor through VOIP. These learners are able to observe a wide variety of patient pathologies, conditions, and states of decline chosen and highlighted by the instructor for the session. This type of collaborative learning among a group of trainees facilitates highly effective learning outcomes.

The GIG Mobile is a native iOS and Android app developed to enable learners, instructors and administrators to interact with the GIG Immersive Learning System. Key features of this solution include that instructors can create a session template of content that is replicable and can be assigned to specific learner groups. Learners can join training sessions remotely for applications such as HoloPatient.

GIG Mobile additionally offers data collection around changes made by users made in a session, such as vital signs and remote labels that are placed in the scene. The solution can be accessed through a rapid and seamless QR code, and sessions can be launched by instructors and accessed by learners with one click of a button. Learn more on the GIGXR website or read these articles below.

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