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IMSH 2022 Vendor Demos: Remedy Simulation, Medical Shipment, Ingmar Medical, & GigXR

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH), this year’s International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) provided an opportunity for healthcare simulation champions from around the world to come together. IMSH 2022 remained a hybrid event as planned, taking place in person and virtually from January 15 to January 19, 2022, in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Along with more than 90 exhibitors and more than 1,200 registered simulationists, HealthySimulation.com was in attendance and had the opportunity to interview several leading vendors across the industry. Below are healthcare simulation interviews with Remedy Simulation Group, Medical Shipment, Ingmar Medical, and GigXR.

Remedy Simulation Group Showcases Clinical Skills Trainers at IMSH 2022: HealthySimulation.com interviewed David Szabo, President at Remedy Simulation about the company’s clinical skills task trainers and 3D printing services at IMSH 2022. He begins by showcasing Remedy Simulation Group’s custom products, which are developed specifically for physicians, schools, medical device companies, and more. Further, he explains the benefits of a number of company products, such as the recently launched veterinary skills trainer, Canine Hindlimb Advanced Model for Phlebotomy (CHAMP).

Remedy Simulation Group utilizes the best combination of old-school production methods and cutting-edge technology, providing solutions to the medical education community and beyond. Remedy Simulation Group offers an industry-leading line of medical simulation products that were developed in conjunction with the country’s top simulation centers.

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“Our goal is to couple high-quality and competitively priced physical modeling solutions with personalized guidance from experts who understand the importance of nurturing customer connections,” said Dave Szabo, President of Remedy Simulation Group.

Remedy Simulation Group manufactures all products in its Perkasie, Pennsylvania, location and uses materials from United States suppliers only. Remedy Simulation Group also offers custom and contract manufacturing and has partnered with some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical companies. Remedy Simulation Group looks forward to “Improving the Standard of Practice” with all our industry partners.

Medical Shipment Interview from IMSH 2022: PPE Supplies, Pyxis, Alaris Pump, and Simulators: At IMSH 2022, HealthySimulation.com interviewed Medical Shipment CEO Dan Micic to learn more about the company’s support of clinical education programs with PPE medical supplies, Alaris Pumps, Medical Simulators, and the Pyxis Medication Administration medical device for educational purposes. He provides examples of each area of business and shares that Medical Shipment can act as a “one-stop-shop” for those looking to make medical simulation purchases.

Medical Shipment was founded in 2007 by Micic, who was still attending Harper College when he first launched the company. What started over 10 years ago with a shipment of 90 cases of gloves to Medline has quickly become a multimillion-dollar annual business that has been named on the Inc 5000 list for 3 years in a row! Starting with a focus in Nursing, Medical Shipment now provides medical supplies, specialized instructional medical devices, and simulation-based products and services to healthcare educational institutions around the world. Here we take a deeper dive into the company, its product portfolio, and the latest updates affecting the medical simulation industry!

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MedicalShipment.com is regarded as one of the growing leaders in the medical supply industry. The company flourished in the past decade due to the company’s dedication to customer service and Founder Dan Micic’s drive to impact the industry for the better. Primarily serving colleges, universities, and hospital clients across the country, Medical Shipment plans to continue its recent expansion overseas and establish a significant presence in Europe within the next few years.

IngMar Medical Shares RespiSim Breathing Simulator at IMSH 2022: At IMSH 2022, HealthySimulation.com interviewed Ingmar Medical to learn more about their Respisim stand-alone patient breathing simulator which can use real ventilators. Company President Brian Linn explains how Ingmar Medical specializes in respiratory simulations and notes how the RespiSim Pro makes controlling respiratory simulations as easy as possible. Importantly, users can employ any real ventilator when using this system to do highly-realistic mechanical ventilation training.

With IngMar Medical test lungs and breathing simulators, healthcare simulation educators can provide hands-on training using a real ventilator! IngMar Medical is the world leader in breathing simulation – a distinction built on a solid history of quality, innovation, and customer service. For over a quarter of a century, the company’s mission has been to help decrease suffering and improve outcomes for patients who rely on respiratory devices. Ingmar Medical does this by providing breathing simulators, test lungs, and training used worldwide to develop new respiratory therapy products and treatments. This is also done to test to ensure the quality and safety of respiratory therapy products, and train clinicians to achieve the highest level of patient care.

IngMar Medical has been globally oriented since its inception in 1993, with over a thousand customers worldwide. Clinical simulation educators rely on the company’s solutions to assess their students’ competence with a range of clinical scenarios which might otherwise take weeks or months to encounter in a clinical setting. Ingmar Medical offers a complete line of lung simulation products developed for specialized applications in research, development, training, testing, and sales. The company’s ASL 5000 is the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator – ”the gold standard” – and the only high fidelity neonatal breathing simulator.

The company’s robust respiratory simulation solutions are designed for training first-year students all the way through becoming credentialed practitioners and beyond. Train on basic topics such as introduction to mechanical ventilation and patient assessment all the way to advanced, fully immersive, hands-on training scenarios.

GigXR Showcases Augmented Reality Clinical Education Tools at IMSH 2022: HealthySimulation.com interviewed the team from GigXR at IMSH 2022 to learn more about their augmented reality and mixed reality clinical training tools. David King Lassman, CEO of GigXR, explained that the company helps with the distribution of holographic mixed reality content for training tomorrow’s doctors and nurses. He shares that this holographic content can be cast into the physical world for instructor-led education – guiding them through a range of scenarios.

GigXR is a SaaS platform that delivers extended reality (XR) healthcare simulation applications for learning environments, higher education institutions, and enterprise facilities. The company offers an energetic training solution using Augmented Reality (AR) by creating innovative clinical simulation applications to solve perennial problems around visualization and 3D understanding.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Los Angeles, GigXR has harnessed a proven track record for recognizing key problems in education and training and unlocking the potential of XR in simulation technologies to solve them. The company’s holographic applications and immersive learning platform have been built on years of pedagogical research. Adding to their credibility, they were developed by a team of experts and thought leaders in the fields of mixed reality learning, education technology, science, digital content, artificial intelligence (AI in simulation), and startup technology.

More About IMSH

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) hosts IMSH annually and offers over 250 sessions encompassing interactive and immersive courses and plenary sessions. The IMSH meeting is aligned with the SSH’s mission to “provide hands-on learning in leading-edge medical simulation trends and technology, networking and collaboration.” Furthermore, the programs are all peer-reviewed and are selected to serve the needs of novices to experts.

“Every year, professionals from all experience levels and from more than 50 countries attend IMSH,” Kathy Adams, Director of Continuing Education, SSH, said. “Any professional interested in or currently working in healthcare simulation will find value in the healthcare simulation conference; the range of learning formats — from small, interactive workshops, to large, inspiring plenaries – and the breadth of topics presented by global experts ensures that there is something for every learning style, interest and experience level.”

At IMSH meetings, key areas of discussion are often new ideas, leadership development, new processes, and research findings, innovative approaches, design strategies, return on investment, and improved communication techniques. As a catalyst for advancement and evolution in healthcare simulation technology, the IMSH brings together and connects industry professionals to learn. The event is considered to be one of the top educational and networking events for the healthcare simulation world, especially for those with interests in IPE.

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