Director of High-Fidelity Manikin and Virtual-Based Simulation and Clinical Procedural Skills
at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)
March 29, 2024
910 South Donahue Drive Auburn, AL 36832 United States
Clinical Education
Job Type:


Job Summary:

The position provides the oversight of the Simulation and Technology Center’s state of the art simulators, high fidelity mannequins, and laboratories and the implementation of the educational programs utilizing the technology within the Center for medical student resident, allied health, and physician education.

The position’s prime directive is to functionalize the simulated curriculum with goal of improving measurable participant outcomes. All simulated curriculum will have predefined measurable metrics to support the educational return on resource allocation.

The position requires knowledge of technology to support a vast array of high-fidelity simulators and information systems, the educational expertise to support a full range of teaching methods, and the organizational skills to conduct educational sessions for large groups of students and residents.

The position encompasses organizing and implementing the portion of the medical student curriculum that requires High-Fidelity/High-Technology (HF/HT), virtual, cadaver, and procedural simulation with input from the Associate Dean and specific faculty who provide their specific medical/clinical expertise.

The position requires continued participation in educational programs to assure both support and understanding of the skills required to maintain expertise in an evolving simulation-based education in healthcare and to improve the clinical skills of all learners in a simulated setting that will lead to improved patient outcomes and/or safety in the clinical setting.  The position requires leadership in both simulation and education and management skills.

The position is a part of an innovative team led by the Associate Dean for Simulation and Technology.


Job Duties:

The following description of responsibilities includes those listed in the summary and is intended to reflect the major responsibilities and duties in order of importance, but is not intended to describe all duties and responsibilities that are required for the position or that may be assigned from time to time.

  1. High Fidelity High Technology Simulation:
    • Development of high fidelity, high technology simulations that support curriculum and assessment to primarily support VCOM medical student education, with additional program support for affiliated residency programs and allied health fields.
    • Organize and design instructional materials to support the delivery and assessment for each simulation (utilizing medical input from the faculty member assigned to provide the specific medical knowledge according to expertise). Assure each session includes the appropriate goals, objectives, case scenarios, and assessments to support the curriculum.
    • Create, manage, and organize various course/scenarios/evaluations/organizations, archived on the Simulation Center’s system.
    • Collaborate with the content experts to operationalize the simulation sessions and their debriefing.
    • Provide support to the Associate Dean in the development of policies and procedures related to curriculum and assessment for high fidelity simulation education and the maintenance of curricular materials including a method for continued review and updates.
    • Review and report educational outcomes for all simulation activites for the purpose of continuous curricular improvement.
    • Maintain current knowledge of the state of the art technology to support simulation.
    • Provide Faculty Development sessions for VCOM faculty/staff and affiliated residency program staff as related to simulation and education. Provide the coordination of faculty development and planning meetings for the faculty who provide expertise for the simulations. This includes providing training for all faculty and staff who participate in each of the simulation sessions.
    • In the Center be knowledgeable to provide all software updates, development, integration, management, maintenance, support and user training for all hardware and software associated with the VCOM System and Simulators.
    • Organize the maintenance of all data produced to support the education, assessments, and grades related to the simulations and for remediations.
    • Develop expertise required for the setup, operation, maintenance, and inventory for all high fidelity manikin simulators within the Center.
    • Manage, organize, allocate space for all simulators and simulation activities.
    • Manage and update all HF simulators and control rooms (includes all supportive equipment).
    • Utilize the most current technologies to implement and administer a variety of curriculum and testing modules (ie: pre-lab participation quizzes and post lab evaluation modules).
    • Develop expertise in the programming of all High-Fidelity Simulators via in collaboration with medical content experts.
    • Maintain all simulation curriculum including educational content, objectives, and assessments documents related to all simulation education on the current technology and with the information back-up required to move to technology as it is developed.
    • Attend national conferences and obtain the most current literature to introduce opportunity for the use of high fidelity simulations into the curriculum.
    • Recruit for, maintain, and implement the Simulation Intern Program each year.
    • Ensure compliance with international and national standards for best practices in High Fidelity and Virtual Simulation testing and training.
    • Continuous Quality Improvement through the coordination of relevant staff and student feedback for continuous improvement of simulation.
    • Maintain knowledge and skills in the use and operation of simulation technologies and share up-to-date publications and resources with peers.
    • Collaborate with physicians, staff educators and stakeholders to ensure simulation activities are seamlessly embedded in the curriculum.
    • Represent VCOM at national and international conferences and related events in High Fidelity Simulation education.
    • Create a post event survey for medical students to provide feedback on their High Fidelity Simulation experience.
    • Review with the Associate Dean student grades, item analysis, faculty and patient inter-rater variablility, and student surveys.
    • Create, implement, and validate a remediation process for students with deficiencies.
  • Virtual Simulation:
  • Administer the College’s virtual ACLS program including both cognitive and physical exam check-off.
  • Become familiar with new virtual simulation programs that are being developed nationally and introduce those to the Associate Dean (and faculty where relevant) to develop state of the art virtual simulation for the education of VCOM students and for residents from affiliated residency programs.
  • Attend national conferences and obtain the most current literature to introduce opportunity for the use of virtual simulations into the curriculum.
  1. Clinical Procedural Skills:
    • Coordinate all Clinical Procedural Training Skills Sessions / Laboratories for VCOM medical students, residents, and other health fields from the affiliated clinical core sites.
    • Work directly with the content experts in the development of the curriculum to assure all procedural skills include indications, contraindications, and technical skills.
    • Prepare and maintain all equipment, media, computers, and training materials utilized to produce a simulated clinical procedural skill learning event.
    • Provide administrative and technical support to the Associate Dean, as Course Director, and to the content experts with the goal of developing and delivery of the procedural skill to assure content is provided in advance of the laboratory.
    • Schedule the students for each laboratory working with the assistance of the Associate Dean for Medical Education to schedule and assign the appropriate faculty to oversee the student education and/or to develop the simulation module or laboratory for the training experience.
    • Set up and break down task trainers, prepare rooms for events, and assist faculty in the use of clinical simulation equipment. Serve as a resource for the faculty.
    • Support the content expert and Course Director in all laboratory equpment placement and the general operational procedure of simulation scenarios.
    • Assist team members in conducting tours of the simulation center for internal/external groups and individuals.
    • Establish and maintain the inventory of supplies and equipment required for each clinical skills training.
    • Perform maintenance and repairs on equipment used for clinical procedural skills sessions.
  • Standardized Patient:
  • As the Simulation Center works as a “team,” the collaboration with the Director of Standardized Patient Program is essential for operations. As deemed necessary the Director of High Fidelity Simulation will assist in the development, assessment, and coordination of educational materials, sessions, and assessments to support the Standardized Patient program for the education of VCOM students, residents, and other allied health field competency based training. This is done recognizing the Director of the Standardized Patient Program will in return provide support to you in organizing and implementing curriculum and duties when implementing the high fidelity and virtual reality simulations.
  • Participate in the review of the Standardized Patient Program for the purpose of continuous curricular improvement in support VCOM medical student education.
  • Participate in the annual review and update of the Standardized patient educational materials.
  • General Duties:
  • Provide overall support to the Center including meeting and greeting clients and visitors, general organization and duties of wide variety of functions.
  • Implement and complete Annual Research Project.
  • Develop, organize, and update simulation center policies and procedures as needed.
  • Staff tours and demonstrations of the simulation centers and maintain electronic record.
  • Assist in the maintainenance of the asset and stock inventory.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Required Qualifications:
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing required. Masters level preferred.
  • Licensure or certification: N/A
  • Experience:
  • Education and experience in the medical field as a Registered Nurse or Bachelors level Paramedic with experience in the clinical setting.
  • Knowledge of State of the Art Medical Software programming and Manikin support for all high fidelity simulation models within the Center (including but not limited to SimMan, SimMan 3G, SimMan Essentials, SimMom, SimNewB, and SimBaby) with a commitment to annually updating knowledge in the state of the art for High Fidelity and Technology Manikin Based and Virtual Simulation.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Capabilities to perform video/audio/photo editing
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Certification by SSH-CHSE and CHSE-A
  • Proficiency in EMS SIMULATIONiQ. (Assessed by the position holders skills in managing a complete clinical skills curricular build, delivery and out comes assessment.)
  • Proficiency in the Learning Management System Canvas. (Assessed by the position holders skills in managing a complete clinical skills curricular build, delivery and out comes assessment.)
  • Proficiency in LLEAP-Laerdal Medical Manikin Programming.


Skills required for this position include:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Excellent presentation of self as a professional including dress, confidential behaviors, and serving as a positive face for the College
  • Strong team player
  • Commitment to company values
  • Basic computer proficiency.
  • Must be highly organized and maintain organization in a busy and often chaotic environment.


Preferences are given to candidates who have worked in academic environments.


Successful candidate will be subject to a criminal history background check.


Regular, reliable or predictable attendance is an essential function of the job.

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