Nursing simulation company sim2GROW is the developer of a medication administration system, which serves as an all-inclusive system addressing two major limitations encountered by nursing education programs. These limitations relate to teaching best practices of medication administration: price point and fidelity. With this in mind, sim2grow’s medication administration system offers low-cost solutions with a high-tech feel, allowing for unlimited high-stakes skill practice in the safety of a nursing lab.

In addition to their solutions, sim2grow teams up with nursing lab coordinators and faculty who wish to develop a strategic clinical simulation curriculum through the use of technology to promote safe practice. The company helps nursing students grow into safe, competent nurses through healthcare simulation while leveling the playing field by delivering simple affordable simulation solutions to nursing programs with tight budgets.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, sim2grow offers a comprehensive medication administration system, strategic planning consultation for cutting-edge curriculum, and inventory management that makes sense and saves time. The medication administration system is the company’s flagship solution. Through this system, leaders can work from the medical room to the bedside using a single product, including eMAR and barcode scanning technology.

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sim2grow Medication Administration System

To begin using the medication administration system, a learner must first choose the medication level that meets their needs. For example, the Premium Level is designed especially for the customer who is ready to get started with medication administration simulation immediately out of the box. This level maximizes learner practice while minimizing space needed.

Alternatively, the Standard Level is designed especially for the customer who desires the features of a comprehensive medication administration simulation system while minimizing the investment. This level includes everything a program needs to allow learners limitless practice in the skills and simulation labs. All components needed for a full clinical simulation experience are included.

Third, the Economy Level is designed especially for the customer who wants to incorporate medication administration simulation technology with an existing dispensing product. This level bridges the gap between an already owned dispensing unit and high fidelity simulation achieved with sim2grow’s innovative system.

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sim2grow Strategic Planning Consultation Service

For those interested in sim2grow’s strategic planning consultation service, they must also choose the tract that meets their needs. The Curriculum Development Tract is designed for programs seeking guidance in creating an educationally valid structure for clinical simulation activities. Through this tract, participants will gain the ability and tools to align nursing lab and simulation activities to individual course and program objectives. The Curriculum Development Tract also includes a needs assessment focused on healthcare simulation learning objectives, a clinical simulation curriculum and mapping of simulation education to ACEN standards.

The Faculty Development Tract is designed for programs looking to optimize faculty participation and success in simulation-based activities. Participants will increase confidence in their ability to facilitate simulation from pre-brief through debrief in a way that will enhance learning while decreasing faculty anxiety. This tract is based on INACSL clinical simulation best practices.

Lastly, the Operations Management Tract is designed for programs striving to optimize their budget, physical space, equipment, and human resources. Analysis of operational systems and actionable steps help to increase efficiency and innovation, and optimize physical space. This includes the identification of equipment priorities and opportunities for grant funding.

sim2grow Company History

Sim2grow was born from the frustrations the co-owners experienced as nurse educators. As such, they believed in the clinical simulation solutions they had developed because they had firsthand knowledge of the pain points encountered in the lab every day.

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The company partnership began when Kateri Gabriele and Roxanne Holhous worked at the same community college in New York State as a nursing lab coordinator and nursing instructor. Upon meeting, they realized their shared mission: to bring the healthcare simulation program up to current practices and provide a new learning experience for learners. Their infectious excitement and positive learner and patient safety outcomes motivated the rest of the faculty to get onboard with clinical simulation.

Their hard work and dedication to clinical simulation provided the co-owners with many opportunities to present at regional and national healthcare simulation conferences. They have also completed a research study together that is published in a nursing simulation journal.

Upon leaving their college of employment, the facility was recognized throughout the region for having the leading nursing simulation program. Simultaneously, Gabriele and Holhous were viewed as a simulation resource in terms of implementing innovative ideas to solve problems.

From here, the decision to focus their clinical simulation efforts on the medication administration system arose from a frustration with what was currently available on the market. The college they had been employed at had purchased one piece of equipment that they were led to believe would solve medication administration teaching problems.

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According to the owners, this product came with a lot of limitations — some of them were apparent right away while others were revealed in the subsequent weeks when they tried to use the equipment. The product became a “photo op” on tours of the simulation labs, as the equipment looked “state of the art” — but was really just gathering dust.

First, Gabriele and Holhous developed a PowerPoint solution that worked better. This wasn’t perfect and had several glitches that they knew could be overcome if they used a different platform. They decided to work on innovating their own solution. During this work, they were asked to give a presentation in Maryland. During our trip, they met a clinical simulation faculty member who ended up being the beta tester for a couple of years. She gave them feedback and we would help refine the features.

In 2015, Gabriele and Holhous officially became nurse entrepreneurs by founding sim2grow! Their company’s story continues as sim2grow gains traction in the nursing simulation education space. Since its inception, they have been able to bring sim2grow to large audiences at nationally recognized conferences, including INACSL, SimGHOSTs, and OADN. Learn more on the sim2grow website or by reading these articles below.

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