April 27, 2022By Lance Baily

sim2grow’s Nursing Simulation Solution Teaches Safe Medication Administration

Each year 400,000 patients are harmed while in the hospital due to errors. Many of these preventable mistakes are related to medication administration. Every nursing school wants learners to use realistic equipment in their practice lab – including medication administration. Yet, the challenge is that most of this equipment is cost-prohibitive, confusing, and not easily adaptable to the educational setting. For this reason, the total medication administration training solution for nursing programs, sim2grow, was founded by two nurse educators who understand the nursing education space and what learners need to transfer this skill to patient care in the hospital.

The pair created the complete medication administration training solution to be complete with all the essential elements necessary to teach safe medication administration. This includes dispensing units, barcode scanning, and documentation capabilities. The total solution has been designed to eliminate the confusion and frustration that comes with makeshift practice equipment. Thus, learners can now repeatedly practice medication passes until the motions become second nature.

Overall, sim2grow’s medication administration system takes learners through the entire medication administration process, highlighting each critical element. The process goes from the medication room where the learner prepares the medication to the bedside where they confirm one last time that all checks are correct. The process also includes an opportunity to document relevant clinical patient information related to the medication being administered.

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Once a learner finishes the process and taps “done,” the system software automatically resets and is ready to be handed off for the next learner to start. There is no complicated, confusing, or time-consuming upkeep. Teaching nursing learners safe medication administration is too important to not get right, and they deserve unlimited practice because nurses should NEVER feel unprepared when they administer medication.

Upcoming sim2grow HealthhySimulation.com Webinar

Affordable Medication Admin Training with sim2grow: A Total Solution: Presented by Roxanne Holthaus, MSN, RN, FNP, this one-hour webinar will take place on May 5 at 10 AM PDT. The presentation will showcase an affordable medication administration simulator that has unlimited medication pass practice from med room to bedside!

Like all nursing faculty, sim2grow cares about learner success. The company’s medication administration training system was created by experienced nurse educators, and this product was a labor of love that came out of frustration with current market availability.

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As community college nursing educators, Kateri Gabriele, CEO and co-founder of sim2grow, and Roxanne Holhous, sim2grow’s co-founder and director of research and education, were acutely aware of balancing tight budgets with providing safe learning opportunities for our students. Their product concept was developed as they sat in a coffee shop and brainstormed what we imagined as the ideal training system-both for learner success and educator ease of use.

“We knew there had to be a better way to teach med pass,” explained Gabriele. “We wanted a quick set-up with no upkeep. The nursing sim team didn’t get a degree in computer programming or pharmacy and shouldn’t have to just run the equipment! We took out the hassle so they can focus on what matters—the students.”

“Teaching nursing students safe medication administration is too important to not get right. Students deserve unlimited practice because nurses should NEVER feel unprepared when they administer medication. With sim2grow students can focus on clinical judgment and critical thinking- not just acquiring a psychomotor skill,” said Roxanne Holhous, sim2grow’s co-founder and director of research and education.

While recovering from a back injury, Gabriele taught herself the computer programming necessary to create sim2grow’s iPad app-based system. Along with Holthaus’s clinical experience and their combined educational backgrounds, the two put together a product that married the realism of hospital systems with the specific educational objectives that needed to be met.

In 2015, Gabriele and Holthaus officially became nurse entrepreneurs by establishing sim2grow, LLC! Their story continues as the company gains traction in the nursing simulation education space. Together, they have helped schools since 2015, and thousands of nursing learners have thereby gained the confidence and experience necessary to ensure patient safety through their system. They have been able to bring sim2grow to large audiences at nationally recognized conferences including INACSL, SimGHOSTs, and OADN.

sim2grow often sponsors regional simulation conferences, and, as company representatives, Gabriele and Holthaus will be in attendance at the following conferences in 2022:

More About sim2grow

sim2GROW presents meds2GROW, an all-inclusive system addressing two major limitations encountered by nursing education programs in regards to teaching best practices of medication administration: price point and fidelity. meds2GROW offers a low-cost solution with a high-tech feel allowing for unlimited high stakes skill practice in the safety of each nursing lab. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the company’s all-in-one med room to bedside solution helps programs put med admin training on auto-pilot – without tedious or complicated upkeep.

More About sim2grow Leadership

Roxanne Holthaus is an educational content expert responsible for the authoring of instructionally-sound derivative content. She provides internal and external thought leadership and detailed support for specialty area content experts. Holthaus is a Certified Nurse Practitioner and has extensive experience as a nursing educator specializing in healthcare simulation and clinical roles.

Kateri Gabriele has a master’s degree in healthcare simulation and she is a certified healthcare simulation educator and a certified simulation operations specialist. She has 14 years of clinical simulation experience in both academic and clinical practice. Gabriele has led and coordinated multiple simulation programs and particularly enjoyed mentoring new simulationists across the VA Healthcare System.

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