January 26, 2021By Lindsey Nolen

Latest Medical Simulation Technologies Launched for IMSH 2021

The 2021 IMSH Virtual Conference started in full swing on Tuesday, January 19, with live healthcare simulation presentations, prerecorded educational sessions, research abstracts and technical proceedings. In addition, the industry hall opened with clinical simulation 43 vendors. As the IMSH virtual conference runs through March, participants can look forward to seeing exciting presentations and the release of exciting medical simulation innovations in the weeks to come. Below are details from IMSH 2021’s various healthcare simulation product launches, featuring the latest in clinical simulation technology innovations!

IMSH Delivers 2021 Product Launches and Updates

CAE Healthcare launched three new products for the 2021 Virtual International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, by announcing the new CAE Aria, CAE SimEquip, and CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite. With patient assessment signs, an advanced airway and bleeding, CAE Aria can help fulfill training requirements for PALS, PEARS and APLS certification.  For realistic hands-on practice with or without a patient manikin, CAE Healthcare’s CAE SimEquip training collection develops medical device management skills in pre-hospital and in-hospital settings. An easy hardware-light software as a service (SaaS) solution for hassle-free virtual simulation management, LearningSpace Enterprise Lite enables remote delivery of simulation training.

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UbiSim: During IMSH Delivers, UbiSim shared their new OB patient which is customizable across the childbearing spectrum, from the prenatal to postpartum period. That release came with new OB equipment, a cardiotocography monitor and OB scenarios. By combining evidence-based virtual reality healthcare simulations with the Editor, UbiSim empowers faculty to customize and design clinical simulations that are curated to meet learning objectives. The company continually strives to increase VR practicality by empowering educators and simulationists to design and customize their own scenarios using their web-based editor.

Ventriloscope recently expanded the capabilities of their system with the addition of VentriloCAST. This new feature allows clinical educators to broadcast their learning auscultation sounds over the internet directly to students, giving them the ability to remotely teach from anywhere! The new VentriloCAST functionality provides live patient sounds onto your virtual conferencing application lectures, enhance OSCE’s with abnormal sounds on Standardized Patients, enhance sounds on patient mannequins, remotely teach any auscultation sound to large groups realistically with one of the largest sound libraries available, and all without requiring contracts or annual subscription fees!

Simulab has launched an all new, updated PacerMan system with expanded functionality including synchronous sensing capabilities. Now, healthcare simulation solution covers transcutaneous and transvenous pacing training, and synchronous (fixed) and synchronous NEW! (demand) pacing modes for VOO, VVO and VVI training scenarios. Right heart catheterization capabilities are included as well. The updated PacerMan can troubleshoot events such as oversensing, undersensing, battery change and loss of capture. The system also responds to manipulation of pulse rate and pacing threshold from an off-the-shelf pacing generator.

WorldPoint: Another new release is the WorldPoint Economy BLS Starter Packs. To accommodate all new and existing instructors throughout these uncertain and economically challenging times, the company created four different pack options: WorldPoint Economy BLS Starter Pack #1, WorldPoint Economy BLS Starter Pack #2, and the WorldPoint Economy BLS Starter Pack – Basic, available in both a medium skin tone, and also as a diversity pack. These convenient and affordable packs contain all the basic equipment needed to teach a Basic Life Support (BLS) course, including industry leading Prestan adult and infant manikins with CPR monitors, Prestan Ultratrainer AED trainers, and CPR Training Masks with Valves.

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Surgical Science: During the first week of IMSH Delivers 2021, Surgical Science’s acquisition of Mimic Technologies Inc. for $18 million was announced. Mimic’s operations will be integrated with Surgical Science’s subsidiary in the US, Surgical Science Inc., and form an organization for the American market. Mimic is an established player and pioneer in the development of simulation solutions for robotic surgery. According to Surgical Science, the acquisition is an important step towards strengthening the company’s local presence in the market.

7-SIGMA released a new COVID kit for the company’s airway trainers. The 7S3 Modular COVID-19 Victim Airway Skills Trainers are unparalleled in their attention to realistically simulating intubation, ensuring that medical practitioners receive training that translates into superior patient care. Our Modular Airway Skills Trainers ingrain and fortify the skills and knowledge necessary for successful intubation by providing the most comprehensive simulation of an actual patient in a cost effective package with unparalleled realism. The kit’s airway mimics that of a victim with COVID-19 airway contamination and includes the following:

  • Saliva spray with contaminated COVID-19 simulant
  • Nanoparticles aerosolized to be airborne up to 6 feet via
  • Cough simulation to expel excess mucous contaminant
  • UV (blacklight) assessment of cross contamination
  • Excellent training realization of contamination after doffing

Inovus Medical: The latest product from Inovus is the LapAR, which was presented during IMSH Delivers as well. The LapAR brings an innovative approach to augmented reality by merging real and digital environments and projecting this directly to screen without the need for wearing headsets. The clinical simulator delivers unparalleled real feel haptics by combining real laparoscopic instruments with highly realistic soft tissue models. The platform was launched with two versions, an institutional system and a take home simulator. Both systems enable full procedure training with tracking of performance metrics, making LapAR the only platform capable of delivering high fidelity distance learning at scale.

TruCorp launched the TruIV Block, a part of the TruUltra product range. The TruIV Block allows learners to gain proficiency in the skills associated with IV cannulation. Featuring eight veins (superficial and deep) ranging from 4 to 8mm in diameter, users can practise the use of ultrasound during IV procedures. The unique, self-regenerating TruUltra materials diminish the appearance of needle tracks to facilitate a high volume of repeated practice. The insert will facilitate approximately 4,000 needle penetrations before a replacement insert is required. This model, like all TruCorp IV trainers, is easily transportable and can be set up in less than five minutes – perfect for a busy teaching environment.

Innov2Learn announced the launch of the company’s new PUMP simulation device. The programmable pump can be turned on/off and modified with any Bluetooth–enabled device (cellphone, tablet or PC/MAC). Learners can control the heart rate and flow rate. The device can be used with ultrasound-guided IV phantoms, central line phantoms, IV and ABG trainers, LP trainers and anything else the learner wants to generate pulsatile flow through. If the learner wants to do an experimental setup for customized simulation, this is their tool! They can make any limb on any manikin bleed at the touch of a button. The set includes the pump, IV bag, tubing and fitting so learners can build their own flow setup.

Body Interact: Two new opportunities from Body Interact include clinical training that offers online courses for learners to extend their knowledge and for healthcare professionals to focus on life-long learning. Complemented by explanatory videos, webinars and other activities, the online courses provide a certificate of completion which learners can share and add to their CV. Additionally, with the Body Interact Clinical Recruitment Platform, recruiters can assess medical, nursing, and EMS candidates’ clinical skills on virtual patients, using advanced clinical scenarios.

Limbs & Things: The brand NEW Clean Bleed Mat has been designed to support all simulation scenarios, with any brand of trainer where external blood or fluid loss is a key indicator and measure of the emergency being simulated. This easy to setup and mess free product has the ability to create the impression of hemorrhages, such as postpartum, post-operative or gunshot trauma, through a controlled flow into a sealed mat. The flow into the mat is adjustable and can be easily managed, creating a realistic scenario where the trainee or clinician is able to identify fluid output, and respond accordingly. Versatile and efficient, the Clean Bleed Mat can be used under or besides simulated patients, full body manikins or task trainers, in both an outdoor and indoor setting. After simulation, a two-way pump system ensures that the fluid can be pumped back into the reservoir provided, and the internal mat can be removed and rinsed for a hassle free simulation experience.

3D Systems / Simbionix released a number of products at IMSH 2021. The LAP Mentor’s new Inguinal Hernia task allows for the practice of mesh placement and peritoneal flap closure skills. Also new: industry first training of Nissen Fundoplication dissection skills within tissue planes, featuring highly realistic graphics and new UI. Additionally, a Pandemic Training COVID-19 Module was released as an alternative to chest radiography and CT scanning in COVID-19 patients. The module includes lung ultrasound and echocardiography clinical cases of patients suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19. The module also includes a rich educational video library developed with top KOLs. Installed on Ultrasound Mentor simulators worldwide, the module is helping improve patient care during the pandemic. Moving forward, the RobotiX Mentor training simulator is set to release soon. This is a new procedural module for Robotic Cholecystectomy, and will be a valuable addition to our robotic surgery library of modules.

sim2grow announced they are now serving 15 healthcare institutions with affordable medication administration cart simulation learning tools. Their comprehensive medication administration system enables for med admin inventory management training that provides fully customizable dispensing unit and eMAR, realtime barcoding scanning of patient and medications, and only a one time cost to your program with no ongoing subscription fees. Learn more on the sim2grow website!

3B Scientific and Cardionics unveiled a new patient care manikin with auscultation, Nikki. This health care simulation manikin simulates an adult, life-size patient and includes the NursingScope Auscultation Training Stethoscope. The manikin was developed specifically for scenario-based simulation to improve competency in patient care and advanced nursing skills. The product is made of durable, unbreakable and water-resistant plastics for longevity in the everyday training use.

SonoSim, a global leader in ultrasound education and training, is having a multi-product launch during IMSH 2021. This includes demonstrating “How to successfully deliver ultrasound simulation in the era of COVID and beyond” using SonoSim LiveScan with CaseBuilder for both in-person and remote simulation.

The company also unveiled its Artificial Intelligence-Powered Automated Assessment Tool, which enables large-scale, standardized assessment of ultrasound competency. SonoSim is also launching an Ultrasound-Guided MSK Procedure Series, which uses the SonoSimulator to train medical professionals to perform needle-based MSK procedures in a risk-free environment. The first set of modules cover the shoulder and will be available in Q1 of 2021. They will include the following:

  • Ultrasound-Guided Glenohumeral Joint Injection & Aspiration
  • Ultrasound-Guided Subacromial-Subdeltoid Bursa Injection & Aspiration
  • Biceps Tendon Sheath Injection & Aspiration
  • Acromioclavicular Joint Injection & Aspiration

The Chamberlain Group announced the company’s new ONPACE Training System, developed in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s iExcel Team. The company was approached by UNMC to develop this trainer because incorrectly done swabbing tests can produce false negative results as well as injure patients with certain nasal conditions.

PCS today announced the release of version 4.0 of the company’s PCS Spark software, which includes a host of new features. Headlining this release is the inclusion of model-driven physiology and drug treatments. In addition to simulated physiology, PCS Spark version 4.0 also includes the new TeamSpace functionality which allows learners to collaborate on the same simulation session as they
examine and interview the digital patient together from across the globe.

Laerdal Medical launched two new products: the SimMan 3G PLUS and Nursing Anne Simulator GeriatricSimMan 3G PLUS is designed for a fully immersive healthcare simulation experience, featuring interchangeable face skins, realistic patient handling, and the ability to train with real clinical devices. Learners can perform individual or interdisciplinary team training, practicing critical skills such as decision-making, team communication, and patient care, all in a risk-free environment. Nursing Anne Simulator Geriatric is available as a full body pre-assembled simulator or as an add-on module for the Nursing Anne Simulator modular platform.

neosim AG has launched a highly realistic baby lung simulator, LuSi, in the United States American market through Greg Vis, Hudson Simulation Services in New York. The artfully painted silicone body of LuSi looks like a real patient but covers high-tech machinery: an artificial lung, computerized and loaded with sensors to simulate lung function of a premature baby. In contrast to existing simulators, LuSi reacts fully automatically to treatments like oxygen or other forms of respiratory support. LuSi’s lungs fill and empty with actual air, oxygen, volume and pressures inside the lungs are measured, the lungs can be made atelectatic or recruited, airways can be made to be open or obstructed and spontaneous breathing in many forms can be realized.


neosim AG also released TestChest, a high-end lung simulator that simulates the extremely complex functioning of the human lung. Developed and manufactured by the Swiss company Organis, TestChest simulates breathing conditions from normal spontaneous breathing to the ventilation of heavily diseased lungs, and features an advanced cardio-pulmonary physiological model that automatically adjusts to vent changes.

SimVS: Using tablets, the mechanical ventilator simulator application SimVS has been launched to provide an advanced clinical education platform to simulate realistic monitor operations for a wide range of patient conditions for far less cost than traditional simulation systems. SimVS comes pre-programmed with a complete library of  scenarios for multiple disciplines including Nursing, Respiratory Therapy and EMS. Running the scenarios can be done with a just few simple selections on the instructor tablet.

SimRated, a company that brings high-quality, professional medical procedure training to your medical program, has launched a number of updated courses. The company provides a complete solution that includes lesson plans, self-guided reading, online exams, and professional videos combined with healthcare simulation equipment and supplies. SimRated also provides clinical simulation-based assessment and clinician feedback on student performance through our SimRated certification program. New SimRated courses include:


SimX: This month, SimX and the US Air Force (USAF) launched the highly anticipated Virtual Advancement of Learning and Operational Readiness (VALOR) program to develop the next generation of VR medical simulation training. The VALOR program aims to make VR medical simulation training more flexible, more comprehensive, and more accessible, with the overall goal of making simulation training ubiquitous across both civilian and military medicine. The guiding principle for the $1 million VALOR program is to enable healthcare workers to “train how they fight” through fully immersive simulation training. Initial efforts focus on expanding existing simulation training capabilities for training frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers. SimX anticipates expansion of their technology through additional Air Force program awards in the very near future.

eoSurgical: The company eoSurgical has put together a bespoke package specifically for minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures clinicians who are training or working on continued skills development. The eoSim + SurgTrac OBGYN provides an immersive, pragmatic, affordable, and portable environment in which to refine OBGYN-specific MIS techniques. As well as the ergonomic eoSim MIS box trainer, and in-built instrument tracking for feedback, we have developed a stepwise curriculum of tasks specific to OBGYN. Early tasks refine core laparoscopic skills whilst subsequent modules are advanced and OBGYN-specific.

Enduvo, the company making it easy for anyone to create, share and consume immersive content, recently unveiled significant enhancements to its platform. New features include the ability to access immersive content on PCs and tablets without a 3D headset and creating content directly from within an Oculus Quest. Enduvo introduced a free user license option as well. For a full walk-through of Enduvo’s platform and an overview of the updates, watch this video:

PeriopSim’s platform expanded to include desktop and tablet access that works alongside their VR Solution. With the COVID-19 impact on the departments of surgery around the world the company turned to supporting Surgical Technologist Programs. The Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA) shared how the technology has played a significant role in keeping her students engaged, allowing them to hone their skills and safety practices during remote learning, and how it enables instructors to quickly identify knowledge gaps, preventing issues from becoming “bad habits.”

Gaumard Scientific announced the launch of their Gaumard Ultrasound immersive emergency point-of-case ultrasound training for the Pediatric HAL S2225, as well as Gaumard Vital and LungSim line to enhance simulation training with virtual medical equipment, and the new Obstetric MR Augmented Reality platform to enhance simulation-based training (SBT) with mixed reality holographic overlays with their maternal ob simulator Victoria. Learn more about all the new Gaumard technologies launched for IMSH here!

OSF Healthcare’s JUMP: Through collaborative research with the University of Illinois and funding through the Jump ARCHES grant program, OSF HealthCare and collaborators recently helped solve some PPE shortages with rapid manufacturing. This latest round of grant funding features projects including one using AI to create mobile vaccination clinics for kids. The program supports research involving clinicians, engineers, and social scientists to develop technologies and devices that could revolutionize medical training and health care delivery. There is also an effort to use wearable technology to quantify the level of anxiety, stress and depression among health workers.

Arch Virtual aligned the official launch of the first of 25 VR nursing simulations for the OpenRN project with IMSH this year. These scenarios are being developed to complement 5 OER textbooks as part of the OpenRN project, funded by a $2.5 million dollar grant from the Department of Education. Scenarios include browser-based supplements, VR and non-VR access modes with a multiplayer option. Scenario one can be accessed for free by installing Acadicus and finding this scenario in the Acadicus Commons, or by scheduling a demo to see this simulation in action.

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