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Medication Administration Healthcare Simulation Resources Available from sim2grow

Medication administration within healthcare simulation helps to better prepare learners across the world for their roles in patient care. The level of clinical simulation training and education provided factors into their knowledge and readiness for practice. To support simulation educators, the company sim2grow provides a number of simulation resources specific to undergraduate nursing education. This HealthySimulation.com article shares many of the nursing education simulation resources available from sim2grow and explains how they can be of use.

The team at sim2grow has 30 years of combined experience in nursing education and healthcare simulation in academia and clinical practice. Specifically, the company’s CEO, Kateri Gabriele, graduated with her MS in Medical and Healthcare Simulation from NYIT in 2014 and holds certifications as a CHSE and CHSOS.

This combined experience has helped sim2grow bring more than their medication administration training system to the healthcare simulation community. As a trusted resource in innovative simulation solutions, they now also produce a monthly newsletter sharing their latest blog posts. Included in the blog posts are free downloadable simulation tools that are geared towards both the nursing lab and simulation faculty as well as classroom and clinical faculty. Each simulation resource was designed by sim2grow to promote the achievement of nursing-specific learning objectives.

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Medication Administration Training Solution Webinar

Company leaders have engaged in the presentation of several healthcare simulation webinars to help inform others in the space. For example, on the HealthySimulation.com LEARN platform, “Affordable Medication Admin Training with sim2grow: A Total Solution” is a 45-minute presentation showcasing sim2grow’s affordable simulated medication administration training solution, which provides unlimited medication pass practice from med room to bedside. Webinar learning objectives include being able to:

  • Recognize the need for comprehensive medication administration training in nursing programs.
  • Identify the benefits and features of sim2grow med admin that solve the problems existing in their labs.
  • Create use case scenarios that ensure a program’s ROI for purchasing a total medication administration solution.

As explained during this webinar, sim2grow has created an affordable medication administration training system with all the essential elements necessary to teach safe medication administration from start to finish: dispensing unit, barcoded medication tags and integrated bedside barcode scanning, unlimited software space to add patients and medication orders, and documentation capabilities. The company’s system eliminates the confusion and frustration that comes with makeshift practice equipment or the need to piece together multiple products to practice the entire med pass process. Learners can repeatedly practice medication passes until each procedure becomes second nature.

Medication Administration Education Resource

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The company’s downloadable simulation tools include 20 ways to “Thread Medication Administration Throughout your Curriculum.” This tool presents innovative ideas for weaving the critical skill of medication administration throughout a nursing curriculum. This tool goes beyond the expected use case for the sim2grow medication administration training solution. The tool teaches that medication administration should be part of nearly every classroom and clinical experience, not just the dedicated learning in the nursing lab. Relying on learning med pass in the clinical setting is inadequate for this critical skill.

Escape Room Resources

sim2grow offers free Escape Room templates. Escape Rooms have become a popular simulation modality that increases the engagement of learners. Gabriele has presented at multiple conferences on the development and use of Escape Rooms as a creative Simulation-based Activity. sim2grow’s latest Escape Room: “Med Room Mayhem” is now available to reinforce principles of safe medication administration. sim2grow’s “Mock Code Mystery” Escape Room has been used by many schools with positive reviews.

Clinical Judgment Resources

The company offers a Clinical Judgment Skills Integration Template to assist simulation educators to align the six cognitive skills from the NCSBN Clinical Judgement Measurement Model to nursing simulation activities, helping prepare program participants for the next generation NCLEX. Skills lab is not just for psychomotor skills. Thinking skills in the form of clinical judgment should also be on a healthcare simulation educator’s agenda. Additionally, nursing programs can benefit from the “How to Use Nursing Simulation to Get students Excited for Clinical Judgment” guide.

Simulation Equipment Acquisition Resources

The Sim Equipment Algorithm Planning Worksheet and a Medication Administration Grant Template are resources that can be used to assist with both simulation equipment acquisition planning and purchase. The copy-and-paste language in the grant template can be directly inserted into your application and provides the necessary information and research to support the purchase of sim2grow’s medication administration training system.

Simulation Implementation Resources

The Fictional Contract is a resource that can be used to enhance the overall fidelity of your nursing and healthcare simulations. The INACSL Standards of Best Practice support using Fictional Contracts for this purpose, as they work to improve fidelity, reach higher levels of learner engagement, and optimize educational outcomes.

Also available from sim2grow, Lab Behavior Expectations Posters add validity to the phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Nursing simulation educators can post these engaging reminders of expected learner conduct throughout a sim lab. They are a fun way to remind learners of appropriate behavior.

Finally, the Sim Scheduling Request Form Template can be used to solve scheduling conflicts following the advice in the blog post that accompanies this customizable scheduling request form.

More About sim2grow

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, sim2grow offers a comprehensive medication administration training system allowing nursing students to work from the medication room to the bedside using a single product, including eMAR and barcode scanning technology. sim2grow’s system serves as an all-inclusive solution addressing two major limitations encountered by nursing education programs: price point and fidelity. sim2grow’s medication administration system offers low-cost solutions with a high-tech feel, allowing for unlimited high-stakes skill practice in the safety of a nursing lab.

The company helps nursing students grow into safe, competent nurses through healthcare simulation while leveling the playing field by delivering an affordable simulation solution to nursing programs with tight budgets. Get started by scheduling a virtual demo.

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