Laparoscopic Simulator

A Laparoscopic Simulator is a minimally-invasive surgical simulation training tool intended for learners and medical professionals alike. Laparoscopic training simulators are tools that can be used in training scenarios focused on laparoscopic surgery, as they demonstrate virtually all major abdominal surgical procedures. With Laparoscopic Surgery Simulators, learners can begin to familiarize themselves with the performance methodologies.

Comprised of vendor-based training services, custom consulting services and educational society services, simulation training services have the ability to leverage laparoscopic surgery advantages. Simultaneously, they can augment learners’ dexterity and visualization, eliminate the ergonomic discomfort of long surgery services and work to turn Laparoscopic Simulators into an essential technology for the patient, learners and hospitals.

Due to the apparent complexity of some laparoscopic procedures, simulation offers a way for learners to master new skill sets, without practicing on real-life patients. This is important because oftentimes the complexity of laparoscopy procedures in a clinical setting can lead to challenging circumstances which professionals must be fully prepared for. These challenges can even extend to medicolegal and ethical concerns, as well as involving fiscal and time limitations.

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Therefore, simulated clinical experiences are able to take place outside of the operating room and to offer strong insight into what one can expect during one of these procedures. Ultimately, this “practice” holds promise in yielding a more comprehensive laparoscopic education emphasizing safe and skilled techniques.

According to one study, “Laparoscopic Simulators : Are They Useful,” residents who received laparoscopic training on a simulator demonstrated better overall psychomotor skills in the operating room than those who did not utilize simulation in training. The study also recalls that training in simulated environments can help learners develop the technical skills needed to performance of laparoscopic surgery in a living organism or natural setting. Training at regular intervals will benefit the residents in gaining significant improvement of their psychomotor skills.

Laparoscopy Simulator Product Examples

One example of a Laproscopic Simulator is the MEDICAL-X LAP-X, which provides easy accessible minimally invasive surgery simulation training for medical professionals at low-cost. This product was designed for surgical residents, physicians and operating room assistants who require exercise laparoscopy skills training in medical schools/universities, hospitals and skills centers.

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LAP-X delivers simulation training for various surgical specialties such as general surgery, gynecology, urology, pediatric surgery and gastrointestinal surgery. The LAP-X simulator for laparoscopy also has four different system platforms in order to fulfill different requirements of healthcare professionals: LAP-X Hybrid, LAP-X VR, LAP-X Box pro, and LAP-X Box.

The advantages of the LAP-X are as that the product is intuitive to use, the software and hardware are self-explanatory and does not need third-party guidance and that the product uses real surgical instruments to narrow the gap to reality. Providing up-to-date educational assistance, LAP-X updates new virtual reality exercises and modules free within license period and provides all services with software and hardware guarantee. Also, the product itself is extremely lightweight, making the LAP-X portable for use virtually anywhere.

Another example of a working laparoscopic simulator is CAE Healthcare’s LapVR. Unlike other simulators, CAE says that the LapVR permits the upload of supplemental multimedia content to enrich the learner’s experience.

“The essential skills and procedures in the LapVR System provide valuable training for surgical students and help prepare them for laparoscopic surgery,” explained Aurora D. Pryor, ​​​director of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Duke University’s Durham Regional Hospital.

Ultimately, this laparoscopic simulator was designed to provide learners a means through which they can practice, learn and improve upon minimally invasive surgical (MIS) skills. The skills the product is able to assist in improving range from basic to advanced laparoscopic procedures.

Additionally, LapVR gives learners the opportunity to develop proficiency in techniques such as suturing, knot tying and loop ligation. Other frequently performed laparoscopic surgeries, like gallbladder removal and tubal occlusion, can be performed on this simulator as well for risk-free learning prior to first-hand performance on a patient.

The LapVR Laparoscopic Simulator simulator further supports setup for individuals or groups and easy course planning methodologies. Administrators are given the opportunity to easily customize case parameters to match each learner’s performance level, further customizing the learning experience.

At the conclusion of each simulation study and case, learners are debriefed with evidence-based metrics and outcome measurements. The recorded metrics and post-case debriefing provide analytical feedback for continuous trainee development. This means that instructors are able to break down positive and negative feedback based on the learners simulated performance, correcting any errors in real-time.

Additional companies that provide for Laparoscopic Simulators include 3D Systems (Simbionix), VirtaMed, Surgical Science and more…. so Complete our Find Vendor Form to Connect with Leading Laparoscopic Simulator Providers!

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