eoSurgical’s Innovative Lap Sim Instrument Tracking Goes Mobile

In the world of laparoscopic simulators, box trainers are the workhorses of developing dexterity, skills and muscle memory. However, unlike much more expensive virtual reality trainers, box trainers have not previously provided user feedback on performance.

eoSurgical Ltd, based in Edinburgh, UK, changed all that several years ago when they launched their unique and innovative instrument tracking software, SurgTrac, For the first-time users of box trainers could now have their task performances automatically and objectively assessed in real time, building up a portfolio of performance for appraisal and validation.

Now things have got even better with the launch of eoSurgical’s iOS SurgTrac app, powering up tablets and smartphones with this revolutionary instrument tracking software. The software and app is compatible with eoSurgical’s own brand and much loved eoSim simulators, but can also be used with many other box trainers. It’s not surprising then that SurgTrac has found a home in training labs, teaching hospitals and operating suites all over the world. eoSurgical have sold into almost 60 countries, meeting the needs of everyone from individual customers to high throughput regional training centres.

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SurgTrac comes with a programme of training through three modules relating to stages of development, Core, Advanced and Elite. Customers can also purchase a Fundamentals of Laparoscopic surgery(FLS) – module that allows FLS candidates to assess their performance as they train.There are a variety of pricing packages to suit individuals and training programmes, with time-limited festive discounts.

In each module, the user learns and rehearses skills related to validated tasks, developing the key motor skills needed for real-life surgery. After each performance, the user receives instant feedback on a set of metrics determined from the scientific literature to be key indicators of ability. For example, we know that as a surgeon progresses in their career, they become less dependent on one or other hand as their dominant hand. So as a surgeon develops their skills, their handedness equilibrates between right and left sides, and SurgTrac tracks this. For users training through a hospital or institution, the training supervisor can review all the performances through an easy to use interface within the software.    With the IOS app this unique instrument tracking functionality can now be used more easily anywhere and anytime.

All users get a monthly emailed update on their performance, motivating them to train harder. If they get really good they may feature on the TopScalpel leaderboard.

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Today’s article was guest authored by Paul Brennan MB BChir, FRCS, PhD, Co-founder and Director, Consutlant Neurosurgeon at eoSurgical Ltd.

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