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May 17, 2023

HTC Vive Shares Helpful Resources on Use of Virtual Reality in Healthcare Simulation

Virtual Reality hardware provider HTC Vive has recently collaborated with on creating several key resources for healthcare professionals considering the use of VR in clinical education and training. By sharing these open access video podcasts with industry experts, helpful eBooks covering proven use cases, and insightful national survey results, HTC Vive demonstrates the potential [...]

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May 16, 2023

SimX Virtual Reality Platform Launches New Medical Simulation Sepsis Scenario

SimX is a virtual reality (VR) medical simulation program that allows learners to step into the shoes of healthcare providers in complex medical scenarios. The platform offers a range of cases that test learners’ ability to identify and manage various medical emergencies while honing their communication and patient management skills. These SimX scenarios focus on [...]

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April 13, 2023

How Digital Twins Will Change Healthcare Education

Do Digital Twins have applications in healthcare simulation? Digital Twins are virtual models of physical objects, processes, or complex systems that are created to accurately mimic their real-world counterparts. These “Twins” are models that are created using data analytics and AI algorithms that aim to provide a detailed representation of the physical entity they represent [...]

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March 10, 2023

Latest Clinical Simulation News From Around the World | March 2023

Helping healthcare simulation educators, administrators, and learners to stay up-to-date on industry topics, finds and shares relevant news and information from around the world. This news includes new partnerships, upcoming events, research, books, and more. Together, these industry updates help paint a picture of where the healthcare simulation industry is presently, and where the [...]

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