March 20, 2023By Lance Baily

Customers Give High Marks to sim2grow’s Medication Administration System as a Game Changer for Improving Student Learning Outcomes

Teaching safe medication administration is a critical outcome for nursing programs. It’s too important to not get right because patients lives are at stake. Relying on students getting enough practice during clinical is a gamble for many programs. The systems used in hospitals can be overly complicated and financially out of reach for most nursing programs to bring into their practice and sim labs. Is your nursing program looking for ways to improve your students’ safe medication administration skills? Look no further than sim2grow’s medication administration training system. Don’t just take their word for it – see what their customers have to say.

The sim2grow team recently conducted a survey of current customers to better understand how their product is being used in the field, including how it is impacting faculty implementation as well as student learning outcomes.

For the survey, it was important to understand what customers were using to teach medication administration before purchasing sim2grow’s med admin training system. In an all-too-common situation for US-based nursing programs, many customers were using outdated med carts or dispensing systems that were too complicated to maintain. For documentation, they were using paper charts. One customer summarized the existing med admin training set-ups representative of the majority of the group:

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“We were using our own makeshift medication administration setup without bar scanning.” Customers want something easy to set up and easy to set use. They need, as one pleased customer put it: “A solution that could be adapted to many scenarios to simulate medication administration with an eMAR system.” That’s where sim2grow comes in.

Customers report their favorite part of the sim2grow system. They love the simplicity of the product and ease of use, along with its cost-effectiveness in meeting medication dispensing objectives. Many describe needing a system that is simple enough for faculty to use yet one that meets student needs regarding bedside scanning. As one customer put it, “The system from sim2grow allowed us to integrate bedside medication scanning in a simple, usable format.”

Being able to meet established learning objectives is essential to justify the return on investment for any simulation equipment. So, customers were asked how the sim2grow medication administration training system impacts student learning outcomes related to teaching safe medication administration. Customers report that students are much more comfortable with medication administration because now they are able to provide multiple opportunities for implementing the skill.

“They are able to pass meds from start to finish like in a hospital setting.” Additionally, “there is a boosting in confidence of the skill of medication dispensing, which builds student confidence for clinical sites.”

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The sim2grow medication administration training system also allows for continuity between lab and clinical medication administration, as well as an opportunity to practice a skill before hitting the clinical unit.

“It is another layer of realism we can add to our simulation experience, and students are getting the experience they may not be getting on the clinical floor.” In terms of faculty satisfaction, 98% of faculty surveyed rate sim2grow’s medication administration training system as “Fully Meets” or “Exceeds” expectations in categories such as orientation to technology, ease of set up, ease of use, addressing learning objectives, improving clinical performance, student skill acquisition, student skill retention, and student skill transfer to the clinical setting.

Overall, the survey results demonstrate that sim2grow’s medication administration training system is a game-changer for nursing programs looking to improve their students’ safe medication administration skills. The sim2grow system is easy to use, cost-effective and has a positive impact on student learning outcomes. Don’t miss out – give your students the best possible preparation for their future careers with sim2grow.

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More About the Medication Administration Training System

sim2Grow’s medication administration training system was created by experienced nurse educators. This product was a labor of love that came out of frustration with the lack of comprehensive and affordable products in the market. From the medication room to the bedside, the product takes learners through the entire medication administration process. The medication administration training system even includes an opportunity to document the med administration and relevant clinical patient information related to the medication being administered.

High-volume practice is achievable because once a learner finishes the process and taps “done,” the system software automatically resets and is ready to be handed off for the next learner to start. There is no complicated, confusing, or time-consuming upkeep. Teaching nursing students safe medication administration is too important to not get right, and they deserve unlimited practice because nurses should NEVER feel unprepared when they administer medication. Here is a 44-second video of the system in action.

More About sim2grow

sim2grow is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and we believe that every nursing student deserves the opportunity to grow into a safe, competent nurse, which is why we’re committed to healthcare simulation.

We’re excited to offer a comprehensive medication administration training system for your nursing students. The comprehensive system is designed to take students from the medication room all the way to the bedside using a single product, which includes eMAR and barcode scanning technology.

We understand the challenges faced by nursing programs. We are nurse educators and experienced firsthand the problem of a lack of affordable integrated tools to teach safe med pass from start to finish. So, we fixed it ourselves! Every critical element is included. Every obstacle eliminated…all designed and programmed by us, the sim2grow co-founders. You’ll get an affordable and easy-to-use solution with a high-tech feel, allowing for unlimited high-stakes skill practice in the safety of a nursing lab.

If you’re ready to take your nursing program to the next level, we invite you to schedule a virtual demo. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have, and we can’t wait to show you how sim2grow can help your students succeed.

Learn More About sim2grow’s Medication Administration Training System

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