Avkin’s Avbirth Birthing Simulator Takes EMS Industry by Storm

Avkin’s Avbirth wearable birthing simulator is the answer for creating realistic childbirth simulations for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers. The ability to provide EMS professionals with effective and realistic simulated birthing opportunities has been tricky in the past due to obvious limitations in patient presentations, as well as the high costs of high-fidelity ob birthing manikins. Finding an effective and realistic childbirth simulator which can also be utilized “in the field” during emergency scenarios is no easy task. This is where Avkin comes in! This HealthySimulation.com article will explore the potential impact of the Avbirth for EMS emergency birth training.

Avbirth’s Application in EMS Training

The Avkin Avbirth is a revolutionary wearable simulator designed to mimic the complexities and unpredictability of a real childbirth. The realism and mobility of Avbirth cause the product to stand out. EMS leaders see Avbirth as an invaluable asset for training new EMS recruits and giving seasoned professionals the ability to practice complicated births.

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The Avbirth brings an unprecedented level of realism to EMS training because of meticulous design that replicates the various stages of childbirth, including pre-labor signs, labor, delivery, and post-delivery complications. The level of detail that goes into the simulations for the Avbirth, which range from normal births to shoulder dystocia, breech and postpartum hemorrhage, ensures that EMS professionals are not just learning the theoretical aspects of childbirth but are also getting hands-on experience that closely mirrors real-life situations.

What really makes the Avbirth stand-out in the EMS world, is the easy mobility. Unlike many high-fidelity simulators that are fixed in simulation labs, or are just too heavy and fragile to carry and position, the Avbirth can be easily transported and set up in various environments. From homes to public spaces, this mobility allows EMS professionals to train in scenarios that replicate the diverse and often unpredictable locations where they might be called to assist with childbirth.

The Avbirth seamlessly connects to an Ipad via Bluetooth, enabling the simulation to be controlled through pre-built, custom, or direct commands. Educators appreciate the freedom from worrying about Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing them to focus solely on the simulation. Each Avbirth unit includes an iPad, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

What captivates participants is the presence of a real person integrated into the simulation. As a wearable product, it provides a unique experience of interacting with the simulated birth person and guiding them through the labor process. No other product in the market matches this level of realism. The Avbirth wearer utilizes an Avband, a three-way communication device that vibrates during contractions and subsides when they cease. This feature facilitates authentic interactions between the standardized patient and the healthcare provider during the simulation.

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Durham County EMS Captain, Anita Swiman, has been using the Avbirth for her EMS simulations, creating realistic scenarios of childbirth in all types of environments, including in the woods.

“The first time we used the Avbirth, we had such great learner engagement,” Captain Swiman shared in a recent youtube posted video interview. This was a simulation where Captain Swiman had given birth during the training (using the Avbirth) and went into maternal hemorrhage and coded.

“As an educator, I was so excited that I had such buy-in from my own students; they knew I wasn’t pregnant, they knew I wasn’t dead…” Captain Swiman added about the dedication of the students during the simulation, “(the simulation) progressed clinically how it looked like it was supposed to…” Captain Swiman then added, “It (the Avbirth) has done exactly what we wanted it to since we bought it.”

Avbirth Bridging the Theory and Practice Gap

The Avkin Avbirth is bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. By providing a realistic, hands-on learning experience, Avbirth ensures that EMS professionals are not just theoretically competent, but also practically prepared to handle childbirth emergencies in the field. In the EMS field, where every second counts and the right actions can mean the difference between life and death, this is absolutely crucial.

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The introduction of the Avkin Avbirth into EMS training programs is a testament to the ongoing innovation in the field. Avbirth represents a significant step forward in how emergency medical personnel are trained, moving away from textbook scenarios to immersive, real-world simulations.

The Avkin Avbirth is more than just a simulator; this innovative product is a game-changer in the field of EMS education and training. Avbirth’s unparalleled realism and mobility is an essential tool for preparing EMS professionals for one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of their job: bringing new life into the world safely. The importance of such innovative tools in enhancing the skills and confidence of emergency medical personnel can not be overstated. The Avkin Avbirth is indeed a significant leap forward in simulation technology for the EMS industry.

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More About Avkin

Avkin is the leader in developing and manufacturing wearable simulators for healthcare simulations. Avkin also focuses on consulting with Standardized Patient programs and offering support to institutions to grow and flourish their own strategic program. Avkin’s CEO, Amy Cowperthwait, CEO, RN, MSN, CNS, CHSE-A, is a simulationist that built her standardized patient program from the ground up. Avkin is the one stop shop for standardized patients.

Avkin’s sensor-enabled, wearable technology uses haptic feedback to enable a new class of medical simulation training that teaches both the art (soft skills) and science (hard skills) required from practitioners like doctors, nurses, and first responders. What sets Avkin apart from competitors is that they add a realistic backstory focused on empathy so that users can bring medical simulations to life.

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