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IMSH 2022 Vendor Demos: CAE Healthcare, Avkin, EMS

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH), this year’s International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) provided an opportunity for healthcare simulation champions from around the world to come together. IMSH 2022 remained a hybrid event as planned, taking place in person and virtually from January 15 to January 19, 2022, in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Along with more than 90 exhibitors and more than 1,200 registered simulationists, HealthySimulation.com was in attendance and had the opportunity to interview several leading vendors across the industry. Below are healthcare simulation interviews with CAE Healthcare and Avkin.

CAE Healthcare Showcases CAE Maestro at IMSH 2022

Featuring the power of CAE Physiology for model-driven simulation and designed with a streamlined interface for instructor-driven scenarios, CAE Maestro is the most comprehensive and user-friendly application of its kind. The application is also simply intuitive, offering more information for facilitator and learner, detailed patient status, graphical indicators of patient changes, and expanded assessment capabilities at your fingertips for effortless orchestration of clinical simulations.

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The result of lessons learned from two decades of technological leadership in healthcare education, CAE Maestro puts simple control of complex experiences at your fingertips for effortless orchestration of your simulations. Further, CAE Maestro has numerous innovations to help you achieve your learning objectives.

At IMSH 2022, Jeff Evans, the Vice President of Global Sales at CAE Healthcare, provided a demonstration of how, specifically, CAE Maestro Embody works. The platform has 130 both instructor-directed as well as learner-directed or self-directed classes. The virtual environment offers these users to really take a look at each individual patient.

“If there’s anything that COVID has told us, it’s that we have to continue to think about not only a physical environment in healthcare simulation but also what the future looks like. As we continue to evolve, Maestro will continue to think about how those two come together to really help support what healthcare simulation can be in the future. Evans said. “We think this is the future of healthcare, in combination with the physical dynamics that you have within healthcare simulation.”

CAE Healthcare, a division of Canadian-based CAE, is among world leaders in developing cutting-edge healthcare simulation learning tools for today’s professional healthcare providers. The company strives to deliver educational tools that best help healthcare professionals provide safe high-quality patient care. CAE Healthcare has an extraordinarily vast area of simulated products ranging from manikins, interventional and imaging systems, and AV recording debriefing / Learning Management Systems.

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Avkin’s Demonstrates Wearable Birthing Simulator, Avbirth

Showcased at IMSH 2022, Avkin’s Avbirth has become a maternal-fetal “game-changer.” The technological advancements, wearable design, and pre-programmed simulations set his technology apart as the gold standard for maternal-fetal simulation education. Further, the tetherless wearable birthing simulator has been designed to:

  • Authentically simulate all stages of childbirth.
  • Closely mimic the physiology of the birthing process.
  • Cue the “mother” during contractions via haptic vibrations.
  • Replicate obstetrical emergencies commonly encountered in marginalized populations.

The “simulated mother” can ambulate untethered during early labor, promoting dilation, and effacement as they transition to active labor. Learners can now realistically practice coaching through a contraction because the mother and support person can both receive haptic signals at the wrist that follow the ebb and flow of the contraction.

Through Bluetooth connection of Avbirth to the Avkin App, the healthcare simulation facilitator can program the release of amniotic fluid and/or blood at any stage of labor. This technology enhances the assessment throughout the birthing process for the learners to practice needed communication skills and make clinical judgments about the health and well-being of both the mother and infant throughout labor and delivery.

Overall, Avbirth is setting the standard for childbirth education in healthcare simulation. The solution is easy to set up, re-rack, and clean up. Plus, Avkin’s team of designers and engineers focused on combining just the right amount of technology to provide you with a broad range of maternal-fetal simulations while keeping Avbirth an easy plug-and-play solution, seamlessly filling the void and inconsistencies of clinical learning.

In this video demonstration, a delivery using Avbirth can be seen. The simulated patient begins at 10 centimeters dilated and begins pushing. Those involved in the simulated birth are able to see which responsibilities must be delegated, and experience how the birthing process progresses.

Avkin is a manufacturer of wearable devices for use in healthcare simulations and is a consultant for standardized patient programs. ​​Founded by a nurse educator, Avkin provides a simulation solution that combines the best of high-fidelity mannequins and the realism of standardized patients for the most authentic simulation experience possible. The company believes that the key to success in patient-centered care is practitioner training through realistic healthcare simulations and that human interaction is irreplaceable in clinical education.

Rooted in the Latin words, “Akin” and “Vera,” Avkin is the combination of the two. With Akin meaning ‘of similar character,’ and vera meaning ‘truth,’ our goal has always been to create the best quality products that allow for education to be ‘of similar character’ and ‘true’ to what the learners will experience in real life.

NEJM Healer, Distributed by EMS, Showcased at IMSH 2022

NEJM Healer offers medical schools, physician assistant programs, and other clinical training programs a systematic way to develop students’ diagnostic reasoning skills. This new online application packages the most current and reliable clinical information in a strategically curated library of patient cases to deliver an effective and engaging learning experience. NEJM Healer eliminates trendy avatars to reduce cognitive load and allow learners to focus on the actual clinical reasoning process.

In this video, Raja-Elie E. Abdulnour, MD, lead editor and director of educational innovation at NEJM Group and the creator of NEJM Healer explains how the application of clinical reasoning operates. He notes how this application utilizes virtual patients, built on a foundation of clinical and cognitive sciences. Then, each clinical encounter is broken down into different stages.

Education Management Solutions (EMS) and their brand SimulationIQ is a leading healthcare simulation company that provides audiovisual recording debriefing systems, learning management systems, A/V design consulting, online learning systems, counseling training systems, virtual patient simulations, as well ROI and competency-based evaluation systems.

Founded in 1994, the mission of EMS has always been to provide a safe environment for healthcare professionals to develop patient safety skills. They feel strongly that their state-of-the-art technology makes simulation training even easier, from automated training sessions to feature-rich, interactive tools in the simulation classroom and mobile solutions for in-situ training environments. The EMS goal is to bring educators the best collaborative innovation the industry has to offer – as “innovation has been written into our DNA for over 20 years”!

More About IMSH

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) hosts IMSH annually and offers over 250 sessions encompassing interactive and immersive courses and plenary sessions. The IMSH meeting is aligned with the SSH’s mission to “provide hands-on learning in leading-edge medical simulation trends and technology, networking and collaboration.” Furthermore, the programs are all peer-reviewed and are selected to serve the needs of novices to experts.

“Every year, professionals from all experience levels and from more than 50 countries attend IMSH,” Kathy Adams, Director of Continuing Education, SSH, said. “Any professional interested in or currently working in healthcare simulation will find value in the healthcare simulation conference; the range of learning formats — from small, interactive workshops, to large, inspiring plenaries – and the breadth of topics presented by global experts ensures that there is something for every learning style, interest and experience level.”

At IMSH meetings, key areas of discussion are often new ideas, leadership development, new processes, and research findings, innovative approaches, design strategies, return on investment, and improved communication techniques. As a catalyst for advancement and evolution in healthcare simulation technology, the IMSH brings together and connects industry professionals to learn. The event is considered to be one of the top educational and networking events for the healthcare simulation world, especially for those with interests in IPE.

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