August 10, 2022By Lance Baily

New CAE LearningSpace Launches Offer Next-Level Clinical Simulation Solutions

Across healthcare simulation, educators seek to always be in control of their setup, situation, or need. Providing the “right tools at the right time” CAE Healthcare’s LearningSpace offers smooth-running simulation education and center management. In providing simplified simulation management that works with any clinical simulation training program, LearningSpace offers three tiers of software options to suit any size or type of simulation center. This article details several new LearningSpace launches from CAE Healthcare, describing the features that make them next-level solutions.

With LearningSpace now comes new layout options, including single, quad, and picture-in-picture views. Users can drag and drop cameras into the main display area. There are also now simulated clinical experience widgets and send-to-screen capabilities (previously only available in LearningSpace Essentials, now in Enterprise as well).

As your educational program evolves, CAE LearningSpace is there to provide scalability within one platform that can grow from a one-room healthcare simulation center to interconnected, multiple centers or virtual training with full audiovisual, scheduling management, and assessment features.

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CAE LearningSpace’s new Standardized Patient Administration module is now available to users on the LearningSpace Enterprise tier. Built to be on screens and on the go, this SPA module offers a streamlined approach to coordinating scheduling needs with standardized patients. The module is fully cloud-based and requires no hardware, allowing users to save time when setting up simulations with hardware-free learning experiences anywhere and at any time.

The Standardized Patient Administration module provides registration process assistance in terms of hiring and onboarding of new SPs. Additionally, the solution enables users to talk 1:1 or set up a group conversation in a built-in chat feature to support quicker responses. Additionally, a new mobile app (iOS & Android compatible) ensures everyone stays up to date about scheduling and training plans.

Another new module from CAE Healthcare, LearningSpace Essentials Lite, offers the same simulation management features of LearningSpace Essentials, now in a “lite” cloud-based configuration for in-person or remote learning. Plus, new teaching tools add reliable, easy-to-use training and assessment capabilities. Other features of this remote learning solution are that there is also no hardware involves, and built-in teleconferencing capabilities to eliminate the need for third-party virtual meeting hosts by dialing in directly to learners.

With deeper access to more training tools, medical simulation educators can bring realistic clinical simulation to learners through the interactive virtual learning platform, Maestro Evolve. This is then integrated into Essentials Lite to bring learners a continuous stream of new, preprogrammed scenarios, virtual medical equipment, and other teaching tools. Those already using LearningSpace Essentials can gain access to Essentials Lite and the new options, including Maestro Evolve integration and built-in teleconferencing. “Go lite for better training.”

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More About LearningSpace

LearningSpace is a powerful, scalable center management solution reimagined to enhance efficiency and productivity. With one scalable platform for healthcare education and universal hardware configurations, CAE LearningSpace grows with each center without requiring replacement equipment. Users can simply add rooms, features, and even linked simulation centers as their respective clinical simulation program grows.

From initial consultation through system design, implementation and training, users will work with one dedicated team that will help them meet their educational objectives, budget, and timeline. Whether an educator’s goal is to increase pass rates, prove ROI for their clinical simulation center or ensure maximum efficiency with limited staff, CAE Healthcare extends the best team to offer a custom simulation management platform. Further, the customer service team offers reliable and knowledgeable support with rapid troubleshooting and resolution for reduced downtime.

“LearningSpace has enabled Eastern Virginia Medical School to verify and validate most of the soft skills that we teach to our students. It has proven helpful to provide captured videos to instructors and to students as part of the feedback mechanism and learning process. Because of this increased level of instruction, our students are consistently ranked highly against their peers when in residency or preceptorships; this is due in part to our widespread and consistent use of LearningSpace,” shared Robert K. Armstrong, Jr., director at Eastern Virginia Medical School

More About CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare, a division of Canadian-based CAE, is among the world leaders in developing cutting-edge healthcare simulation learning tools for today’s professional healthcare providers. The company strives to deliver educational tools that best help healthcare professionals provide safe high-quality patient care. CAE Healthcare has an extraordinarily vast area of simulated products ranging from manikins, interventional and imaging systems, and AV recording debriefing / Learning Management Systems.

CAE Healthcare has a unique range of manikins for simulation medical training including the iStan, METIman, Human Patient Simulator (HPS), Emergency Care Simulator (ECS), PediaSIM, and BabySim. Most of these high-fidelity medical simulation manikins now run on CAE Healthcare’s patented Müse software. As one of the original innovators of medical simulation technology, CAE Healthcare has continued to innovate new learning products and solutions that support the world’s healthcare industry. For example, while iStan may be the “flag-ship” manikin for CAE, they also provide a range of other medical simulation educational solutions such as eDose or LearningSpace, their learning management system.

They also have a full range of surgical simulators including the CAE Laparoscopy VR, CAE EndoscopyVR, and CathLabVR, as well as the Viamedix ultrasound simulator. CAE Healthcare has also expanded to include Learning Modules, or simulation scenario-based learning curricula, to help train your healthcare students or working professionals. Their healthcare simulation-based scenarios range from pediatric and adult nursing to ACLS and disaster medical readiness just to name a few. CAE Healthcare helps debrief your simulation training of clinical skills with METIVision, a comprehensive recording, and a digital playback learning solution.

Learn More About CAE LearningSpace

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