December 3, 2021By Lance Baily

Laerdal’s SimMan 3G PLUS Upgrades Patient Simulator Features

Since Laerdal Medical first introduced the SimMan Essential in 2010, the company has been continually adding features to enhance the realism and effectiveness of the medical simulator. Most recently, the release of the SImMan 3G Plus extended an updated, fully-immersive simulation experience with heightened realism. Employing the SimMan 3G PLUS, learners can encounter complex medical cases all in a risk-free environment and train with real clinical devices, in compliance with current guidelines. Ultimately, SimMan 3G PLUS ensures that when the clinical experience is real, the learner will be ready.

The company’s newest medical simulator has been designed to represent a diverse range of patient scenarios to help prepare learners for real-world situations. SimMan 3G PLUS introduces interchangeable face skins for diversity training and full articulation for realistic patient handling. Learners can train individually or as a team, and can practice critical skills such as decision-making, team communication, and patient care.

New features for SimMan 3G Plus include fully articulating arms, with realistic patient handling and added bilateral features. This provides the capability to train in ALS and ACLS scenarios. The clinical simulator uses a standard clinical monitor for an accurate BP measurement and comes with an improved pulse. Learners can measure oxygen saturation levels with the same pulse oximeter used on a real patient, and no extra equipment is necessary for SpO2 monitoring.

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The SimMan 3G Plus helps make simulation training as seamless as possible using a learner’s own equipment, from blood pressure measurement to defibrillation. Educators can use the same scenario for all of their learners to streamline education and train to perfection. They can then make use of bi-lateral features and humeral IO to train in compliance with current standards and guidelines. Training can occur in the form of:

Learners can deliver intramuscular or intraosseous medications with real devices and fluids. Flexible defibrillation options allow them to train with real pads or paddles using a live defibrillator. Research has proven that high-fidelity healthcare simulation training boosts knowledge retention, decision-making skills, and team performance. Together, these features can help position SimMan 3G PLUS as the cornerstone of any simulation training program. Laerdal’s extensive clinical simulation ecosystem of software, tablets, and equipment allows educators to conduct training in any environment. SimMan 3G PLUS additionally comes equipped with seamless network connectivity capability to ensure you run uninterrupted simulation sessions with confidence.

More About SimMan 3G

Comparatively, the SimMan 3G is also a durable patient simulator created for high-quality healthcare simulation training in a multitude of different medical procedures and patient cases. Learners can use SimMan 3G as a stand-alone simulator, or expand their training possibilities with high-quality add-ons and your own equipment. Scenario-based training using SimMan 3G combines the need to identify skill improvement areas for individuals as well as those essential for a team to function together, such as communication, behavior, and leadership.

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SimMan 3G is able to display a wide range of physiological and neurological symptoms as well as pharmacological responses for over 145 drugs. Learners can easily expand their healthcare simulation training or tailor the training for specialists including:

  • Point of care ultrasound
  • Advanced ventilation management
  • Patient monitoring
  • Video debriefing

SimMan Product Evolution Timeline

SimMan simulators are designed to provide robust, flexible training solutions that can be used to simulate a wide variety of different emergency care and trauma scenarios. After realizing the need for high-fidelity physiological responses in a simulator that could be used in an in situ setting, Laerdal developed SimMan 3G in 2009. This member of the SimMan family displayed neurological symptoms as well as physiological symptoms and could easily be made mobile with wireless technology. SimMan 3G continues to provide educators with the flexibility to train basic and advanced skills in a team-based setting.

In 2010, Laerdal next introduced SimMan Essential. SimMan Essential offers comprehensive clinical functionality to teach core skills in the airway, breathing, cardiac, and circulation management. By offering an expanded simulator portfolio, Laerdal gave clients the power to choose a solution tailored to their needs.

Then, in 2013, Laerdal introduced SimMan 3G Mystic – a clinical simulator designed specifically for the U.S. Army. SimMan 3G Mystic is designed specifically to meet the needs of training for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). SimMan 3G Mystic is only available to U.S. clients.

In 2014, Laerdal released SimMan 3G Trauma. This medical simulator was developed with severe trauma training needs in mind – particularly those of the military and the pre-hospital setting. SimMan 3G Trauma provides clients with the ability to simulate amputated limbs, sternal intraosseous infusion (IO) access, and bleeding control.

In 2016, Laerdal developed SimMan ALS, a mobile and durable solution to meet the needs of pre-and in-hospital emergency care providers. SimMan ALS can be used in conjunction with the Laerdal-SonoSim Ultrasound Solution, LiveShock, or ShockLink to meet a client’s specific training requirements.

More About Laerdal

Laerdal is one of the world’s premier vendors of medical simulation and clinical education equipment. Laerdal Medical began the company’s mission to “Help Save Lives” in 1960 with the invention of the CPR training manikin called Resusci Anne. For over sixty years, Laerdal has provided the global healthcare simulation community with clinical task training and high-fidelity manikin products ranging from the Laerdal pocket mask to the Laerdal SimMan 3G.

The company boasts more than 1400 employees in over 20 countries with as many as 50 international distributors. Laerdal has partnered with key medical and public healthcare societies, such as the American Heart Association and the National League for Nursing, to provide educational curriculum for healthcare students and professionals. Laerdal Medical supports healthcare education training in a range of fields including EMS, military, hospital, nursing, and voluntary organizations just to name a few.

More About Laerdal’s SimMan 3G PLUS

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