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13 More Simulation in Healthcare Companies to That You Need to Know About

Although we at HealthySimulation.com always suggest clinical educators first consider their training goals, and then find the person simulator for the job, it is important to understand all of the potential companies, products, and services available in our ever growing medical simulation industry. New technologies from the companies we have been sharing about previously and here today, are revolutionizing training paradigms with the latest in clinical simulation tools for a dynamic range of educational outcomes. Check out the latest in our ongoing series covering all the of the companies within healthcare simulation:

VRPatients is a physiologically-based clinical simulation training platform that immerses a healthcare provider or first responder into actual case scenarios. Headquartered in Wilmington, Ohio, the VRPatients healthcare simulation training platform allows learners to interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real-time. Looking to provide remote learning opportunities for your EMS program during COVID-19? VRpatients should definitely be part of your consideration. This technology offers many advantages that traditional classroom training alone cannot provide. VRpatients, and its parent company, Virtual Education Systems, began as a startup funded by Cincinnati-based tech incubator CincyTech and Columbus-based Rev1 Ventures before being acquired in 2018. Since then, the entire medical simulation platform, including the UI/UX experience, clinical case scenarios, environments and authoring tools, have been rebuilt and rebranded as VRpatients.

3D Systems is a global additive manufacturing solutions company that offers new and optimized digital design and production workflows to enhance healthcare simulation capabilities and competitiveness. Headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, the company’s solutions include a variety of digitization, design, manufacturing, inspection and management features. Combining these features, 3D Systems’ integrated solutions are able to utilize materials, software, 3D printing and expert services to transform and revolutionize the realm of 3D printing. Today, these professional-grade online 3D printing and manufacturing services empower designers and engineers to create, iterate and produce quality parts directly from digital 3D files.

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Simbionix, recently acquired by Surgical Science, is a surgical simulation, training and education solutions company that specializes in 3D printing, software and anatomical models. The company was founded in 1997 in Littleton. The surgical simulation company provides a complete solution for clinical simulation training programs. Simbionix remains committed to the advancement of clinical performance and optimization of procedural outcomes through simulation education and collaboration. Simbionix’s state-of-the-art technology provides Surgeons, Interventionists, Nurses and Technicians with a platform to learn and master critical skills. The systems offer a range of basic and advanced procedures and medical specialties (like healthcare simulation in nursing education), and incorporate detail with complete metrics for overall skill assessment.

TruCorp: This medical simulation training device company specializes in anatomically correct airway management simulators, emergency simulators and surgical simulation trainers. In addition to medical training manikins, the company also offers a regional anesthesia trainer and an app for healthcare professionals. TruCorp designs, engineers and produces a wide variety of these simulation manikins while remaining committed to healthcare best practices and patient wellbeing. The company’s products, which are used globally, come in both adult and paediatric models. The patient manikins meet the training needs of learners in universities, hospitals, emergency service organizations, simulation centers and other academic/training environments.

TacMed Solutions (formerly Trauma F/X) is an innovative medical simulation and training technology development company that works to improve survivability of severe injuries on the battlefield and in civilian casualty situations. The healthcare simulation company specializes in high-fidelity, ruggedized simulators that deliver a lifelike experience for trainees, creating situation awareness while enabling field exercises in any environment or weather condition. According to Tactical Medical Solutions, the difference between the company’s patient simulators and others can be defined by three R’s: realistic, rugged and responsive. First, as the products are designed by award-winning Hollywood special effects artists, TacMed is able to deliver a look and feel more lifelike than other simulation manikin systems.

SmartMan is a healthcare simulation company that provides high-fidelity simulation systems focusing on emergency resuscitation. Each medical simulation system produced by SmartMan includes a simulation manikin, advanced sensors, analog to digital converters, software to display the performance data and tools to process the data. The training products are scientific instruments that provide accurate measurement of all parameters that relate to emergency skills performance. According to SmartMan, the product tolerances are well beyond what a person is able to perceive. The emergency simulators give learners and trainers a way to establish the proper objective evaluation of skills.

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Wallcur is a simulated medications and practi-products company that specializes in healthcare simulation training and education. The company provides simulation solutions designed for Nurses, Pharmacists, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), medical corps professionals and other allied health program learners throughout the world. Founded in 1972 in San Diego, California, Wallcur is a certified, woman-owned small business. The company’s mission has remained to provide ideas and products that both stimulate and simulate clinical learning in a safe non-clinical environment. Today, with continued educator feed back as well as collaborative research and design, Wallcur has upheld the original mission to provide the most up-to-date, realistic, and cost-effective simulated clinical practice available.

Practi-Meds is a line of simulated medication products owned by Wallcur, which is a simulated medications and practi-products company that specializes in high-quality practice medications for all professional healthcare educators. Wallcur provides simulation solutions, such as the Practi-Meds line, to help create learning opportunities for Nurses, Pharmacists, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), medical corps professionals and other allied health program trainees around the world.

Kognito is a healthcare simulation company that develops virtual simulation training scenarios that train providers to lead real-life conversations regarding social, emotional and physical health. Founded in 2003 and based in New York City, the company’s virtual humans conversation simulations provide an exciting new opportunity to effectively deliver behavioral change outcomes. Composed of a team of scientists, artists and technologists, Kognito works to improve patient-provider communication, collaborative care and health outcomes. The company strives to help health professionals, consumers and caregivers to lead meaningful real-life conversation through role-play simulations.

The Chamberlain Group is a medical simulation company that designs, develops and manufactures anatomically accurate healthcare simulation models, aka medical simulators. These simulated training products can capture the consistency and response of living tissue, providing an alternative to the use of animals and cadavers during interventional training. The company has a studio headquartered in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where the organs are built. Working in close collaboration with other medical device companies and teaching hospitals in 50 countries, the Chamberlain Group is able to meet procedural training objectives with clean, smart clinical simulation solutions. The products produced help illuminate, educate and differentiate learners across the world.

FundamentalVR was founded in 2012, and is a digital health company that uses virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) healthcare simulation solutions to help train surgeons using real-world scenarios. The technology and data insight business specializes in the intersection between immersive experiences and haptics, working to enhance medical training and outcomes. Headquartered in London, England, the company provides training and simulation education across medical and communications markets. FundamentalVR is utilized throughout a variety of disciplines, including minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic, ophthalmology, ENT and neurosurgery. The company’s simulations provide a way to accelerate education, understanding and advocacy across skill training, ranging from technical capability development and rehearsal to clinical shared decision-making.

Surgical Science is a computer software company that has been serving as a leading supplier of virtual reality simulators and surgical simulators for medical training purposes for over 20 years. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, the healthcare simulation company produces training systems for laparoscopic and endoscopic simulation that are used by medical training centers and institutes worldwide for practice, proof of performance and certification of learners, surgeons and physicians. The mission of Surgical Science is to provide learners with a platform capable of training them in the fundamental and technical components involved in surgery before they set foot in an operating room environment. To achieve this goal, the company remains committed to providing state-of-the-art medical training simulators that focus on ease of use and validation.

The Debriefing Academy is a healthcare education company that provides the advanced content, strategies and tools necessary to transform debriefing conversations into vehicles of change within healthcare and medical simulation environments. The company offers an immersive 3.5-day course that focuses on improving debriefing skills by weaving together several important elements of debriefing and feedback in practice. This course offers learning experiences designed to enhance the impact of debriefing conversations within businesses, organizations and simulation centers. By taking The Debriefing Academy courses, leaders can help fuel their understanding, transform their workplace and forge the future generation of administrators within their respective teams.

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