July 18, 2013By Lance Baily

Blood Pressure Simulator "BPsim" From KBPort

blood pressure simulator

While covering the KBPort booth at INACSL 2013, I ran into Angela Hoenig, Senior Healthcare Simulation Consultant at WorldPoint ECC who has partnered with KBPort to build the “BPsim” – an absolutely amazing Blood Pressure Cuff Simulator. You have never seen a medical simulation task trainer like this before so quickly increase fidelity on so many levels! Watch the video below to see the BPsim in action:

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What I really liked about this device was how realistic the blood pressure cuff was, how detailed you could get with the settings, and how it will work on manikins, IV Arm task trainers AND humans! Yes, you can but this simulator over a human arm and hear the simulated blood pressure because the device is louder than the patients. This is really awesome product and I highly suggest you check it out next time it is on display at a medical simulation conference.

Blood Pressure Measurement Simulator Breakdown:

BPsim provides controlled practice to achieve high competency in detecting and measuring blood pressure. The realistic manual blood pressure cuff can be used on standardized patients and mannequin simulators. The BPsim is managed from a remote tablet and can be programmed for any range of blood pressure: Hypo-tension, Normal, Pre-hypertension, Hypertension (Stages 1&2) and Hypertensive Crisis.

Key Features

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  • Works With Any Standard Stethoscope
  • Realistic Analog Sphygmomanometer
  • Programmable Systolic and Diastolic (mmHg) Settings
  • Realistic Korotkoff Sounds
  • Programmable Heart Rate
  • Multiple Cuff Units Can Be Controlled By One Tablet
  • Rechargeable Battery for 9 Hours of Usage

Learn all about the BPsim at KBPort.com!

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