August 14, 2013By Lance Baily

HumanSim Provides Advanced Virtual Healthcare Training


One day we will all be video game characters walking around virtual jobs making real decisions and real money! Getting us one step closer to this not-too-far-off future is HumanSim, a company which facilitates self-paced learning and instructor facilitated team training via our browser based GO platform and mobile devices. Watch this environmental training program demonstration to consider HumanSim further:

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HumanSim provides “enhanced initial, refresher, and sustainable medical education and training. Virtual Heroes is creating HumanSim by taking the most advanced digital game technology available and integrating it with a high-fidelity physiologic-pharmacologic model and dynamic virtual human technology (DVHT) for unprecedented experiential learning. HumanSim emphasizes “learning-by-doing” and provides training-to-proficiency in rare, complicated, or otherwise error-prone tasks and processes. HumanSim enables health care professionals to sharpen their assessment and decision-making skills without risk to patients in realistic, challenging, immersive environments. HumanSim features learning content developed in collaboration with experienced medical professionals affiliated with premier medical institutions and provides content derived from leading clinical references. It is a powerful system for web-based educational content delivery and assessment and evaluation. HumanSim learning modules provide an effective solution for quickly and easily integrating human patient simulation into specific curricula.”

Here’s a local news channel report about HumanSim online training platforms:

HumanSim offers a range of products, including Combat Medic, Sedation & Airway, Team Training, Anesthesia and more! You can even license their software engine to build your own training program.

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To learn more about HumanSim, visit their website at

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