May 6, 2019By Lance Baily

Simulab’s AirwayMan Provides for Airway Management Training | IMSH 2019 Video Demo

Rounding out our coverage of the IMSH 2019 vendor hall video demonstrations, here we take a look at Simulab’s new AirwayMan Trainer announced at the show. Sales Director Stephen Hertz provided us a demonstration of the new Simulab new AirwayMan Trainer — which is priced at just $2,500 and built for healthcare simulation teams to help learners practice and train for complete airway management from nasal and oral intubation, to needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy. Watch the video below to learn more!

About AirwayMan

AirwayMan is Simulab’s new complete airway management training system. With the airway trainer, learners can  AirwayMan offers low cost, replaceable soft tissue components for increased realism and extended product life. Every part of AirwayMan is carefully engineered to recreate the familiar movements, textures and delicate nuances of human anatomy. AirwayMan includes the same realistic cricothyroid structures found in TraumaMan—the most widely used cricothyroidotomy trainer in the world.

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With this device your learners can train for complete airway management from nasal and oral intubation to needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy, while visually confirming key landmarks: functioning epiglottis, vallecula, and vocal cords. Practice patient positioning and assess strength needed for each procedure and proper technique for laryngoscope insertion — with ability to confirm intubation with auscultation and simulated chest excursion. Finally, your educators can also detect intubation errors including Right Mainstem Intubation!

AirwayMan Features & Learning Opportunities:

  • Low cost, replaceable soft airway
  • Easy set-up with soft tissue replacement system
  • Integrated cricothyroidotomy
  • Multi-layered, wrap-around replaceable neck skin with unsurpassed realism
  • Movement, weight and landmarks closely mimic human anatomy
  • Soft palate anatomy allows visual identification during intubation
  • Palpable landmarks and life-like tissue to incise
  • Visible confirmation when successful intubation is achieved

This new device was announced on the heels of the ASPIH 2018 unveiling of the new Simulab Ultrasound ArteriaLine and ABG Trainer.

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About Simulab

Simulab is a medical simulation company, dedicated to replicating human anatomy, and turning it into realistic, easy-to-use training tools that help save lives. By collaborating closely with leading educators world-wide, leveraging their over 25 years of experience and constantly pushing the boundaries of realistic tissue discovery, Simulab has become one of market leaders for realistic and affordable trainers for a vast array of healthcare simulation models. Their mission is to create a human mimic so perfect, participants feel truly immersed —in every procedural training. You’ll see Simulab products look, feel, ultrasound, suture and bleed just like human.

Learn more about the new AirwayMan on the Simulab Website!

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