Everything You Missed At The Level 3 Healthcare Simulation Operations Boot Camp

As the healthcare simulation industry grows, it also gets more competitive. Medical Simulation programs are expanding, simulation technology is evolving, and anyone interested in a career in simulation needs to stay ahead of it all. To give current and future simulation technicians and operations specialists a leg up on their competition, Level 3 Healthcare recently hosted their first Simulation Operations 2019 Boot Camp, check out the recap below!

With participants from New Mexico to Nova Scotia, and one presenter calling in from India, the three-day event covered the basics every simulation technician or operations specialist should know. Whether attendees were brand-new to simulation or were seasoned simulation veterans, the Boot Camp had tips for everyone. Here are some of the topics covered.

Level 3 Healthcare Simulation Boot Camp Recap

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How to build a simulation network: According to Brandon Phillips, Simulation Technology & Operation Specialist at Level 3 Healthcare, every simulation technician and operations specialist also needs a network of peers and mentors they can turn to for help answering questions and troubleshooting issues, as well as to share best practices. Phillips recommended some resources including the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s IMSH and Sim Ops training events, SimGHOSTS training events, as well as peer groups and professional development opportunities such as the Simulation Technician Network Facebook and Healthcare Simulation Facebook groups. You can see the entire slide deck through the link below.

Defining simulation skills: Boot Camp attendees came from many different backgrounds and experience levels. Participants included healthcare providers interested in learning more about simulation, people already working in IT and AV, and even a barista interested in switching careers. With this wide range of skills and experience levels, Boot Camp participants discussed the value of standardized educational requirements. Participants divided into groups and brainstormed what they thought should be included in every sim tech training. Ideas included: project management; medical terms and basic medical knowledge such as CPR certification; IT skills including AV configuration, system repair, and troubleshooting; and business administration skills such as room scheduling and working with HR.

The importance of AV9000 standards and certifications: Jeremy Elsesser, President of Level 3, walked attendees through why simulation centers need a professional AV design for superior AV quality, and how adhering to the AV9000 quality standards and receiving a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credential can help simulation technicians deliver it. Of the attendees, 70 percent reported they have to handle AV in their simulation center, but only one attendee had the CTS credential. Attendees also got guidance about how to engineer a simulation center for optimal AV.

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Technical skills practice: Many sim techs and operations specialists learn technical skills on the job, but Boot Camp attendees had a chance to practice skills such as soldering, cable termination, and moulage. Attendees also participated in a certifications study group led by David Escobar, Director of Healthcare at Level 3, where they got tips on preparing for and passing certification exams.

Thinking outside the “boxed system.”: The capstone of the Boot Camp was to build a simulation lab using a manikin, displays, and other standard control room equipment, and then use it to run a simple simulation scenario. Attendees also learned about the importance of 24/7/365 simulation monitoring and the benefits of the Level 3 Pulse IDM intelligent monitoring device.

Want to learn more about how the hands-on experience of Boot Camp can improve your success as a simulation technician or operations specialist? You don’t have to take their word for it—you can hear it directly from this years’ attendees. Watch a video recap above of the Boot Camp and then start planning to join them next year!

About Level 3 Healthcare

Level 3 Healthcare is a division of Level 3 Audio Visual, an Arizona based company. They are a nationally recognized audio visual technology company, specializing in the design, consultation, and integration of professional AV and IT systems. They are committed to delivering quality audio visual installation services and technology interoperability, focusing on av integration for corporations, universities, government facilities, and healthcare organizations.

Level 3 Healthcare is a healthcare simulation technology company with over 22 years of AV installation experience. They realized that medical simulation was missing an important piece to the overall “puzzle” of simulation: audiovisual consulting. They pride ourselves on being a complete solution provider. From planning to installation, many healthcare institutions have trusted their in-house CHSOS & CHSE certified simulation consultants to help with every decision.

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