May 26, 2023By Teresa Gore

Pocket Nurse Acquires DiaMedical USA – Both Companies to Maintain Branding

Pocket Nurse Enterprises, LLC, a Pittsburgh-based, nurse-owned and operated, leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment for simulation and healthcare education, is pleased to announce the acquisition of DiaMedical USA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment, supplies, furnishings and replacement parts. In conjunction with this acquisition, Pocket Nurse has formed a new parent company, Simulation Health Alliance, LLC. Pocket Nurse and DiaMedical banners will continue to operate independently under Simulation Health Alliance so there will be no disruption to our valued customers’ healthcare simulation needs.

Simulation Health Alliance Oversees Both Companies

The new parent company, Simulation Health Alliance, will support the common mission of Pocket Nurse and DiaMedical to improve the quality of healthcare through designing innovative educational healthcare simulation products and streamlining operational efficiencies.

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Anthony Battaglia, MS, RN, the current owner and CEO of Pocket Nurse will serve as CEO of Simulation Health Alliance and Pocket Nurse, continues his passion for healthcare education with both DiaMedical and Pocket Nurse organizations. Anthony shared his excitement for the simulation industry around the acquisition: “The acquisition of DiaMedical is a stepping-stone for our industry. I am personally excited to see both teams joining forces to provide our customers with unprecedented quality service and product recommendations. Together, we will continue to strive toward providing the best simulation solutions to our family of healthcare educators.”

Jeff Ambrose, DiaMedical’s founder and CEO, will serve as an executive consultant assisting in the leadership transition to the Simulation Health Alliance team over the next several months before retiring after 15 successful years. Gillian Peralta will carry the DiaMedical banner in a new role as Executive Vice President of Simulation Health Alliance and DiaMedical reporting directly to Eric Bordenstein, President and COO of Simulation Health Alliance and Pocket Nurse.

In a joint statement from Peralta and Ambrose regarding the acquisition: “Our mission at DiaMedical has always been to improve the quality of healthcare. This exciting new chapter for our company will not only provide a better customer experience to both our clinical and educational customers, but it will allow us to work together with Pocket Nurse to support our nurse educator community and create the most prepared generation of healthcare professionals.”

President and Chief Operating Officer, Eric Bordenstein, shared his thoughts on the impact of this acquisition: “Pocket Nurse has the privilege of serving amazing nurse educators as well as future nurses. We are proud to supply products to help enhance education and simulation in the classroom as well as simulated scenarios. With the addition of such a great company, Pocket Nurse and DiaMedical can now expand that reach, and the impact we have on nurse education together.”

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More About DiaMedical USA

DiaMedical offers turnkey solutions for healthcare facilities and educational institutions simplifying the procurement process to allow clinicians and instructors to prioritize patient care and education. After more than 30 years in the business, Pocket Nurse made the decision to expand to better serve its current and prospective customers. This acquisition will provide customers with the most innovative educational healthcare simulation supplies from both organizations and further improved operational efficiencies.

DiaMedical USA is a manufacturer and global distributor of healthcare products, supplies, mattresses and replacement parts headquartered in West Bloomfield, Mich. Along with the company’s subsidiaries, and SimLabSolutions, the mission remains to offer full service healthcare education solutions at the lowest prices without any sacrifice in quality.

The solutions offered by DiaMedical are designed to equip healthcare simulation labs with products such as hospital beds, training headwalls, infusion pumps, simulated IV fluids, loaded crash carts and more. The goal was to simplify the purchasing process to allow customers to work with one point of contact for products. Supplies will be available from over 300 manufacturers and also includes AEDs, AED trainers, defibrillators and arrhythmia simulators.

DiaMedical has a number of sub-departments, including hospitals, mattresses and mattress covers, stretcher pads, healthcare education, SimLab solutions, emergency and rescue, long term care, physical therapy and veterinary. Hospital type equipment available includes products such as AEDs, defibrillators and CPR management tools. The learners and educators can choose from anatomical models, diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, simulated medications, screens/curtains and more.

More About Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse is a US-based company that makes and distributes medical supplies and equipment for healthcare simulation and education in medicine, nursing, EMS, pharmacy and other allied health groups. The company’s products are extensively used in nursing simulation, but have application across the entire range of the medical simulation industry.

Pocket Nurse began business in 1992 with one product, the Pocket Organizer. This organizer was so popular, the solution led the way to the production and sale of over 5600 products which now includes manikins from Laerdal, moulage tools, and headwalls. The company was founded and owned by a nurse, Anthony Battaglia — who still oversees the company to this day.

One of Pocket Nurse’s most popular product lines is their Demo Dose medications. The company has been consistently willing to create new practice medications and packaging to match changing clinical practice. Medical simulation should mimic real life situations as much as possible as this adds fidelity to simulation scenarios. Having medications and packages that closely resemble actual medications used in practice provides familiarity for learners, which in turn helps them efficiently transition from the classroom to clinical practice.

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Simulated Medication Management Training Solutions from Pocket Nurse to learn more!

Pocket Nurse has been the go-to company for nursing and allied health programs for many years, and since the company continues to innovate and adapt to the learning needs of healthcare professions, Pocket Nurse will likely be around for many years to come. The company attends many healthcare simulation conferences like IMSH, and is a key sponsor of INACSL and SimGHOSTS.

Simulation Health Alliance will provide a robust variety of healthcare simulation supplies to meet the educational needs of healthcare professional students.

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