While The World Is On Hold, Ultrasound Simulation Education Doesn’t Have To Be

The expectation to maintain quality outcomes and build confidence in healthcare is higher than ever. Continuing education, training, assessments and research during COVID-19 means that institutions and hospitals must seek out alternative solutions for obvious reasons. Nicola Ford with Intelligent Ultrasound wrote in to share about the powerful new augmented reality tools immediately deployable to educate learners during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether that’s implementing distanced learning or using hi-fidelity ultrasound simulation in place of scanning live patients – Intelligent Ultrasound has tools which can quickly overcome training disruptions. While the world is on hold, our clinical simulation programs in ultrasound training doesn’t have to be. Intelligent Ultrasound has developed a range of tools that provides learners with confident, hands-on training through ultrasound simulators.

Augmented Reality in simulation is now an exciting part of the HeartWorks learning experience. Through tablet-based AR, students of cardiac anatomy and echo can now immerse themselves in the critically acclaimed and anatomically correct HeartWorks 3D heart. Learners can hold it in their hands, turn it around and look deep inside for an unparalleled understanding of structures and ultrasound views. Through tablet-based AR, students of cardiac anatomy and echo can now immerse themselves in the HeartWorks 3D heart. Learn, teach and share from anywhere.

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An Educational Tool That’s Versatile, Easy To Use and Portable

With HeartWorks AR, learning can now take place anywhere at any time. From self-directed exploration of cardiac anatomy, single student and tutor training sessions, and demonstrating anatomy and imaging principles to small group tutorials. The complete selection of standard imaging planes for TTE and TEE can be displayed within the 3D heart, enabling an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the anatomy and the ultrasound.

Helping Patients Understand Conditions and Treatment

HeartWorks AR is not just an engaging learning tool, the solution can be used in the operating room or echocardiography laboratory to illustrate particular anatomic relationships relevant to the clinical scan. Learners and educators can now purchase HeartWorks AR online. They should visit the Intelligent Ultrasound HeartWorks AR website, click purchase, fill out their details and Intelligent Ultrasound will the solution to them.

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Empowering Team to Save Lives with ScanTrainer Professional

Imagine your team could learn how to carry out Obstetrics Doppler ultrasonography in a safe, realistic environment complete with learning, step-by-step guidance and assessment. ScanTrainer’s new Spectral Doppler for OB is a unique, hands-on training tool that does just that, empowering them to save babies’ lives by confidently spotting issues with fetal and placental circulation. Using real patient scans combined with haptic (touch) feedback, detailed learning resources and comprehensive metric-based assessment, this training module is suitable for medical staff at all levels and is a powerful tool to help prevent stillbirths.

Color & Spectral Doppler

This teaches the skills of using Spectral Doppler in Obstetrics, including vessel location, sample gate placement, identifying normal and abnormal waveforms and measuring spectral values. The module teaches these skills on the uterine artery, umbilical artery, ductus venosus and middle cerebral artery.

It adds an important first step to the ScanTrainer learning pathway, teaching the important skills of fetal lie assessment and placenta localization. Trainees are assessed on their ability to correctly identify the position of the fetus and cardiac situs, as well as the position of the placenta.

Introducing Advanced Obstetrics

Intelligent Ultrasound’s Advanced OB modules package is a powerful way to equip a team with lifesaving skills. The first ever healthcare simulation module for teaching spectral Doppler in Obstetrics. Intelligent Ultrasound’s Advanced OB package adds colour and spectral Doppler, fetal lie and placenta localization.

BodyWorks Eve Product Information

This is an ultra-realistic female patient simulator designed for interactive Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) scenario training, complete with over 100 real patient scans and over 10,000 pathology variations across cardiac, lung, transabdominal and pelvic ultrasound, BodyWorks Eve is designed to meet the training needs of healthcare professionals who wish to practice PoCUS in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.

In order to continue to contribute to the fight against the global pandemic, we have expanded our COVID-19 lung ultrasound training module to include cardiac and more lung cases. The module now includes five cases, beginning with an improved normal lung and progressing through four examples of increased lung pathologies associated with COVID-19.

New improved normal lung COVID-19 examples:

  1. Increased B-lines and thickened irregular pleura
  2. Small bilateral consolidation
  3. Extensive small bilateral consolidation
  4. Large consolidation in the right lung

The updated COVID-19 module is also now available in the Active Scenario mode of the BodyWorks platform, which allows learners to combine the COVID-19 lung pathologies with multiple cardiac pathologies (hypovolemia, RV failure, and pulmonary embolism). This will allow learners to practice numerous possible lung and cardiac combined scenarios that they may see in clinical practice, and to change these scenarios instantly.

In October 2020, Intelligent Ultrasound announced that the company’s ultrasound machine technology has received premarket clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for sale in the U.S. The clinical simulation software developer said GE Healthcare’s Voluson SWIFT ultrasound machine incorporates GE Healthcare’s SonoLyst software with Intelligent Ultrasound’s ScanNav Assist AI technology. According to Intelligent Ultrasound, SonoLyst is the first artificial-intelligence software to be launched under the company’s long-term license and co-development agreement with GE Healthcare.

Demo Intelligent Ultrasound Products Remotely

In this post COVID-19 world, we need to ensure that quality outcomes are maintained, and this will only happen with continued education and training. The Intelligent Ultrasound team are standing by ready to demo all of our products for you remotely, so you can safely make a decision for your institution’s training needs.

Learn More on the Intelligent Ultrasound Website

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