March 27, 2020By Lance Baily

Even More Helpful COVID19 Healthcare Simulation Resources

Continuing our coverage of the latest COVID19 Healthcare Simulation Resources, the global industry and community has shared even more helpful links specific to education and training. These new links are specifically dedicated to supporting those on the educational and training front lines of healthcare providers around the world, covering temporary access to leading vendor tools, downloadable scenarios, organizational resource pages, upcoming webinars, board games, grants and more!

Visit our Comprehensive COVID-19 Medical Simulation Resource List for the all the resources we know about, and for more details on the other items on that list, please be sure to also read and  share this and our previous Coronavirus Simulation articles:

Do you have any additional resource to share, like a scenario file, research highlight, or success story? Email us right now so we can add it here!

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Study Auscultation Anywhere for 60 Days with Cardionics SAM Online Account from 3B Scientific: Throughout the next weeks, many of us face challenges related to the COVID-19 spread and the measures taken to keep us safe. To support the education community, 3B Scientific and Cardionics have released free access to the online auscultation learning platform “SAM Online”*. Medical students can use the platform to study remotely and teachers and instructors can use it to ask students to train specific skills in auscultation. The sound library includes more than 80 unique sounds (heart, lung, bowel, and bruit) and lesson guides for more than 60 conditions.

From VRVOICE: Your Guide to VR Meeting and Collaboration Platforms, April 2nd, starting at 11:00am EST: Join us for this free online event and learn about the different platforms available today in virtual reality to facilitate meetings, collaboration and learning. Hear from The Wild, Acadicus, MeetinVR, rumii, IRISVR, ENGAGE, and CLEANBOX.

Simbionix (3D Systems) Offers Free Access to MentorLearn Cloud Platform with Ultrasound COVID-19 Module Coming Shortly: As institutions migrate to a remote learning approach, 3D Systems vowed to support medical educators so that they could continue to provide a quality educational experience. During the pandemic, videos, curricula, and other materials for self-study and remote learning are available free of charge for three months. Access them here. Specifically regarding COVID-19 education, 3D Systems dropped everything to develop a module to train Simbionix U/S Mentor customers on how to best utilize lung ultrasound. This module is provided at no charge to anyone who has the U/S Mentor. Please contact us here to learn more. Since COVID-19 knowledge is ever-changing, we have gathered the latest clinical recommendations from professional associations. We will continue to share the experience of medical experts for the benefit of caregivers worldwide.

Intelligent Ultrasound BodyWorks PoCUS Training Simulator COVID-19 Lung Module: In order to contribute to the fight against the global pandemic, we have developed a COVID-19 lung ultrasound module to help frontline clinical staff to practice and train in the use of lung ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in the identification and monitoring of respiratory related COVID-19 disease. The module includes four new cases for live scanning on the ultra realistic Eve manikin: increased B-lines and thickened irregular pleura, small bilateral consolidation, large consolidation in the right lung, and new improved normal lung example. In the video below, John Shields, professor at Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia has graciously produced a training video on lung ultrasound for those front line clinicians fighting the COVID-19 virus. Using the BodyWorks-EVE ultrasound simulation platform with the specific COVID-19 Lung training module, this video provides a base for understanding how lung ultrasound can be used as a front line tool to access patients at the earliest stage.

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The Floor Game Provides Free COVID-19 Expansion Pack for ED Board Game Training: Emergency Departments (ED) are the medical frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are rapidly changing their floor layout, writing new pathways and managing staff while maintaining the highest possible levels of infection control and patient care. Managing an ED during a pandemic is new to everyone and circumstances are changing rapidly. To help ED teams test and refine their COVID-19 pathways we have developed a COVID-19 expansion pack for the game. The expansion pack offers 9 new COVID-specific starting scenarios and 50 COVID-patient profiles based on real patient cases (not all COVID positive). Extra Spin and Lifeline cards help you to simulate a range of realistic situations that best suit the current situation in your ED. The expansion pack was created by Dr Salwa Malik an Emergency Medicine Consultant at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. All you need to run a COVID-19 simulation is up to 12 people* for 90 minutes; any senior member of staff can facilitate the game without external support. These sessions also offer an opportunity for staff to ‘decompress’ and address their own wellbeing during the debrief.

eTrain etc Provides Free Online Virtual Clinical Cases Specific to COVID-19: Scenarios available in browser include: Micro-Simulation on the CDC recommended guidelines for Donning and Doffing of PPE with COVID-19 Case, Micro-Simulation on the CDC recommended guidelines for Elderly Patient Case with Complications and COVID-19, Micro-Simulation on the CDC recommended guidelines for Maternity Case with COVID-19 and more coming soon.

eoSurgical Provides Free Access to Surgical Simulation Online Learning Platform: For many surgical trainees, especially junior trainees, opportunities to operate and maintain surgical skills will be reduced or eliminated. As fellow NHS surgeons, they want to do what we can to help. eoSurgical provides an online distance training platform, allowing trainees to maintain and progress skills even in the context of social distancing or self-isolation. As such, they are going to make their online curriculum and tracking software free to all trainees. Whilst they cannot provide every trainee with a simulator (our manufacturer is now busy making components for ventilators), there are plenty of box-trainers in circulation. It need not be their model and you can even make your own with a shoebox and a webcam (just how tehir company began!).

VR Company Virti Set to Retrain 15,000 NHS Workers with Coronavirus Simulation: A British virtual learning start-up plans to retrain more than 15,000 NHS nurses, doctors, cleaners and porters over the next two weeks to help them deal with an expected deluge of coronavirus cases. Virti, a Bristol-based virtual and augmented reality firm with offices in Texas and California, said it was in talks with NHS trusts in south-west England to rapidly instruct medical and support staff on how to protect themselves from Covid-19. The company has already trained roughly 14,000 health workers in the US and expects to train 50,000 more over the next fortnight, having “significantly” cut its prices for healthcare providers during the pandemic.

INACSL’s COVID-19 and Virtual Learning Resource List: The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning launched its own dedicated resource page this week to help those using nursing simulation education and training during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lots of great tools here updated frequently!

American College of CHEST Physicians Dedicated Coronavirus Resource Page: The CHEST COVID-19 Task Force curates key emerging research deemed to be helpful to clinicians on the front lines. Articles are listed by category in reverse order of publication date, are freely available, and link to the publication site. This list will be maintained regularly. Recognizing the importance of staying connected with the community, these CHEST front-line clinicians share their experiences and plans for the future as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Contingency Planning from Education Management Solutions: Schools are in the process of preparing for short and long-term closures—and addressing the urgent need for remote education learning plans. Colleges and universities across the world have announced immediate closures or are enacting emergency contingencies which allow their student populations to complete the semester remotely. This has left administrators and educators scrambling for tools to help them seamlessly make the switch to live online or video-based learning. As a committed partner in the clinical training and education space, EMS is proud to provide ongoing support, live trainings, and practice seminars throughout the duration of the outbreak. Also, be sure to check out their Education Management Solutions (EMS) Innovation in Technology (iTEC) Education Grant Program.

Elsevier’s Expert Teaching Advice & Resources Page for COVID-19: Expert teaching advice & resources, information and support for teaching remotely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and beyond. Here is Elsevier’s one-stop source for the latest strategies, resources, and information to help you adapt your curriculum and deliver course materials remotely in response to campus and clinical site closures resulting from COVID-19. Working together, you can ensure that learning continues uninterrupted and that you are empowered to achieve your program goals amid these changing circumstances. Visit their Remote Teaching Resource Center for Nursing & Healthcare Education to learn more about Elsevier’s commitment to you during this pandemic and get details about free tools and resources available to educators through our corporate partnerships. To access evidence-based health and medical research information related to the coronavirus, please visit Elsevier’s Novel Coronavirus Information Center.

SonoSim Supports Remote Ultrasound Education Needs in Response to COVID-19: SonoSim is committed to supporting healthcare institutions, training programs, and medical providers around the world respond to the challenge of COVID-19. Their remote learning platform is helping educators and healthcare professionals alike, respond to a rapidly changing learning environment. In direct response to current events, they are providing ultrasound educators seeking to enable learning outside the classroom with complimentary access to their cloud-based SonoSim Course Library. SonoSim supports group ultrasound training and education through: Delivery of peer-reviewed, online SonoSim Courses & Assessments, Ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation training via a virtual tutor, on-demand ultrasound scanning of real pathology via the SonoSimulator Performance tracking, analytics, and automated assessment

UW’s Options for Remote Learning in Clinical Education: Since the novel coronavirus emerged in the Wuhan province of China in January, concerns about contagion and a potential pandemic have been increasing. Now that the coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, is spreading within the U.S., many organizations have been implementing social distancing policies to reduce the spread of the illness. In Washington and California, a number of universities have ceased in-person operations. This response poses difficulty to professional programs such as nursing that require in-person training. However, remote learning technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for remote clinical learning. Schools of Nursing are challenged to respond quickly with options. Here, the author discusses some considerations and options, and welcomes others to share their ideas also.

Also, the iSimulate Realiti Software Now Includes COVID-19 Scenario!

See our COVID-19 Medical Simulation Resource Page for All the Latest!

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