August 18, 2014By Lance Baily

First Oculus Rift Surgery Demonstrates Power of 1st Person A/V & VR in Medical Simulation Training

oculus rift surgery

Level 3 Healthcare recently shared with us an amazing new video highlighting the first surgical event available to experience first person through the oculus rift. The team of Dr Thomas Gregory, an orthopedist surgeon teaching at the Paris Descartes University and graduated in Science at the Imperial College, realized a total hip replacement filmed thanks to two cameras that were fixed at Dr Gregory’s eyes level and recorded the surgery in stereoscopic 3D with a 180° field of view. The footage is now watchable in virtual reality thanks to the Oculus Rift technology. This video now represents an exceptional training tool, to the extent that students and surgeons can for the very first time visualize a surgery and live it as if they were the surgeon. Watch the video below to get a feel for what I believe learners will be able to experience in the future with EVERY healthcare procedure!

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This video is a teaser of a project funded by the MOVEO Foundation aiming to improve surgeon training. You can visit the official Foundation’s website here:

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