December 1, 2021By Lance Baily

TraumaSIM’s Intro to Moulage 3 CE Course & Kit Launches Early-Bird Registration! is thrilled to announce the launch of TraumaSIM’s new online 3 CE Course “TraumaSIM’s Introduction to Moulage Course & Optional Kit”! This course is designed to create clinically realistic moulage makeup to improve healthcare simulation training outcomes. Those who choose to participate in this beginner healthcare simulation course will gain course access for three months. They can anticipate both a lecture and kit and complete over three hours of study.

UPCOMING OPEN ACCESS WEBINAR, December 8th, 2021 at 8AM PST (UTC-8):
Learn more about getting started with moulage and the upcoming course during Nola’s 1 hour highlights webinar, so REGISTER HERE for this free event!

Learning objectives include showing an understanding of how to safely plan moulage for a healthcare simulation educational or training experiences, including examples of safety considerations. Another learning objective is to understand how simulated moulage makeup can be used in clinical simulation experiences to improve clinical patient outcomes.

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Learners will also become able to list common applications of simulation in healthcare. Lastly, learners can expect to create a realistic bruise using crème makeup on a human model or manikin, and a realistic open laceration using a wax-based moulage and simulated blood products

About the Course Director

Nola Pearce has achieved a Bachelor of Nursing, a Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing, a Certificate of Hyperbaric Nursing plus held a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment that enabled delivery and assessment of nationally accredited courses. She founded TraumaSim in 2008 and acquired Military Moulage in 2019. After 16 years of nursing, Nola moved into First Aid training where she specialized in curriculum development and Advanced First Aid training for the maritime and process industries.

However, not confident that her students were really ready for the real-world response they were preparing for, Nola embarked on her mission to design and manufacture realistic training aids that would aid in improved training delivery and outcomes for both students and patients. Also undertaking studies and training in Moulage and Disaster Exercise Design training in the U.S, Nola drew on her medical background to bring realism to the art of casualty simulation and has successfully delivered over 20,000 casualty simulations for training scenarios around the world.

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Collaborating with Universities, Medical Colleges, and various other education and training establishments, Nola is passionate about her work and the solutions the business can provide for all first responders and emergency personnel around the world.

Disclosures: TraumaSim and Trauma Simulation Group are proprietary limited companies in Australia which include Trauma Simulation Group LLC (limited liability company) in the USA trading as Military Moulage. TraumaSim is a Ben Nye Dealer licensed to on-sell Ben Nye Moulage range. Nola Pearce owns and operates the TraumaSIM Group.

Learn More About TraumaSIM

The TraumaSim Group is a healthcare simulation company that specializes in medically accurate trauma training and moulage solutions. Located in both Australia and the United States, the company’s solutions have proven effective in training across emergency services, military, mining, process and manufacturing, clinical simulation, education, and corporate industries. The TraumaSim company also recently acquired

TraumaSim has been providing moulage services designed to simulate traumatic injury, disease, and medical conditions for the training and assessment of medics and healthcare professionals since 2008. Based in Bassendean, Western Australia, the company has become the leading supplier of more than 20,000 casualty simulations in support of defense and emergency services training scenarios.

The company’s mission is to support learners, military members, and healthcare staff for medical emergencies by providing realistic injuries to live role players or healthcare simulation manikins. TraumaSim’s simulation support for emergency and medical training falls under several categories including moulage services, part-task trainer aids, silicone wounds, moulage supplies, body parts and props, and moulage workshops.

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