April 3, 2014

Paint and Powder Cosmetics Provides Quick Application TraumaSkin FX Sculpt Model Gel

Looking for quick ways to apply trauma moulage in the field or simulation lab without clunky unrealistic rubber wounds?  Suzanne Patterson from MilitaryMoualge.com fame recently sent me some of her TraumaSkin FX™ Silicone Sculpt and Model Gel. Within 5 minutes I had a realistic wound even with my minimal moulage training experience! Suzanne told [...]

December 16, 2013

Simubleed by Spectra Takes Moulage Blood to a HyperRealistic Level

Wow! Check out the next level of moulage bleeding with this new blood product “Simubleed” from Spectra!

From the Simubleed website: “With Simubleed 1000, Spectra Group has developed an advanced blood simulant that possesses the color and viscosity of human blood and also clots in the presence of a specialty laminate similar to those [...]

September 4, 2013

Trauma Moulage Blood Effects: Part 3

Part 3 of MilitaryMoulage.com’s article on Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation has been released! Written by Suzanne Patterson, Curriculum Development Specialist / Instructor at MilitaryMoulage.com, this is the next installment after part 1 and part 2, of a 4-part series!


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October 15, 2011

Additional Moulage Resources

Rob Shotto from Penn State Clinical Simulation Center sent me this email last week to share some additional moulage resources! Thanks Rob!



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