April 12, 2022By Lance Baily

Current Concepts Institute (CCI) Partners with HealthySimulation.com LEARN Platform to Offer CMEs

Just in time for HealthySimulation.com’s Champions of Simulation Virtual Symposium tomorrow, the HealthySimulation.com team are excited to announce a brand new partnership with Current Concepts Institute (CCI) to provide for Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) on the LEARN platform! According to the company, CCI partners are all “non-accredited entities hosting non-commercial, physician-based educational events.” Through this partnership, HealthySimulation.com will be able to continue to bring quality, continuing medical education and healthcare simulation professionals worldwide, while addressing various gaps in practice and remaining in compliance. Stay tuned for more CME medical simulation courses to come!

“The HealthySimulation.com and CCI partnership represent two organizations striving to improve patient outcomes through medical education, training, and technology,” said CCI leadership. “One brings the cutting edge technology of healthcare simulation methodologies to the forefront while the other brings the ACCME accreditation for physicians implementing these technologies into their practices. It is a win-win-win scenario!”

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The company added that CCI has almost four decades of experience in the CME arena and specializes in bringing this expertise to its partners through personalized customer interactions and cost-effective pricing. This means no automated Chatbots at CCI, only humans. Further, CCI shares that the offering of accredited CME by HealthySimulation.com enhances the quality, diversity, and value for physicians and CCI is pleased to be the partner of choice for these activities.

HealthySimulation.com Founder / CEO Lance Baily wishes to thank Michael Spiegler, Christine Heim and Dory Granchi from CCI for their hard work and diligence to help make it happen, saying “anyone interested in partnering with an A+ group to offer CMEs should reach out to Current Concepts Institute — they have been a complete joy to work with and really helped make this happen!” We are starting with the SimChamps event tomorrow, but following this we will be expanding our webinar abstract submission form to include CME opportunities, and will be reviewing past and upcoming medical simulation courses for additional CME opportunities as well!

This announcement comes ahead of SIMCHAMPS22 and the event’s various CE/CME presentations. The CE/CME presentations include the following:

(8AM) Keynote: It Isn’t Brain Surgery: Using Simulation to Improve Patient Conversion, Understanding, Outcomes, and Satisfaction (1 Contact Hour; Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 Certificate for Physicians): Deemed “One of the best healthcare simulation presentations I’ve ever seen” by HealthySimulation.com Founder/CEO Lance Baily, this one-hour session by Dr. Robert Louis, Chief of Neurosurgery and Director of Extended Reality (XR) Development at the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag Memorial Hospital, will demonstrate a multitude of ways clinical simulation can improve patient care outcomes while simultaneously increasing institutional revenue.

This presentation will demonstrate the importance of simulated medical imaging inpatient care, which cannot be understated. Simulated visualization plays an important role not only as a diagnostic tool but also as a therapeutic and interventional aid. Advances in imaging and medical visualization systems, particularly in the Extended Reality (XR, which includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) space, have also revolutionized physician-patient communication as well as medical education and resident training. Dr. Louis will present current problems with traditional imaging systems and describe how advanced medical visualization systems can solve them.

(10AM) Breakout Session B1: Breaking Down Digital Barriers: Virtual Debriefing for the Masses (1 Contact Hour Nursing CE Certificate | 1 Contact Hour; Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 Certificate for Physicians): Many simulation programs have recently shifted towards providing remote simulations with virtual debriefings. Virtual debriefings require simulation educators to facilitate discussions through web-based videoconferencing platforms. Facilitating debriefings through a computer interface introduces a unique set of challenges.

Simulation educators require practical guidance to support meaningful virtual learning in the transition from in-person to virtual debriefings. In this webinar, we discuss how the Communities of Inquiry conceptual framework can be used as a useful structure to organize practical guidance for conducting virtual debriefings and highlight practical strategies to promote effective virtual debriefings.

(10AM) Breakout Session B2: Benchmarking, Metrics, and Data: Why It Matters for Healthcare Simulation (1 Contact Hour Nursing CE Certificate): Data can be a powerful tool that can be used to drive continuous improvement, best practices, patient safety, and quality and to benchmark against other like simulation programs in our community and around the globe. The standardized collection of metrics and data is the next frontier of the healthcare simulation world and will become standard practice. This work ensures that programs are saving time and money and are reducing waste.

Ultimately, adds value to the organization which in turn provides a return on investment (ROI), or a return on expectation (ROE). There are simple steps that can help build a strong foundation for such data collection and integration. This presentation will cover the importance of data collection and why it matters, steps to implementation, and examples of successful simulation programs metrics and data collection implementation.

(1:15PM) Breakout Session C1: Using Medical Simulation to Intentionally Probe Healthcare Systems: What’s It All About? (1 Contact Hour Nursing CE Certificate | 1 Contact Hour; Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 Certificate for Physicians): This presentation will discuss how and why to use system-focused simulations, explore the barriers and facilitators impacting teams interested in this format, and describe a reporting structure used by a Simulation Center that has achieved accreditation in Systems Integration by the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). In addition, participants will be shown examples of systems-focused simulations and their findings and outcomes, as well as the impact on patients and healthcare providers.

(2:30PM) Breakout Session D1: Strategies to Promote Health Equity and Address Implicit Biases in Healthcare Simulation (1 Contact Hour Nursing CE Certificate): Health inequity has been well documented as a public health issue however it has recently garnered increased attention due to the health disparities brought to light during the COVID-19 pandemic. An important strategy for addressing health disparities and bias is to start with educating our current and future healthcare providers. Although health equity is a common theme that institutions strive to achieve, many educators have difficulty finding meaningful teaching strategies and activities to address the subject.

Through the use of simulation, learners can practice a variety of scenarios such as providing care to diverse patients to managing situations where learners witness racism in the clinical setting.  Teaching strategies including creating simulation experiences that can promote cultural humility are included in the presentation. Incorporating themes such as low socioeconomic status, and LGTBQ identity issues will allow learners to reflect on their own biases, lived experiences, and negative stereotypes. This presentation will discuss how to create an inclusive learning environment, provide examples of simulation activities that can promote cultural humility, and describe strategies for mitigating bias.

(2:30PM) Breakout Session D2: What’s Happening In Interprofessional Clinical Simulation? (1 Contact Hour Nursing CE Certificate): Interprofessional simulation is core to the work of many simulation practitioners. After brief navigation of some of the complex language around interprofessional, the presenter will offer an overview of mainstream practices before outlining less common applications. She will then discuss the benefits and challenges of various approaches – considerations in educational design, sequential simulations, getting observers involved, co-debriefing, and much more, including a look to the future. Finally, the presenter will also share resources that have informed the lecture content.

More About CCI

The Current Concepts Institute (CCI) team has been directly responsible for the planning, content creation, marketing, meeting management, and ACCME reporting for 60 successful Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (CCJR) meetings in addition to serving as consultants for global events organized by orthopedic device manufacturers. CCI has evolved from a non-accredited entity to an ACCME-accredited provider and our meeting management experience provides valuable insight into implementing successful in-person, online, or hybrid continuing medical education (CME) activities as efficiently as possible.

Current Concepts Institute is dedicated to delivering contemporary continuing medical education to health care professionals with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of the care delivered to the public. These CME activities are designed to change the clinical competence or professional performance of the learner and/or improve patient outcomes independent of commercial bias. CCI develops, manages, and provides accreditation to CME activities whose teachers are recognized clinical, surgical, and scientific thought-leaders and that present evidence-based information to address professional practice gaps.

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HealthySimulation.com is the world’s premier Healthcare Simulation resource website, providing the latest news, conference coverage, research highlights, helpful guides, job listings, product demos, vendor contacts, community sharing, and more! Started in 2010 by Lance Baily, the resource has provided well over 2,000,000 page views of medical simulation-specific content through thousands of daily articles to hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals from around the globe. The HealthySim writing team has shared their passion for simulation in healthcare by writing an article every workday, Monday-Friday for over thirteen years.

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