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June 22, 2021

Top Continuing Education Webinars is proud to be able to offer numerous informative healthcare simulation webinars that provide continuing education (CE) contact hours to participating learners. Designed to cover a range of topics related to clinical simulation, including education, training and practice, these presentations help learners and simulationists take their clinical simulation skills to the next level. Participants [...]

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June 21, 2021

Top 7 Articles of 2021 (So Far) has been contributing clinical simulation articles to the greater healthcare simulation community for over a decade. The mission has been to keep simulationists up to date on the latest industry news and information, while providing insight to learners and educators to bring medical simulation to the next level of utilization. To achieve this, articles [...]

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June 11, 2021

The NEWEST Online Healthcare Simulation Courses now offers a growing library of online clinical simulation courses, many of which provide nursing CE contact hours. Taught by healthcare simulation experts with various backgrounds, these courses highlight numerous elements of the ever-evolving industry. As many simulationists progress through their careers without any formal training, these courses are meant to help provide guidance [...]

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June 8, 2021

June 2021 Webinars

The webinar platform hosts a number of informative healthcare simulation webinars each month. These presentations are designed to cover a range of topics related to clinical simulation, including education, training and practice. In June 2021, a number of presentations will be given that discuss simulation related to mixed reality, leadership roles, and medication administration. [...]

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