December 23, 2014By Lance Baily

DiaMedical Helps Us Select Simulated Vs. Functioning Headwall Systems

Today a handy breakdown chart from DiaMedical USA to aid us in selecting the right Headwall system for our educational spaces. Click the photo below to see the full diagram breakdown which will aid in your purchasing process.

Simulated Headwall: The simulated headwall is the least expensive teaching headwall option. This headwall façade is available as both a horizontal and vertical flat wall unit. These headwalls include all accessories to replicate a patient room at an affordable price.

Functioning Headwall: The functioning headwall generates vacuum, air and simulated oxygen by connecting to an external compressor. This simple design incorporates distinctive features which simulates a real world medical environment for students, a solution that is thousands of dollars less than a traditional centralized system.

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medical simulation headwall

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Download the full Headwall diagram here, and then
Visit DiaMedical USA website for more healthcare simulation hardware!

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