April 7, 2021By Lance Baily

Future of In-Situ Simulation Training: Mobile Recording & Debriefing Systems

Simulation centers cut costs in a number of ways, such as freeing up space and expanding ad hoc location possibilities. Instead of creating mockup copies of environments and functions inside dedicated training rooms, simulationists can alternatively take whole training sessions, participants and debriefing systems to a variety of real environments. This technology that makes this possible represents an array of mobile recording and debriefing solutions from Finnish company Nordic Simulators.

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Throughout his presentation, Mäkelä will elaborate on how mobile debriefing solutions can save simulation centers money. To maximize the use of resources, mobile systems can also easily be shared between different faculties, departments and organizations, resulting in a much higher utilization rate when compared to permanently installed systems.

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These solutions are important because today, simulation centers tend to be organized and planned such that there is only a certain number of training rooms available. Inside of these rooms, the training environment can be changed by exchanging furniture and equipment to create a mockup of an emergency room. Then, for instance, the space can be switched to a maternity ward the next day and to an elderly services unit the following. However, these kinds of multi-purpose spaces require a lot of storage space and other supporting spaces to make interchangeability possible, which in turn makes clinical simulation training very expensive and organizationally restrictive. Register for this webinar today!

In most cases, the main reason for working inside dedicated simulation spaces only is that current recording and debriefing systems alongside other necessary AV technology are installed and cabled permanently inside the space. As a result, video recording and simulation debriefing exercises are only possible within certain spaces and dedicated rooms. The permanently installed cameras, microphones, computers and servers of the simulation recording systems allow for the exercises to be recorded in designated rooms only. Mobile recording and debriefing solutions, however, can work to change this.

Benefits of Recording and Debriefing System Mobility

When considering a mobile recording or debriefing system, there are key points and requirements that simulationists should analyze. Many of these factors should be considered on a case-by-case basis, as different simulation centers have unique needs:

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True mobility: First and foremost, a mobile recording and debriefing system needs to be portable. The system and all components (cameras, computers, etc.) should be packaged in a single, compact case. The case must be light and small enough for one person to carry or move around.

Easy and quick set up: The setup of a truly mobile system can be done by one person within minutes. The cameras and other components of the system have to be equipped with fastening systems (magnets, clips, etc.), enabling completely flexible placement and diverse camera angles from exercise to exercise. Wireless technology is a must, as pulling cables will make setup slow and will restrict the placing system components in a given space.

Wireless, battery-powered cameras can even be used as hand-held cameras whenever necessary. The system should be ready to go at a single touch of a button. To save time and to minimize human error, computers, softwares, cameras, wireless networks, etc. are turned on and calibrated automatically at startup.

Independence and autonomy: A desirable feature for a mobile system is that the solution be completely independent of outside infrastructure, like a power supply or wireless network. A truly mobile system can operate solely on battery power using a dedicated WiFi-network. This enables the system to be used anywhere, even outdoors, and guarantees a reliable connection and picture quality in all environments and usage scenarios.

Expandability and flexibility: A mobile system should be designed to be expandable with additional cameras or personal microphone systems, for instance. For some users, a hybrid between a mobile and a fixed system is the best solution. The heart of the mobile system can be easily transported between locations with fixed camera installations, removing the need for setting up the mobile cameras again and again in the same locations. By combining the best features of mobile and fixed systems, flexibility and ease of use are maximized at the same time that cost is minimized.

Support for remote learning and teaching: All recording and debriefing systems, both fixed and mobile, should support remote learning and teaching. The most practical way of enabling remote health care simulation sessions is to integrate the recording and debriefing system with a commonly used video conferencing program of preference, such as Zoom, Teams, etc. This way there is no need to learn the use of new streaming or conferencing softwares or applications; common, familiar software is sufficient.

The remote learning function should be able to display and stream the entire educational environment, including participants, on the screens. This way, learners working remotely can see and hear the teacher as well as follow the events in the practice room. The system must be able to record exercises, allowing for easy debriefing. The location of both the teacher and the students can be either at school or at home during the debriefing.

Examples of Mobile Recording & Debriefing Nordic Simulators Solutions

Nordic RecMobile: This is a fully wireless, battery powered, portable recording and debriefing system in a small trolley on wheels, weighing around 15 kg all in all. Complete autonomy of the system enables simulation training and debriefing indoors or outdoors. The equipment is easy to set up and deploy in approximately 10 minutes. The Nordic RecMobile is controlled by the extremely easy-to-use Nordic Recorder software, enabling live viewing, recording, playback and exporting of recordings, adding bookmarks and comments, full camera and sound controls, vital monitor screen capture functions and a comprehensive selection of various screen layouts, etc.

By default, the RecMobile system comes with three separate HD-cameras with built in-microphones, independent power banks and magnetic fastening to enable completely free placing. The system components automatically connect to a dedicated independent WiFi-network to guarantee reliable functioning under any circumstances. The RecMobile can be expanded with additional fixed cameras to create a hybrid system that functions as both a mobile and a fixed recorder. The RecMobile also supports remote learning methods by integrating with commonly available conferencing softwares.

Nordic Move: This is another complete recording and debriefing system in a stylish piece of furniture on wheels for indoor use. All the necessary technology (cameras, cabling, etc.) conveniently fits inside the cabinet, so there is no need to worry about how to transport the various components. Nordic Move can be easily rolled from one room to another, and all the hardware can be turned on at a single push of a button. The high-quality magnetic cameras can be wirelessly installed and freely placed in the chosen space.

With the Nordic Move, any room or space can be turned into a simulation training and debriefing facility within minutes. The Nordic Move is controlled by the same easy-to-use Nordic Recorder software and incorporates the same functions and features as the Nordic RecMobile above.

In addition to its simulation recording capabilities, the Nordic Move also functions as a high-quality sound and video presentation system. It has integrated speakers and projector built in into its stylish furniture, making for impressive debriefing sessions. Move eliminates the need for permanently installed AV systems and is always ready for use at the touch of a button.

Nordic SimplyRec: This is a small-scale, affordable, portable health care simulation recording and debriefing system in a small backpack. Despite the small size, the SimplyRec still comes with three HD-cameras with built in microphones and a laptop computer possessing simple, yet powerful Nordic Recorder recording software. With this small-scale, go-anywhere equipment, training sessions can be recorded simultaneously from several different angles if necessary. SimplyRec is perfect for ad hoc situations outside of the simulation center.Mobile recording solutions in health care simulation can help.

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