September 26, 2022By Lance Baily

HealthStream & American Red Cross Achieve Significant Milestone in Resuscitation Training

More than 200,000 adult cardiac arrests take place in U.S. hospitals every year, and almost 3 in 4 are fatal. This is why the most advanced and innovative resuscitation training has become essential to improve patient outcomes. To achieve this, the American Red Cross, a leader in adaptive resuscitation training and educational design, and HealthStream teamed up to deliver a best-in-class, evidence-based resuscitation program for Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Pediatric Life Support (PALS) certification. Today, this program has provided over one million life support certifications across BLS, ALS, and PALS – a remarkable healthcare simulation training accomplishment.

HealthStream explains that this milestone is aligned with the company’s commitment to driving the next decade of quality improvement in resuscitation outcomes. Through training with the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite for BLS, ALS, and PALS, HealthStream is committed to helping healthcare organizations across the country train to a higher standard while reducing program costs. Ultimately, the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite goes beyond a cardiac focus and incorporates a broad spectrum of evidence-based recommendations from organizations representing pediatricians, emergency and critical care physicians, surgeons, and obstetricians. The program is:

  • Founded on ILCOR’s scientific guidelines, the world’s most authoritative source for resuscitation knowledge
  • Consistent with well-established guidelines for U.S. resuscitation programs
  • Focused on optimizing team response, ensuring high-quality CPR performance, and improving real-world critical thinking and response time

HealthStream also understands that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to resuscitation training doesn’t help an organization improve outcomes. That’s why the company allows organizations to select the delivery for this program that’s right for their organization. From flexible course options, such as online education with instructor-less skills verification for 24/7 certification to adaptive online education with instructor-led, in-person skills verification to fully live, instructor-led education and skills verification–learners are provided with a tailored learning experience that objectively assesses and improves skill competency while minimizing operational impact.

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“When the opportunity to partner with HealthStream and the American Red Cross for the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite [was presented], we really doubled down on this platform by, obviously, the science, the ease of use, the flexibility and adaptability and then, of course, the interval learning that we can use to our advantage,” said Justin Laferty, CHSE, CHSOS, Director, Simulation and Technology HCA Healthcare Center for Clinical Advancement during a recent LinkedIn live event with the two organizations.

Red Cross Resuscitation Suite Success Stories

Air Methods Air Ambulance Service: The Air Methods Air Ambulance Service completes 60,000 to 100,000 patient transports per year. Using the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite, Air Methods reduced seat time for training by 50%. Additionally, clinicians are certified at their own speed, educators appreciate the decreased burden of compliance monitoring, and cost savings have been in the millions of dollars.

Hilo Medical Center: The Hilo Medical Center is a 275+ bed facility, the largest in the state of Hawaii Systems Corporation. The Red Cross Resuscitation Suite allowed for a 6-hour reduction in time to certification for experienced nurses, resulting in more time at the bedside. From this training, nurses respond more positively to the technology’s objective feedback, experienced nurses advance their skills, and newer nurses get up to speed more quickly. Further, faster training and certifications have allowed for more time with patients.

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Non-Profit Academic Medical Center in Los Angeles: A nonprofit academic medical center in Los Angeles, with 886 beds, had previously been using at least two different manikin programs. The medical center implemented the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite as a single, flexible model for training while maintaining high certification rates of more than 80%. From this training, the quantifiable performance assessment was replicated across the organization. Leadership had access to better completion and certification data, and the instructor-less models saved the faculty an estimated $1 million.

More About HealthStream

HealthStream is an information technology and services company that is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the development of healthcare organizations’​ greatest asset: their people. The company’s unified suite of solutions is contracted by, collectively, approximately 4.8 million healthcare employees in the U.S. for workforce development, training and learning management, talent management, credentialing, privileging, provider enrollment, performance assessment, and managing healthcare simulation-based education programs.

These solutions help develop and empower people to deliver the highest quality of care. The company understands clients’ need to maximize resources in an increasingly complex healthcare environment. HealthStream has worked side-by-side with 4,000+ healthcare organizations for over 30 years to cultivate a more competent and engaged workforce. Founded in 1990, the company is based in Nashville, Tennessee. HealthStream has additional offices in Brentwood, Tennessee; Jericho, New York; Boulder, Colorado; San Diego, California; and Chicago, Illinois.

Since the company’s foundation, HealthStream has received 15 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards for 2020. These honors demonstrate HealthStream’s ongoing commitment to technological innovation in healthcare workforce development, as well as the ultimate goal of improving healthcare outcomes. The Smithsonian also presented HealthStream with the Computerworld Smithsonian Medallion in recognition of its achievement in its innovative use of technology to empower and advance society.

More About The American Red Cross Training Services

Since 1909, the American Red Cross has provided best-in-class safety training and certification, enabling learners to gain the skills required for effective response in the event of an emergency. In 2019, the Red Cross Training Services expanded its offerings for healthcare providers by adding Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) programs to its existing educational offerings.

Last year, more than 4.7 million people turned to the Red Cross as their trusted training provider for adaptive learning in First Aid, CPR, BLS, and more to gain lifesaving skills. The Red Cross offers unparalleled flexibility in delivering training that fits your resource needs. Trust the Red Cross to deliver unmatched lifesaving training that will provide you with the confidence and skills to act when moments matter.

Learn More About the Resuscitation Program Provided by HealthStream with the American Red Cross

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